Monday, November 28, 2011

Ahhh, I Just Love Thanksgiving Weekend

Hubs, my little sister and I went down to my parents the night before Thanksgiving. My older sister's birthday was a few weeks ago so we decided that we would bake her a cake and surprise her when she reached with my parents a couple of hours later.

We baked a pretty cake and everything. Red velvet, her favorite.

My mom knew what we were doing because we told her.

Well, when they were turning onto their street my mom called my little sister to let her know that they were on their way. You know when there is a surprise the lights go off. Not sure why that happens because the person will be surprised regardless if the lights are on or off if they don't know. Well, my older sister sees the lights go off and proceeds to freak out. She starts to tell my parents that they have to call the cops because there has to be some type of intrusion because why else would the lights go off.

My mom did not help in easing her fears. Lets just say that the 32 candles melted onto the cake and we had to walk outside with her birthday cake and scream surprise. Yeah, awesome. Surprise!

It was funny but lots of work went into decorating that cake. Advice to all: Don't light the candles until you are sure the person is walking through the door.

We didn't even eat the cake that night because it was a bit waxy.

Thanksgiving Day:

Hubs and I woke up early and went to the gym in the morning. If we were going to stuff our faces we were going to do it with no regret.

When we returned it was non-stop cooking in the kitchen. I had a blast. We made so much food and I am still eating it. I think I might cry when all the leftovers are finished. So sad I have to wait almost another year for Thanksgiving Day.

Here are TONS of pictures of the day.

Hubs carving the 23 lb turkey. SO delicious!

Get in my belly!

Jaloof Rice {an African dish}

My nephew all ready to eat:

Let's just say that Sean did not enjoy waiting to eat. I don't blame him. It was torture waiting for my sister to get down from showering. This picture makes me laugh out loud!

The weather was so nice so I asked my little sister to take a picture of Sean and I, outside. Sean did not object. It could be that I asked in front of my dad, haha.

After we ate we proceeded to take pictures with each other. Some of them are so funny because of the expressions. I have to frame a few of these!

Seriously, look at my smile. Too funny.

Sisters and my mom.

Sons and my dad.

It was such a great time and I just felt so blessed all weekend. I hope you all had fabulous weekends with your love ones as well! Have a great week! XOXO.

p.s. I saw Breaking Dawn with my girlfriends on Saturday and I absolutely loved it. Definitely my most favorite movie of them all!


  1. Looks like fun. I will be giving you a blog award tomorrow. Please check it out.

  2. I just don't feel like I got enough turkey and this post confirms it. I also love waxy cake. ahahaha! Well make that ANY cake.

  3. Looks like you and your family had so much fun!! Love all the pics and the food looks YUMMY!

  4. Thanks for sharing. Food looks yummy! Love that fact that you incorporated your African dish. My mom made jerk turkey, an alternative to the traditional oven baked turkey. I hear some people do a deep fried turkey. That sounds yummy too!

  5. Ha food glorious food!, i love Jollof rice too, though we spell it diffrently, its definitely the same dish,oh and lovely pictures too, i could see the warmth and love of your family shining through...

  6. That food looks DELISH! Is that a Paula Deen pan that turkey is in? Mine looks just like that!
    I'm so happy you & your family had a wonderful holiday together!
    Let the Christmas fun begin....and I want to see that movie so bad :)

  7. Cute cake! i so sad it didn't get eaten though!! The Jaloof Rice looks yummy, is it vegetarian? Looks like you guys had a really good spread! Cute photos too!!


  8. You and your family are too fun...makes me miss my family terribly!! I made jolof rice for our thanksgiving dinner but forgot it at home..oops...glad it was a great time:-)

  9. Looks like you guys sure had a feast! Love all the pics of your happy smiling family. You guys are always a fun bunch.

  10. Oh I have soo much to say.
    1)Red Velvet cake just got added to my craving list lol. Thanks so much haha.
    2)Kudos to you and Sean for working out Thanksgiving morning... oh my gosh, I'm so jealous of the motivation!
    3)The dinner spread has my mouth watering at 10 am... not cool! haha.. but seriously, awesome job!!!
    4)I absolutely LOVE your family. I feel like I already know them just from all the blog posts and pics. I think our families would get along oh-too-well!
    Glad to see you had such a fabulous Thanksgiving with your family. :)

  11. Soooo much food! What a fun Thanksgiving!! That smile you and frown sean pic is soooo funny. We have so many left overs at our house...don't know how we will ever eat them all.

  12. That is just too much about your sister’s surprise and the lights- Baha! Who would have thought that would happen. Lol (The cake looked awesome!) Looks like y’all had an amazing Thanksgiving! Love all the pics!

  13. oh.em.gee about the birthday cake! that has happened to me before! lol

    okay, you and hubs were smart. going to the gym early on thanksgiving morning. why didn't i think of that???? lol

    all of your pics make me wanna re-live turkey all over again ;)

  14. Your meal looks amazing! Especially that cake! Yummo!

  15. Ha! Your sis is a woman of caution. The lights off thing would freak me out. I always make sure my dog is still alive before I go in the house. Cause any invader would have to kill her to get her to leave them alone. Puppy alive? Check, entry allowed.

    Do you remember how Ellen campaigned in creative ways to get on the cover of some magazine? I can’t remember if it was Oprah or Martha but it was one that only ever featured the namesake. (Just consulted google, it was O magazine.) What I’m getting at is that I’m going to start a similar campaign to get me to a Faith family event. Because they look like fun and I’m always down with fun.

    Consider yourself warned.

  16. looks like a lot of fun! also, the food looks delish.

  17. Yum, yum, yum! All these Thanksgiving posts are making me hungry!! haha, that is a hilarious story about the surprise & cake!

  18. Looks like such a great time!! I love all the fun!

  19. Your family seems so fun and so love your sense of humor. I don't have any sisters but if I did I would hope that we were as close as you and your sis. Thanks for your awesome comments by the way. I have so enjoyed following you on your journey through your blog

  20. Are those stuffed mushrooms??? (the pic before the asparagus) YUM!!

  21. YUM!! Everything looks SO SO amazing. I wish I could re-eat Thanksgiving dinner all over again now.

  22. Sorry about the waxy cake, but so funny that your sister wouldn't come in. The thanksgiving pics are hilarious! And now I'm feeling hungry.

  23. YOU had ME at JOLLOF rice.. YUMMMY.. What a great post.. Looks like you had an amazing day.. That's TERRIFIC, your family is SO lovely :) )

  24. This post made me happy. :) Beautiful family you have, Faith!

  25. I read this post from beg to end and it was worth it. I got tons of lol from the cake to your nephew pic. You know how to tell a great story. Your pictures are great.

    P.s. I can't wait for Breaking Dawn part two to come out it will be so good.

  26. Aww what a wonderful weekend you had the food looks delicious and you guys all had a blast! Certainly a blessing

  27. Thanksgiving Day with your family looked awesome.

  28. You look so pretty in these pictures! Looks like you had a great time! Your family is so much fun! Can you give me the recipe for the Jaloof Rice? That looks yummy!


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