Tuesday, July 17, 2012

If You Really Knew Me

Stealing this from Jenni, who stole it from Kristin, who stole it from ..... basically everyone is stealing this because it is blogging genius.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

You’d know that in the 3rd grade I fell down the stairs and chipped my front tooth.

You’d know that I hated the dentist until I was 18 because of this fall.

You’d know that I am a mama’s girl.

You'd know that I am still pissed off at my former seamstress for butchering my wedding dress. and yes, i'm aware my wedding was almost three years ago. still pissed}

You’d know that I speak to Izabella in a made up language because it makes her wag her tail like crazy.

You’d know that we got engaged in Vegas.

You’d know that I take pictures of myself in a bikini before wearing it out just to make sure that I look fine to be strutting around in it.

You'd know that I just contemplated showing you a picture of the said above but decided against it.

You'd know that I would rather chew glass than get on a rollercoaster.

You’d know that I get intense pleasure of seeing hubs lick his plate after eating one of my home cooked meals.

You’d know that I shop online more than I shop in an actual store.

You’d know that I have tons of clothes and shoes that I’ve never worn because I’m waiting for the perfect occasion.

You’d know that I do not agree with the saying, "Nothing taste better than skinny feels." Because ice cream taste a whole lot better than skinny.

You'd know that the reason above is the reason why I have gained a lot of weight since getting married.

You'd know that I intend on getting back to my happy weight because back fat is not cute.

You'd know that I do not like cherries. But if I order a drink that is suppose to come with a cherry and doesn't, I ask the bartender to put one in.

You’d know that you will never find me without chapstick in my possession.

You’d know that if I could eat Mexican food everyday for the rest of my life I would not complain.

You'd know that I purchased a big, gaudy green stoned ring that way I could feel legit when I sang Kelis' - "Bossy".

You'd know that I hate scary movies with a passion and that I was proud of myself when I survived watching Jeepers Creepers. First and last scary movie I ever watched. Big bummer when I was told that it wasn't even scary. Trust me, it was. But this is coming from the girl who can't watch Pretty Little Liars without covering her eyes with her hands

You’d know that vodka and I were best friends until I turned 27.

You’d know that I will be celebrating my 30th birthday in Vegas.

You’d know that I still get asked to see my ID when we go to a bar.

You'd know that I love it and will cry when I don't get asked to show my ID one day.

Now spill it, what should I know about you?


  1. I love it!

    When I was 4, I fell and knocked my two front teeth out!

    Kudos for taking pic of yourself in a bathing suit. I won't dare...

    I want to go to Vegas so bad, can I come crash your 30th b-day vacation?!? LOL!

    That pic of you on your engagement night is beautiful!

    Have a great day!

  2. I so love this. I swear, we're twinnies! Last night, hubby ate seconds of dinner and licked his plate clean ... that made me so happy! ;)

  3. Good luck with the weight thing Faith. I can tell from your photos that you currently look fabulous and I'd be very surprised if Sean felt any differently, I guess it's a personal thing though. I really feel your pain when it comes to that tooth situation, tooth pain has plagued my life and was what caused me to get hooked to tramadol in the first place.

    I love the ice cream quote, I'd love to show that quote to my friend I blogged about yesterday who's on the verge of an easting disorder.

  4. Love this!!! You're just so cute! Reminds me of my niece who lost her front tooth just a month after she got it (she was like 9 months old or something) because she was eager to learn how to walk :) also love the hub licking his plate clean.

  5. I love this Faith! so good to get to know you better! I love that you got engaged in Vegas, how cute! And I love that you bought a big ring so you can feel confident singing bossy- haha! You sound like me! I have Like a Boss on my running playlist because that's just how I roll :)

  6. This is such a fun post. I still get asked for my ID but Chris never gets asked. But I think people see me and see my height before they really take a look at me and realize my face looks mature enough.

  7. you are so funny. I don't even know which thing to comment on. agreed that ice cream tastes sooo good. I also hate rollar coasters, but not sure I'd eat glass over it. and I think it's funny and totally appropriate to take pics of yourself before going out in a bikini. guilty of that too.

  8. The hair is super cute straight!! :)

    and I guess what happens in Vegas doesn't always have to stay in Vegas <---Okay corny LOL!!!

  9. seriously loved reading this!! You don't like rollercoasters?!! My heart broke a little haha. But the ice cream love redeemed you. :)

  10. O faith, u crack me up. It put a smile on my face. I love ice cream and I have never been to Vegas. Still deciding if I should do Vegas or miami for my 30th.

  11. Love this! Ice cream totally tastes better than skinny feels, but I'm with you on losing the weight! I think it's our husbands faults! HAHA

    Your dress got butchered!??!? WHAT HAPPENED???

  12. this is so cool! and hey girl, you have rights to hate on that seamstress from now till whenever you ever, if ever, forget about That! man! that had to be the worst.

    well.. I sit on the bottom of the shower every single morning while showering to wake up. TMI??! Lol :D

  13. Love this! You are too cute :). Taking pictures in your bikini before going out in it = so smart. Although, I'd be a little afraid that my bum wouldn't pass the test, but I'd still want to go swimming...

  14. Loved reading this! I loved the bossy song too! Ha ha I would hate the dentist if I chipped my tooth too! I'm not a fan, but l love the clean smooth feeling after!

  15. How fun! So awesome to get engaged in Vegas!!! And yes, ice cream is sooooo yummy. I get so bummed when they forget to put cherries in too!

  16. Loved your list so I made one of my own. Check out my post today.

  17. totally in love with these post! genuis idea!! lol

    soooo...now i know for sure we'd be besties after reading these two statements: "You’d know that I have tons of clothes and shoes that I’ve never worn because I’m waiting for the perfect occasion." and "You’d know that I do not agree with the saying, "Nothing taste better than skinny feels." Because ice cream taste a whole lot better than skinny."

    please pack my in your suitcase for your Vegas bday trip :) pretty please with cherries on top ;) lol

  18. You are the cutest, Faith! Love learning more about you.
    1. I'm a chapstick aholic too...Burt's Bee's "honeysuckle" is my favorite.
    2. Toooootally with you on the momma's girl thing :)
    3. Jealous of your Vegas plans!
    4. Mexican food is the best.ever. No contest.

    Hope you are having an awesome week!

  19. This was really fun reading and I just laughed out loud and people might think I'm weird but watevs!
    1. I put on a lot of weight post wedding & the nuva ring is part to blame- yep the contraceptive that you see on commercials because it's recalled.
    2. I fell off a bus at 3 and smashed my face and got a lot of money from our city transit company.
    3. Me and Henessy/Cognac used to be Besties until I turned 21 and got tired of being the dumb chick wasted face drunk dialing people..lol. #GotMyLifeRight

  20. of course you still have to show your ID you are gorgeous!

  21. Loved this post, this only makes me feel like I know even better!

  22. i loved reading this such a fun idea. faith you are such a wipper snapper...i really love your fun loving personality and it shows through in this post. ah ice cream, i hear you lady. that bright smile of yours and your youthfulness...i'm sure you'll be getting carded for a while

  23. How fun is THIS?!!! Thanks for the shout out, and I sure enjoyed reading all about you! Nice to "meet" ya!

  24. This post was so much fun! I feel ya on gaining weight since marriage, not fun! I, too, intend on losing it but I haven't done it yet. Maybe because of all the yummy ice cream in the world? ugh! You look beautiful in all of the pictures you put up, you don't look like you need to lose a pound! And yes, Mexican Food is definitely the best! Of course all of the food from your blog sticks out in my mind...lol

  25. hey i am still pissed off at my mother in law and sister in law for things they did at my wedding... i feel you on still getting IDed at a bar but i would prefer that than wrinkles and i love this post

  26. this is a super fun link up....and what a great way to get to know more about you!!

  27. This is pretty cool and you did it in such a fun and interesting way :)

  28. Love this, so much fun. I feel like I really know more about you (even more than before :))

    I am totally a mama's girl

    I take pics of myself in bikini all the time, I don't really share those either :)

    Can't wait to see pics of your bday celebration in Vegas, that's going to be some fun time right there

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  30. You would love living in Arizona because there is Mexican restaurants everywhere.

    Now for my little fact...I'm addicted to handbags, and I'm ashamed to say how many I have.

  31. I love this! I hate cherries but prefer them in my drinks too!! So excited for your Vegas trip....I dont think I knew it was for your bday. That makes it even more fun!

  32. I don't like cherries either, but they do look cute on desserts :)

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  34. you should know that I don't get ID'd anymore and it makes my heart every time :(

  35. we have a lot in common. last year when my husband was deployed, i pigged out on ice cream every single day. i felt horrible. i had to do a month fast to stop craving it, and you know what? it worked!!!! i needed to be physically fit after 6+ months without the hubby lol.


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