Saturday, October 29, 2011

I Actually Think I Can Do This


I have never been one to engage in link parties. I am not exactly sure why but I just haven't been eager to do them. I then saw one of my favorite bloggers do it and then I wondered, hmm, maybe I can do it. Then when I saw another one of my favorite bloggers do it, I figured it must be a good link party so I might as well join. It would give me the opportunity to meet other bloggers out there that I haven't had the chance to meet yet and vice versa.

*My name is Faith.

*I just turned 29 on October 13th.

*I will be celebrating two years of marriage to the most delicious man on this planet on November 6th.

*We love Vegas.

*If we had the money to go twice a year, we would.

*I like to travel. We try to vacation twice a year.

*If we had the money we would go 7 times a year.

*Why 7? It's my favorite number.

*I have 3 lovely sisters.

*No brothers. Lucky me. Didn't think that when we were growing up and sharing one bathroom in a NYC condo.

*I love fashion. Wish I could be a fashion blogger but I have a sucky camera and I don't have anyone who would actually take daily pictures of me. Hubs is allergic to the camera. Taking them and being in them. Every picture that you see of the two of us, I had to beg him to be in it. Every picture that you see of me, where it is only the two of us in the scene, I had to beg him to take it of me. I am not bitter about it.

*I love to cook.

*I'm rather good at it if I say so myself.

*Might be the reason why I have failed to get back to my pre-wedding weight.

*I'm working on it.

*I love to blog and I love the new friends that I have made due to blogging.

*Looking forward to this massive blog hop party. Woo-hoo!

*I am aware that I am a day late. I didn't know until today. Don't hold it against me :)


  1. Glad you hopped onboard....I like doing these kinds where you just introduce yourself. It's fun to go through and find new blogs :)

    Me and BM's dating anniversary is Nov. 7th. and I would totally come and take fashion pics for ya. Big Man gets annoyed when I put the camera in his face.

  2. 4 teenage girls sharing one bathroom!?!?!? Bless your hearts!!!

  3. You are one of my favorite bloggers in the world :)

  4. It's nice getting to know more about you. I hadn't heard about this either. I'd love to know more about growing up in NYC.

  5. I didn't know we were the same age Faith. I swear I though you were early twenties. Yay for us late twenty bloggers! I'm just getting around to this link up too. Swear we're on the same wave length dudette.

  6. I hope i'm fabulous enough to leave a comment.. haha. Linky parties are the best! They get you a lot of traffic, actually. I LIVE in Vegas, girl! It's pretty fun here :)

  7. Oh these are so fun...I like getting to know you more Faith....we would such good friends in real life:-)

  8. Okay, you won me over by saying that you are married to the most delicious man on the planet. LOL Happy Anniversary here very soon to you both! Found you on the follower's fest so see....... it WORKS!!! I hope you'll hop on over and check mine out as well. :) You have a new follower!

  9. Found you on the followers fest! I'm so glad to be here... and I'm dragging my hubby along with me because we are a blogging team. He's amazing and will go wherever the heck I drag him!! Love that you weren't sure about signing up with one of these! This is my first as well. Can't wait to read more.... not only are we following, but I have bookmarked you so I can easily get to you. Stop on by our blog if you don't mind snarkiness! :)

  10. Faith this was great thanks for sharing more about yourself! I have 2 sisters but three wow...lots of ladies. Enjoy your 29th year! I'm sure it will be magical

  11. I love finding out new things about people. Happy Anniversary! :)

  12. i love reading these kinds of posts and learning more about you :)

  13. LoL these are gr8! loving these fun facts

  14. i just thought of an idea lady. if you really do want to take outfit photos but don't want to bother the hubs you can set up a tripod and take the pics yourself. it will take some learning but you can totally do it!

  15. I always miss the fun stuff!


  16. Ha you're too cute :) Our men are so alike when it comes to the camera. Men! I can't get one picture outta him without some griping lol. Just set the timer on your camera and take pictures without him! I wish we lived close, we'd be good friends I can tell!! :)


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