Monday, May 13, 2013

Weekend (Part 1)

The weekend was ...... I don't really have the right words to explain so amazing will have to do. There is just something about family that gets me so warm inside. I love my family so much and am so grateful that I get to be a part of it.

The first recap (since I took so many pictures, duh) will start off with Sean's and I's little touristy venture. And then the rest of the week, I'll be blogging about my family because quite frankly I'm obsessed.

So if family is not your thing, you just might want to avoid this blog until next week. You've been warned :).

Once we reached the city we went to Shake Shack. I was craving their burgers and since Sean had never been I felt it was only right he understand my cravings. I ordered a simple single burger but Sean had the Shroom-Burger. He had no idea that it was just a portobello mushroom but it was incredible! I had never ordered one and I wish I had. The mushroom was filled with muenster & cheddar cheese. I just realized that I didn't even take a good picture of it. Probably because Sean didn't give me a chance.

After we ate, we walked around Park Avenue and Central Park.

{Top: Free People - Camo Jacket & Ankle Jeans: Old Navy - Sandals: Steve Madden - Bag: Macys - Earrings: Aldo Accessories - Bracelets: Forever 21 - Watch: Fossil}

We made a stop at Grand Central.

Sean continued to not smile for the camera.

Then when he did smile, it was creepy. Sigh.

And then it began to pour. We found safety underneath a Duane Reade's sign. I took the opportunity to take pictures of those who attempted to brave the down pour.

When it became apparent that it was not a 5 minute pour we dashed into Virgil's BBQ & Bar. And we were glad we did! The restaurant was just the right vibe.

The bartender gave us complimentary popcorn with our drinks. At first, we were not going to order any food but everyone around us was raving about their food. Even though we were not very hungry we ordered BBQ wings. They were delicious!

We made friends with two women. One was in her 50s and just moved to the city 5 weeks ago to start all over. She was amazing. The other woman was in her late 40s and had gotten divorced a few years prior. They loved Sean, haha, especially when he said he voted for Romney. They completely chewed him out and then he admitted that he had not because I would have "chopped his cojones". We talked about so much and ended up not wanting to leave. When we had to leave we exchanged cards. I hope to meet them again. And now is the time that I admit that I regret not getting a picture. It's funny because it's moments like those when saying hello to the person sitting next to you in a bar is worth it.

We walked through Bryant Park.

And when we got to my sister's house she had dinner getting ready for us. Homemade baked mac & cheese, turkey burgers, veggies & salad. My sister is incredible and so is her cooking!

The weekend to be continued ....


The Pink Growl said...

Love all your pictures! Seems like a fun weekend filled with city fun, family and food! Sounds perfect!

Lesley Jean said...

I am so hungry after those food photos!! Yum! You look absolutely radiant, too. :)

Kirsten Wiemer said...

looks like a great day.
beautiful pictures.
you look adorable.
and seans creepy smile, seriously creepy.
also that mac n chese.
girl you know me. i need it.


Christelle said...

What a great jealous of your touristy trip through NYC! Hope you had a wonderful time visiting with your your warning! Haha!

Per usual...great pictures!

Sunkissed and Southern said...

You took some amazing pictures! Looks like a great weekend.

Cece said...

When you are on vacation you eat. Even if you are not very hungry. It's just what you do!! Beautiful crisp, clear shots. Think you got the camera thing down. That mac and cheese looks soooooo good!!!

Law_Fal said...

I don't even know where to begin! The food looks awesome u look so city chic, I sooooo want to go to NYC! I'm already excited for your next post!!

Carolyn said...

OMG! NEW YORK. I want to go back. Please. Right this second. :) Will you be my tour guide? HAHA! And can we get those burgers? And those wings? And your sister's mac and cheese? K thanks. :)

Courtney B said...

Someday.... sommmmmmeday I will get to go to New York and visit Central Park any everything else! So amazing!
And the FOOD! It all looks sooooo GOOD!

Jasmine Hellogmsunshine said...

Your pictures are so amazing and your recaps definitely makes me feel like I was with you - you definitely encouraged a Shake Shack craving and I have never been there - wish I had gone when I went to New York.

Definitely have to get a camera soon :(

Chrissy + Nate said...

What a fabulous weekend! Totally jealous that you live so close to NYC: what a great day!

Desiree Macke said...

1. SO jealous of your trip to NYC. We've never been, and I'm dying to go!
2. The Shroom-burger sounds freaking delish.
3. In love with your Steve Madden sandals!

Ruthy Taylor said...

oooooooooooohhhhh! I love NYC....these photos made me all nostalgic!

josie renee said...

OMGosh you did soo much walking with those heels on!! Your trip looks like lots of fun. I generally stay clear of grand central/ time square area cause its usually so hectic but I feel like I need to grab some of those bbq wings they look delicious. And your sister' s mac and cheese - nomnomnom- jesus, I'm getting so hungry right now.

Ashley said...

such a fashionista you are! LOVE those shoes! and who doesn't love family - i hear this post.

and can i just say your photography is amazing! i haven't been here in a while but, wow - you have skills lady!

Whitney Cypert said...

You take the best pictures! How do you get such clear pictures in places where the lighting is low? Does that make sense? Like how are they not blurry? Help please! I LOVE the pictures of the cabs, so colorful and crisp. This weekend looks like so much fun, I can't wait to read about your sweet family!

Emily Gilbert said...

LOVE!!! I'd love to see NYC someday. it looks wonderfully chaotic! I cant wait to see what share for the rest of the week.

the caption "when he did smile it was creepy" had me LOL'ing.

Kristen said...

I totally lol'd at the guys face in the rain pic above. Awesome.

You belong in the city. Just saying.

Nici said...

Amazing traveller pictures!
Now I also want to travel! :)

Kathy C. said...

OMG! I need to get back to New York!! Can you believe I haven't been since the the summer before 9/11? :( No more excuses!! Your pics are awesome!!

K. Rock said...

Love the pics and the recap! Those wings and that mac and chhese look delicious.

Eesh said...

*steps away from loaded fries and bites carrot* but girrrlllll I'm loving those jeans though! YESCH! You look fab fab fab boo!

Amazing photos once again! I'm gonna have to recruit you :D


YeamieWaffles said...

These photos Faith are just utterly incredible, loved having a look around these and just soaking in how awesome your weekend was, I love your outfit as well here too, just absolutely perfect!

Sunny said...

great pictures, i love nyc!! i think in the movie "something borrowed" they would eat at the shake shack! :)

Life with J and J said...

Wow...I am impressed! You were able to put so much into a weekend. Great pics!

Cashana said...

Gorgeous pictures. My sister wants to celebrate her 40th birthday in New York and your pictures are convincing me.

Georgina said...

Ahh so much food in this post and I'm trying to eat less :-/
Lol I am definitely craving a burger now!

Nancy said...

Love those pictures of you! What a cute outfit.
And I still can't get over your amazing camera! All of the photos are beautiful.
So happy for you that you had a wonderful weekend!!!
My mother-in-law is here & she is gone right now & I'm trying to catch up on all of my blogs! I feel like I have to entertain!

Heather said...

Sounds like a fun time! That mushroom burger sounds really tasty, too!

Maria said...

so sweet that your sister had dinner ready for you...yum to the baked mac and cheese! yum to pretty much everything you eat!! steve would be so envious of the hot dog stands. he misses them all the time. he lived in ny the first 18 years of his life. your photos are incredible...i don't have to tell you that again...but they are. :) i love the rainy ones. and all of them. lol. central park is so pretty...makes me want to visit again! LOVE your top with the camo jacket! i'm so happy you had a wonderful time with your family. can't wait to see more photos and read about your visit!!
have a wonderful night! xoxox

Sam said...
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Kasey Lynne said...

This might sound crazy, but a huge part of me just wants to visit NYC solely for Shake Shack. I've heard so many good things about that place. Plus, they have crinkle fries. BEST EVER!

Max g said...

That was just lovely. all the food is making me hungry

Kelly said...

Looks a great day! That food looks delicious.

Adrienne said...

Why oh why did I decide to read this when my stomach is growling?

I think it may be upset with me right now as I don't have homemade mac 'n cheese, turkey burgers, salad, wings at my finger tips... Beside the fact that it's only 9:30am :)

Although I can eat lunch anytime of the day!

I love that you met two great women!!!! It really makes for the best kind of friends!!!