Monday, July 9, 2012

Hi, my name is (What?) my name is (Who?)

So, I’ve gotten a bunch of new fabulous followers so I figured I would introduce myself and basically let you know what this blog is all about. Just making sure that you are aware of the awesomeness ridiculousness you have signed yourself up for.

My name is Faith and my stud muffin of a husband's name is Sean. I talk about us a lot. And when I say a lot, I mean like 95% of this blog is about us.

Fun right? (me)
No. (you)
Oh. (me)

Moving on.

I picked the picture below because hubs looks good in it. He is normally making some type of face because he hates the whole picture taking obsession I have. So any time you see a picture of him on the blog just know that I basically had to force beg him for it.

We have fur babies. Fella our 5 year old kitty and Izabella our rescued 1 year old dog.

If Fella was the dog and Izabella was the cat, Izabella would have been Fella's dinner last night.

Izabella has become my new best friend. She follows me everywhere I go. I mean everywhere. I have had to lock the bathroom door on her because our bathroom is too small for her to be all up in my business.

Fella was my best friend but he is mad at me right now and has decided to live in the basement to spite me. I should charge him rent if he wants that entire space to himself. But I guess I understand why he is mad. There is a dog that believes she is the queen of our house and Fella refuses to be a part of that.

I like food a lot and use to post recipes a lot more regularly. Not sure when that stopped. I think I have to go back to sharing recipes since I cook all the time!

I eat too much ice cream. It is the reason I work out. If ice cream and I weren't BFFs I'd be skinny. True story.

I love fashion. I love clothes. But this is by no means a fashion blog. I do share where I purchased items because there is nothing nicer than sharing.

I have 3 sisters that I am obsessed with. You will hear about them often.

My parents have been happily married 38 years this month. They are my biggest role models. I love and respect them so much and truly believe that God blessed me in the family department.

I have a 2 year old nephew. He is the coolest. He really is. Even when he is stepping on my face I don’t mind it. He is a boy. They get rough.

I am also blessed in the in-law department. Sean's family is incredible. Also helps that my niece and nephews in law are the cutest.

We also like to travel. A lot. We've gone to some neat places. Our number one favorite place to visit is Vegas. Other favorites are Jamaica, Mexico and South Beach. This may be the reason why I'm not a fashion blogger. We like to spend our money going places.




{South Beach}

And then I blog about everything in between. Movies, reality television, you name it, I’ve probably blogged about it. Except drugs. Until today.

Hope you enjoyed that little introduction and that you will stay awhile. Because if you un-follow today, I'll take it personally and eat my body weight in ice cream. Although, I really wouldn't mind that.

Happy Reading!


  1. What a beautiful couple you both are!
    Hi, my name is Alieux. I can't remember when but I came across your blog last year and chose to follow it.
    I love your pics. Happy anniversary to your parents!

    May God continue to bless you!

  2. I am so jealous! I hope you two are having a kickass day!

  3. Faith this is such a sweet summary of what your blog is about and why it's so fun to come around and visit. I need to include my hubs in my posts more like i use to. you're always o funny, enthusiastic and inspiring. I love the new layout lady! Congrats on the change. I can tell you're really happy with it.

  4. you have an amazing life....i feel the love you have for your hubs, for your sisters and parents and your inlaws shinning through all your post.

    When i was about to get married. i heard all sorts of discouraging depressing tale about marriage but your blog encouraged me. it is indeed the perfect example of love, life and laughter. cheers!

  5. I only see nice photos!
    You form a really very nice couple! Tell me the little baby in the picture, it is the wish? If it's not intrusive, because it is too cute!

    See you soon, kisses: D

  6. Too cute! You and your hubs are adorable together!

  7. I loved this re-introduction, it makes me love you all the more. by the way do you happen to have any Caribbean roots like me????

    Lisa x

  8. This post made me laugh multiple times - loved it. You are blessed with such a wonderful life and you have a beautiful family :)

  9. What's up with having to beg our hubby's to participate in our photo taking obsessions? They should just get it, ya know :) Loving the summary. You are so funny!

  10. Perfect summary! :)

  11. Loved this post!

    Makes me want to go back to Jamaica, mon!! Loved seeeing all your fun vacation pics!

  12. Everyone who reads will LOVE Faith, just like I do :)

  13. you are so adorable!!! and 38 years? congrats to your parents!

  14. your nephew is the cutest!! and I work out so I can eat sweets. and now I really want to go on one of those vacations!

  15. Haha, I love that you had to clarify that you didn't write about drugs. That made me laugh!

    And whatever picture that was of something delicious that you cooked - it looks amazing!!!

  16. love this post, made me laugh

  17. love the new blog layout. it looks so great.
    love this post, i feel like i know so much more now :)
    love your puppy and your kitty :)


  18. Love this! :)

    And can I just say... you look so much like your mama!! Pretty girls!

  19. I enjoyed the re intro even though I've been following for years. Did I just say years!!!?? You posted a bikini pic-hot mama!

  20. @CeCe: yes, years!! i can't believe it. you were def. one of my first followers :)

    haha, bikini pic! i always wonder about sharing those .. but figured, why not!

  21. Very lovely pictures. I like the bond you share with your family.
    Can't wait to visit Jamaica too, it looks so beautiful.

  22. Fun fun! Your blog is so entertaining!!

  23. I love this write up so much Faith, it's a stroke of genius to introduce yourself to all the new followers that you've got. I love the photo of you and your sisters the most, you guys look like a whole lot of fun haha.

  24. This is a super cute post! Love it. And I'm liking the new blog design too :)

  25. I love love LOVE reading your blog! I have to agree with you on just about EVERYTHING. My husband also hates taking pictures. I also love ice cream (*sigh* and would be skinnier if I didn't love it so d*mn much). Love all the pictures of you and the hubby on your travels :D

  26. what a great post faith!! i love you call your man a studmuffin. congrats to your parents on 38 years, what wonderful role models you two have. and ice cream i have such an obsession with it too. if we lived closer i would ask you to meetup for ice cream girl time a lot

  27. You too are super cute. Thanks for summing up your life. You are truly blessed. :)

  28. Girl, I have so enjoyed finding your blog and following you along.. you are so spunky and FUN!!

    I LOVE your sisters' pic!! There aren't many of us with 3 sisters, how lucky are we!?

  29. Even though I've read your blog for a while now, I still learned new things! I'd much rather travel than spend a lot of money on clothes too! And congrats to your parents on 38 years!

  30. This is such a cute intro post! I love that you two prefer spending your money on travel. I'm currently trying to get the boyfriend to save up for a cool trip next summer (our first big one together), hope it works out! xo

  31. 1. your parents are pretty much the cutest.....ever.
    2. you look so much like your momma!
    3. love that you and Sean are only live once, right? so jealous of all the awesome places y'all have been!
    4. best sister pic ever...4 beautiful ladies!!

  32. Cute post! I love your blog!

  33. I've been following you for a while, but still loved this post. Thanks for sharing!

    P.S. Your little niece and nephews are too cute!

  34. I already knew a lot of this, but I really enjoyed the refresher!! Speaking of refreshing, YOU are refreshing, Faith. You just seem like such a genuinely happy, kind, cool person. Hope we get to meet IRL one day! :)

  35. Um I just love this. feel free to do this all the time, I don't mind at all. We heart you.

  36. So this is my first time commenting on your blog, but after I came one day and saw you had made the blog private I was so upset. I guess in that moment I realized how happy your blog made me. I am currently a law student and seeing you on your journey (yep I'm a long time lurker) makes me smile. You are truly blessed in the friends and family department and as someone who has the same love and support it's great to see there are other brown girls like me having fun and living life. Keep writing and yes I have clicked the follow button.

  37. This was fun for me
    To read and I'm not a
    New follower:-)

  38. Oh I enjoyed reading this little summary and I am not a new follower at all. Plus I love looking at pic and you totally indulged.

    I thought my hubby was the only one who didn't care for pics, I always feel like I have to trick him.

    Your nieces and nephew are so adorable.

    Nice to meet you...again :)

  39. Well hello there Faith! You are too darn cute!

  40. You always have so many comments! I have to scroll down so far to comment lol!! Nice to meet you again, Faith! Loved this little re-introduction :)

  41. "except drugs. Until today" that made me laugh out loud! I've been slacking and I'm catching up tonight so expect lots of comments!

  42. Because I'm a stalkery wierdo I already feel like I know you know you..even though i don't.
    Anywhoooo I liked this getting to know you post and love your vacay pics.


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