Monday, July 22, 2013


With weather in the high 90s all last week it was any wonder that I didn’t melt. As I’ve gotten older, warmer temperature is not my arch enemy but even I think that upper 90s is too much. I love 70 degree weather but I now know that, that is too cold for a day at the beach. I never thought that I would ever think that.

Anyway, not sure why I began this post like that since I just wanted to recap my weekend.

Friday evening, we intended to go mini-golfing with Colleen and her husband but since it was SO hot we decided against it. I think the real reason is because we knew that we would be sweaty messes once we went out for dinner. So Colleen did some research Friday afternoon to see if there was anything fun we could do before going out to dinner. She did not find anything so we just went out to dinner and did something that I hardly ever do in the summer when we go out. We ate inside.

We had lots to talk about and it was nice to have Colleen tell me that everything was going to be fine. It’s nice having a friend like her and knowing that I have our friendship to rely on at any time. Our eyes may have watered a few times (and our husbands may have laughed at us) but we had a great time like we always do when we’re together. She also gave me the best gift. A camera strap with my initials. She knows me so well.
{Earrings: Boutique in Miami - Top: Express - Shorts: Forever 21 - Shoes: Jessica Simpson}

Goodness, we're ridiculously happy together.

On Saturday, we had another hot one. I tell you. It took everything in me not to spend all day inside the house with the AC watching movies. Oh wait. That’s exactly what I did.

Sunday, I decided that the weather was a little more people friendly so I went to the mall to do a little shopping. I also updated my resume which was interesting considering that I haven’t searched for employment in 6 years! I’m hoping to have a job within the first week in PA. Even if it means doing something for a short amount of time just to keep me busy until I find something I love. I can’t imagine not having a job to go to every day.

I’m also hoping that it isn’t too hard to top my current position. I love what I do now. I worked hard to get where I’m at in the company. The benefits, salary and position are/were things I was happy and proud of. So I know that I’m going to have to keep an open mind in my search as well but I also have to remind myself of my worth and not just settle either.

A few of you asked some questions on my last post about when we’re leaving, where we'll be living, etc. Sean first day is August 12th. My last day at my job is Sept 13th. I’ll be getting things settled and will join Sean in PA in September. I think it’s more than enough time to get my mind right. If you want to know the exact location and you are a person who comments regularly (and we have developed some type of relationship) just email me and I'll let you know. I don't feel comfortable posting it and letting anyone who comes across my blog .... you know the drill.

Oh and I have a pretty deep post planned for my next post. I guess this is a disclaimer. I’m the type of person that if I need to get something off my chest, I get it off my chest. The topic I’ll discuss in my next post is one that I’ve held off on publishing because I know how it makes a lot of people feel. And I’m not one that likes to make anyone uncomfortable. I’ve gone back and forth on why I should and should not hit publish on that post. But I think that when I have a forum such as my blog it kinda becomes my responsibility to share things I’ve experienced or things I’ve learned over the years. I don’t want this place to only be about pictures of food, outfits and everything pretty. I want my blog to reflect me as a person. To be real and to share not only things that make us happy but also things that make us think and step out of our comfort zone. If I’m able to do that then I know that not only am I doing a service to myself, I’m doing a service to my readers. Life isn’t always rainbow and sunshine. My blog has to reflect that part of life too. And so if you would like to have only rainbow and sunshine, I’ll recommend you come back, let’s say Friday. I mean, Friday IS the happiest day of the week.

Plus, my sister reminded me of this: "What other people think of you is none of your business."

I hope you all had wonderful weekends! xoxo ♥


Discovery Street said...

First...that's so awesome about Sean's new job! I'm sure you had a lot of discussion about what it means to leave your position and start over in a career, you're wonderfully supportive Faith!

Second, I'm looking forward to hearing what your next blog post is keep leaving your readers in suspense! :) xo

Angela K said...

I love your outfit in the pictures! As for the heat, I am so not a fan. Especially as I get older. Bring on Autumn already!

Good luck preparing for the move! So many changes are in store. Scary, but also exciting! I'm excited to hear more about it!

Stesha said...

I love that outfit miss, the top is beautiful! Good luck with everything!!! I am excited to be following along!


Kirsten Wiemer said...

you mrs faith are my favorite.


Emily Gilbert said...

Well don't feel too bad on Thursday I have a lengthy post about race, my son and the recent Florida events. Haha. I'm mildly terrified. Anyway, your weekend sounds lovely and you look lovely and I'm happy you were able to talk with a close gal pal. It helps so much sometimes. & you will find a great job I just *know* it.

Eesh said...

Love it! The fact that you're prepared to air the good, the bad & the ugly, I love it! I agree with your sister, your opinions are your own and if no one likes it, then they can keep it moving...myself included (let's not be hypocritical here!)

That outfit is boss! You look lovely dear.


Nylse said...

i didnt comment before but i thought you were getting a new job before you broke the news.
i hope you get a job in a week, but if it doesnt happen that way, enjoy the time off until you get a new one. Even though you're they're many unspoken feelings around moving that are down right challenging - it kind of makes you examine yourself.
write what you want to write!

Kiki said...

The weather had been crazy hott here two! i did also eat outside this weekend, it was perfect because there was a little breeze! Did you find anything great while shopping? i love that top you wore to dinner!

Chrissy + Nate said...

Uggghhhh it is SO hot in Texas! It just hits you in the face as soon as you step outside! And I love that you are real and personable on your blog, that's why so many people read your blog! P.S. when Nate got a new job four hours away, he moved a month earlier before I did so I could finish the school year. I stayed with my parents and it was a lonely four-five weeks, but with weekend visits, Skype dates, and phone calls, it went by quicker! Good luck darling!

YeamieWaffles said...

I think it's just amazing that Coleen got you a camera strap as a present, that's actually perhaps the best present anybody could give you because everyone knows how much you adore photographs! Your weekend sounds absolutely great and I'm so glad you're getting to spend some quality time before you leave.

I'm curious as to what you're going to post Faith but while that curiosity would like to be satisfied I will say that ideally you should only post when you're 100% certain you want to share it. Personally I can't wait but if in your head it isn't worth it then that's most important.

Amy said...

I am very intrigued about your next post. Now you are going to have me stalking your blog until the post shows up!

Mrs JK said...

Hmmm, you on a roll with this suspense thing ;)...looking forward to this post. And your sister is so right!!! I love that!!!

Nancy said...

Love those shoes with your cute outfit!!
Looks like a fun date night with friends & I'm so glad you have such a supportive friend close by. Just think of all of the new places you will visit & take awesome pictures of. Hugs to you & I am with you during this transition!

Law_Fal said...

Your sister is a wise woman! Cute outfit as usual & good luck with the job search! Looking forward to your post :)

Carolyn said...

I am going to need that pretzel. Serisouly. Yum. :)

You'll find a great job and you'll settle in and make lots of friends. Because you're awesome.

And post your dang post! Your blog is there for what you need it to be there for, and everyone else can just deal. :)

Ashley R said...

I love this. I am interested to see what your next post will be, and aside from that its only natural you will be processing things and getting "deep" during this time in your life.

On a separate note, I love that tribal print tank!

two birds said...

what a fun weekend! and you look gorgeous! i love that tank and those shoes. and now i'm very curious about your deep post. i agree with you, though...people like knowing more about the real person behind the blog, and it's a good place to share!

Cece said...

Good food, good friends, the couch, AC and movies! Sounds nice to me. I was inside most of the weekend too. It got all gloomy on us around here. I cannot even imagine job hunting right now either. I've been at my job for 6 years too.

Desiree Macke said...

Meeting up with good friends is always THE best! So gald you were able to spend some time with one of your besties!!


Maria said...

i'm very much looking forward to your next post! i love what your sister told you!
i'm glad you had an amazing weekend with friends and great food and AC. movie days are so much fun and so needed sometimes! i'm so happy for you and sean and will be sending lots of prayers and good vibes your way!
have a fantastic day!
p.s. - after your pics, i need a giant soft pretzel :)

Katie said...

Oh my goodness your outfit is just fabulous!!! Love it.

Looking forward to your post. I think you do such a great job of keeping it real around here!

Susannah said...

Good luck on the move, Faith! I'm sure God will bring a wonderful job into your life!

Life with J and J said...

Lol! I love your sister's statement. So so true!!!

Sounds like you guys are also dealing with the heat wave we have here in the DMV. I won't complain though because I am afriad if I do, we'll get days and days of HUGE snow storms :-).
Have a fabulous week! Looking forward to reading your post tomorrow and of course on Friday! :-)

Tenecia said...

Girl, you could not survive AZ in the summer! It was 108 degrees last week...I swear the oil in my hair melted... :)


The Sweetest Thing said...

First off, I love photos of what you wore - my faves! Secondly, John is going to be in PA for a big exam in September...... I had been planning on going with him until I saw the cost of the flight! I wish I could though and we could hang!

Life with J and J said...

Awww...what a lovely weekend. I love your toe colors in your outfit! Yes...I noticed cause I am a shoe person :-). The entire outfit looks really nice!

Brittany said...

I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE your outfit!! Oh my gosh, you belong in a fashion magazine. Seriously!!!! And that sandwich makes me really really ready for's only 9:08am :/.

Brittany said...

AND I think it's great that you're such a worker! I would be taking a break for as long as possible (and using the move as an excuse :)). Good for you, lady! Praying this transition is an easy, and blessed one, for you and Sean.

Stacey said...

I'm looking forward to your next post. You're is not always rainbow and sunshine. In life we have to deal with the unpleasant things and sometimes we need to discuss them. So, I say...Go for it!!!!

Adrienne said...

I adore you and Colleen! You two seem like the bestest friends! She's sooo sweet! I cannot wait to see this camera strap! ;)

And I, too, would've ate inside. These past few weeks I've been trapped inside. I cannot stand the humidity. So glad it's finally cooled off!!

I'm glad you speak your mind and you are strong and brave to post the things that are on your mind. It's one reason I adore you so much. You are an amazing person with great opinions... Whether it's rainbows or thunderstorms. Hey... the storms bring the rainbows so have at it, girl :D

Pegster said...

Ok, I take back my last comment, you posted lots of pics in this one. I love your outfit, love your hair, just love your style :).

Camera strap with your initial - what a cool gift. She does know you well

Whitney Cypert said...

You and Colleen are so cute! you are lucky to have such a great friend like her and she's lucky to have you! Love your outfit and the food pictures of course : ). For some reason, I must be going crazy, that Caesar salad looks the most delicious! I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers for finding a job you will love and just for settling in. It will be a new adventure and I can't wait to go through it with you! Also, I am so glad you decided to post your deep post. Everything in this world is not sunshine and Daisies and you should feel like you can talk about whatever is on your mind!

Jason Murphy said...

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