Thursday, August 26, 2010

.More of my humble abode.

This is our house for the moment. There will be some little things done here and there. I am on the search for paintings and decor ideas that will work in our home. I spend a lot of time watching HGTV but I am not finding the things I absolutely love at the price range we can afford. So I am holding out a little bit until I find things I absolutely love. I would rather spend money on things I love rather than just filling out a wall because I hate that it is empty. Hoping Pottery Barn will have a sale soon! :)

This is where the magic happens. (I truly hope that, that didn't put all type of naughty things in your mind!)

Yes, the hubby did approve that hanging on the wall. Promise.

That's our calendar filled with our wedding pictures. Much? Maybe.

Pictures of our dining room:

The hubby still needs to move the china cabinet a tad bit over to the left. The delivery men were lame.

Living room. Can't wait to do more in here.

And since I know what kitty (yes, I am aware he is 3 yrs old) lovers my fabulous followers are ... cough, cough, Eve, cough, here is a picture of my Fella chilling out in his favorite place. He was sleeping. Such a bad mommy.

Our master bedroom is a work in process so I am going to hold off a little bit until it starts coming together. The guestroom and office also needs some more love so I will share those rooms again once they start coming together. Hopefully sooner than later.


  1. I love it all! I did one post on my house a million years ago, but maybe I should do more. I never have anything cool to blog about and I love looking at house pics!

  2. Melissa, I think you always have something cool to blog about! I also LOVE looking at house pics! I am all into house blogs! You should def. post your house pics!! :)

  3. I really like all the red accents in the kitchen. It's a nice touch.

  4. Your house looks great. I love the decor and the bright colors you have so far. Reminds me that I am going NOWHERE with my home decor. Money, is the culprit!!!

  5. Ok I am SO jealous of your kitchen!!! Ugh I can't wait to upgrade in the next year or so!
    Your house looks great =)

  6. It looks so cute! My husband and I are going to start house hunting in the spring- I cant wait!!

  7. It looks cute and cozy. Our place looks more temp with all our ikea furniture haha...

  8. I love your house! You did a great job decorating...its totally adorable!

  9. i'm sure other "magic" does happen there right? wink wink*

  10. Hahaa, your cat is adorable!

    You've got me cracking up over here. Cat's scare me! Not the other way around. heheeee,

    You have a lovely, lovely home. I really like the colours you both went with, reds and browns, splash of green. I'm actually working towards this very same in our apartment. We have the browns, and the green from lots of plants around, now I'm working on adding reds :D

    I like your sign over the window, Faith Family and Friends. WHo could argue with that, lol. Your flooring is fabulous! And your fridge is reallly cool. :D
    Hig hugs (to the cat- not you) heheee

  11. I love the colors that you have chosen. Your sun porch looks so relaxing.

  12. Your house is what our condo wants to be when it grows up!


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