Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Family Time is My Favorite Time - Weekend cont.

Sunday was all about my niece even though it was Mother’s Day. She was getting dedicated so I woke up early to begin the day.

It was my sister’s first Mother’s Day and I still can’t believe she’s a mom. I kept saying you have a daughter. She is your daughter. I wonder if my sister will ever get sick of me saying that.

My niece’s nursery is adorable! My sister and brother in law did such a great job in there. I love it and will be recruiting my sister to do my future kiddos rooms. I’ll take pictures of her kiddos and she’ll decorate my kiddos room. I think that’s fair.

My niece’s dress for the dedication was adorable! I couldn’t get over it. So what does Faith do when she can’t get over something? She takes pictures of it, of course.

And it didn’t stop there. My sister’s dress needed some attention too.

You’re probably wondering what Sean was doing while I snapped a millions of pictures. He read. He’s so smart ;).

Then we were off to the church to have my niece dedicated.

After service, we headed to Vino to feed our bellies. The food was so delicious (I had lobster ravioli). I am not the biggest fan of pancakes but they have the most amazing pancakes I have ever tasted.

After we ate we headed to my parent’s church to say hello to our mom. My dad is in Africa right now on a church mission so we were only visiting my mom. She was so happy to see all of us. I know it makes her extremely happy when the four of us are together. That has been my mother’s deepest wish that her daughters would be close.

We took some pictures, talked and then it was time for us all to leave.

It’s always sad to say see you later. But I’ll see them later.



Life After the Aisle said...

Your family is so beautiful!!
Your pictures are also awesome! looks like lots of fun was had =)

Laurie @ The Rookie Wife said...

That dress is adorable! and so is yours!

Katie said...

Oh my could Noa be any cuter??!!! Her dress is adorable and I love her nursery. So chic! You have such a beautiful family!!

lori said...

what a beautiful baby!!! and your sister looks fantastic. i felt the same way after my brother had his first little girl... now he has four kids, and im pregnant and it is even more crazy!!

LOVE that pink dress on you. the fit and color are perfection!!

Christelle said...

This post just makes me much love!! Love the nursery, love your niece's dress, and love how happy you all look!

You have a beautiful family, Faith, every single one of you are gorgeous! And your little niece, Noa, she is just precious!

Eesh said...

Oh my gosh! Your niece is the most adorable beautiful little baby girl I've ever seen! That dress was sooooooo gorge!

I almost got you & your sister mixed up for a minute haha. Both of your dresses were beautiful. Red is definitely your color!

I love family gatherings! I love family! Please don't ever grow apart like mine did :(


Law_Fal said...

Adorable!!! Your fam is beautiful, your niece is beautiful and your pictures are so good. Looks like someone may have found a new calling in photography ;)

Kirsten Wiemer said...

i love how close you and your family are. seriously a gorgeous family.
i love your nieces room and she is so stinkin cute!


YeamieWaffles said...

These photos are incredible Faith, so good to see everybody together and having fun and that's just from an outsider looking in, looks like you guys had so much fun together!

Carolyn said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE how happy your family always looks together. You can feel the love coming out of the photos!! :) :) :)

Highly Favored said...

You are now in the category of a professional photographer. Pictures and family looks great!

Jasmine Hellogmsunshine said...

BEAUTIFUL! Oh gosh your niece is so adorable.

doll (retired blogger) said...

your sister is so pretty and her daughter so adorable. so cute..

Nice pictures

Pls what is the make / model of your camera? good photography skills you'v got there

Stay blessed

Ashley said...

what a beautiful family you have Faith!!

Ashley said...
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Desiree Macke said...

Gorgeous family!
Your niece and her dedication dress are seriously the most adorable - EVER!

Katie said...

so many of these photos belong in frames!! what a beautiful family you have!!

Cashana said...

Gorgeous pictures and beautiful family. I am sitting here feening for your shoes...LOL!

Life with J and J said...

You and your sisters remind me of me and my sisters! Beautiful!
Your niece is such a cutie!!!

Emily Gilbert said...

BABY!!!! <333 She is SO cute. (& me and my friend have that conversation amongst ourselves, "we're moms, can you believe it?" only because we were such party animals in our early 20s) I loved all the photographs of your family Faith. This seems like such a special and nice time.

Cece said...

What a beautiful day and beautiful pics. I LOVE LOVE that chandelier. I love your little photo session with the dresses. Your nieces dress is adorable!!

Meg {henninglove} said...

ahhh your sister is gorgeous and looks very much like you faith! i love your niece's dedication dress and then the food after the service looks amazing

Kiki said...

YOur sister is just as gorgeous as you! you have great genes! you niece is so precious! i am glad that you got to be there for her dictation! Love all the pics!
PS im obsessing over the Chandler!!


Mrs JK said...

Wow, you and your sisters look so much alike. And you all looked stunning. Nothing like a weekend spent with family. And your niece is SUPER CUTE!!!!

Maria said...

i'm an emotional lady lately and these photos and your words made me cry. you can just feel the love shining through every photo, faith. congratulations to pretty baby noa. she is stunning...her dedication outfit...ohmygoodness! what a beauty. so are you and her much love and happiness!! love that last photo!! i'm sure your sister is in love with all the amazing photos you took of that special day. the ones of the dresses hanging on her chandelier...ahhh, you need to be a photographer!! you make me want to learn how to use my camera. haha!!
sending love. happy thursday!!!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

awwww Faith...this is gorgeous...and what a beautiful dedication. the pictures are beautiful. and just love the vibrancy of everything!!but where was mom and the pics of the sisters!!

Ashley R said...

I can seriously feel the love from your family oozing out of this post. You guys look like so much fun, and also such a close group. I smiled through each photo and your sweet words. :)

GLAMOUR said...

I'm not a regular commenter, but I must say that your sister is beautiful and her husband is very handsome and their baby is GORGEOUS!!!!! Your family seems like a fun bunch! You are blessed!! Thanks for sharing the photos! :)

Amy said...

The chandelier is just darling! The dress is fabulous and the baby girl is so adorable!

Montaya said...

Great pictures you have such a beautiful family. Noa is too cute :) you and all of your sister share the same beautiful smile.

Pegster said...

Such a beautiful post. I actually missed reading your blog while I was gone.

I love that you and your family always have such a good time together.

Your niece is sooooooo cute, makes my ovaries ache for a little girl.

Glad to see you all had a great time

Brittany said...

These pictures are AH-MAAAZING, Faith! Your niece is absolutely gorgeous...she looks like a little doll!

Miss Monica said...

Beautiful. Loved all the pictures

Whitney Cypert said...

The end of this post brought tears to my eyes because I know exactly how hard it is to say see you later. It sucks. You and your sisters are so pretty and look like such a fun group of girls! Your sisters hubby is pretty handsome too : ). Noa's dress was gorgeous, she looked like a little doll! I am so glad you had such a fun trip!

TOI said...

love the last picture so much, it makes me laugh. i love some sister bonding.

Your niece is so cute :)

Emmett Katherine said...

Faith! you're clearly mastering your camera, your photos are turning out wonderful!

Laura Darling said...

What a gorgeous family you have!! You all could be models! And your niece is a doll! Congrats on her special day! :)

Monique said...

Faith you have such a beautiful and jovial family. Your mom has such a gorgeous smile, now I know where you get it. That niece of yours is too cute!

Adrienne said...

My gosh is your family gorgeous!!!!!

And I love your niece's dress so much!!! I want to get it in my size ;)

What an eventful, lovely weekend you had!!!!!

I wish I was a little more closer to my siblings... I love them but we're not as close as we once were.

Kathy C. said...

I am so jealous of your family time! Never a dull moment I'm sure!! Gorgeous pictures! Noa is stunning...just stunning. :)

Nic A said...

What great pictures Faith! Everyone looks amazing and so happy!!! Your niece is adorable -love her cheeks! Her dress is amazing! So different than anything I've ever seen! I love it! PS I can figure out how to get messages.... I tried to figure it out but couldn't :(