Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Yeah, I think I'll go with the positives, it does not make me ugly cry.

I’m embracing this unemployment season. It was very hard and it is still very hard. It is hard applying and applying and applying and feeling like the right job is not going to come along or feeling like no one wants you. I continue to have to tell myself it is not that they don’t want you it is that they can only gather so much information on the type of employee you will be based on a cover letter or resume.

I had a phone interview on Monday and I got myself so worked up that when the time came I was a blubbering mess. I really, really want this job. I always know how to present myself but wow, I completely did not do that. I may or may not have ugly cried on Sean for 10 minutes. My sister Emma called right after. It was as if she knew that I just had a breakdown and Lord knows I needed my older sister. She knows just how to say the right things and I’m grateful that she called. And then a second after I got off the phone with my sister, my mom called! It was the strangest thing, it was as if they knew. I know it was a God thing so I won’t call it strange again.

Any who, I’ve been working on embracing this time and have started noting things that I was not able to do when I was working full time.

I’m able to go to bed at whatever time I want. If 5 am is when I feel ready to sleep then 5 am it is.

Sleeping in is not only a weekend thing.

I don’t have to stop an episode on Netflix ... I have ALL day.

The gym. I don’t have to worry about being too tired to wake up at 5 am to go and I don’t have to worry about going to the gym after work because I’m too tired. I can go whenever I choose at whatever time works for me.

I can run errands whenever.

I have the time to make all my meals at home. Several meals at a time if I choose.

Walks with Izabella are not rushed. She wants to walk for an hour, let’s walk for an hour.

I don’t have to spend my weekends cleaning anymore. I have all week to do that.

I can sit outside and take as many pictures of the sun peaking through the leaves because I want to.

When Sean decides that he wants to grill during normal working hours, I’m there which means I get it while it's hot. (Sean works at nights, FYI)

There is so much more but I don’t want to brag because I would really rather have a job but since I don’t, I might as well note some positives.

I won’t be unemployed forever. My intense search for work will pay off. Until then, new episodes of Sons of Anarchy await me ;).
{She is clearly judging me}



  1. Not working is awesome. If only it was your "real" life and you were independently wealthy and didn't have to worry about the money. If only. Hang in there honey. I hope something comes up soon.

  2. i like your attitude. and i know exactly how this feels... i've probably told you, but it took me 6 months to find my current job. i applied and interviewed for SO many jobs before the right one found me! i didn't even apply for this one- someone passed on my resume. the funny thing is, they told me her name... but i don't know her. so i really and truly believe it was a Jesus thing. you will end up where you need to be. until then, enjoy the long walks, gym time, and i'm sure sean will enjoy the homecooked meals :)

  3. It's so hard sometimes to see the positive sides of a negative situation but it will help you get through it SO MUCH! you have a great attitude!

  4. Just take a deep breath and remember that it all works its way out. Maybe you're suppose to be on hiatus right now to enjoy the little things.

  5. hang in there dear for all things work out for them that love God.

  6. Hang in there. Enjoy your time with Sean, the pets, and everything. There is a purpose for this time of waiting. The perfect door will open at the appointed time.

  7. Thank you for such a well written honest post. It is tough job hunting but you seem to be on the right track. Keep going it will happen.

  8. faith, i believe the perfect opportunity will come your way. i think you are doing the right thing to enjoy your time and stay positive while waiting. hugs!

  9. Faith stay strong and enjoy this're a wonderful person with such a Positive attitude so I know you will find the job of your dream...God is an amazing provider and he is always on time...just continue to keep the faith.

  10. Being unemployed, when you're used to working at a full-time job is a very tough transition. I understand how you feel. It is good to go with the positives and especially, to get out of the house and take time for yourself and do things you enjoy. Stay encouraged! :)

    SOA is a good show. Enjoy!

  11. This has been a season of ugly cying for me as well but im determined things will turn around miraculously for the both of us. Sending prayers up for you!!!!!!!!

  12. what a great attitude. enjoy it now...because i know a new job will be coming soon!!

  13. What an awesome way to look at things. I think you're well on the right track.
    The right job WILL come.
    Sorry about the phone interview. I find that we are our own worse critics. You probably blew them away and don't know it. :)

  14. Yes... enjoy this time! It's not like you're not actively looking for employment...or collecting greedily from the government (I know some peeps like that)... so enjoy it. :) Look at it as a mini vacation until God puts you where you belong!

  15. girl i know its hard. i'm in the same boat, but its so good to see the positives. sometimes its nice to just have sometime, you got this faith.


  16. Per usual I love that positivity Faith! Keep at it and your sister and Mother are clearly so in tune with your needs (as is God of course.) I love that you have such a strong network and cannot wait for the day you post about an amazing job you get hired for. I know it will come and when it does and I read it on your blog I am going to pretty cry lol (see what I did there!?) I feel like you and I would be such good friends in real life and I don't even feel creepy saying that xo

  17. Before you know it you'll be back to work and those walks, Netflix sessions, and go-to-the-gym-when-no-one-else-is-there moments will have to be more structured due to work.

    Enjoy this little time off while you can!

  18. Honestly, make the most out of your unemployment right now! It's great that you're applying for jobs non-stop, but make sure to have some fun too! You'll regret not doing that once you're working the standard 9-5!

    xo, B

  19. Hang in there, love! I'm sending good thoughts your way!


  20. I love how positive you are. I'm crossing my fingers you hear good news from the job interviews. I'm glad you are seeing the good in all of this!

  21. I know you will get a job soon just keep on pressing on! if not im sure ur a great housewife(: not to mention i might be over soon for some of Sean's yummy grilling!

  22. Hang in there Faith! Everything is for a time. Your unemployment rough patch will soon come to an end. Don't sweat it, God has something special for you.

  23. I hope you continue to stay positive…the perfect job for you is in the works ;) just know your worth. Love the new blog design and wishing you the best!

  24. You have the best attitude with this season of your life. It sure is tough but you are making the best of it.

    I can't even imagine what it's like being in your shoes right now. Just sending lots of virtual hugs your way.

    PS - I love SOA, can wait to see the new episode on the DVR

  25. Applying and applying and applying does get super old and frustrating and makes you feel so many things. I've never personally experienced it because, truthfully, I have never really wanted to have a job. But, I've experienced it through Garrett and I think it was equally as hard. He still doesn't have the job he would like, or the pay, but he's working on it. Something will come along, you are too smart, sweet, funny, and charming for it not to! I'll say what I've always said...keep enjoying this free time because the second you start a new job you will miss it!

  26. Keep your chin up, pretty lady!! It's all in God's timing...He has something perfect waiting for you. It's wonderful that you have sweet supporters! And you just keep stayin up late and watching TV...soak it up while you can!

  27. I went through this agonizing time when i moved to Seattle. The right job, at the right time will fall in your lap. Try to truly enjoy your free time!

  28. Way to go thinking positively! Not always easy, but it's so helpful when we're able to do so! Btw, Isabella is so cute and where you live is gorgeous!

  29. It's good to keep positive! I was unemployed for a year so I completely understand your experience. Just try to enjoy it while you can. Before you know it, you will be back in the workforce with a job you love and wishing you had the time back!

  30. I love that you two are together during the day (although I'm sure Sean has to sleep) ~ I also love how your family knew to call you right when you needed them most! What a beautiful thing! I know just the perfect job meant for you will come your way. Wish I lived close to you and we could walk together!! Barkley and I both need the exercise!

  31. Yes! You get to basically lounge all day. Now, if only someone would so graciously drop a duffle bag of huge US Bills...make that Euros...on both our doorsteps!

    Awesome photos! Fall looks amazing in your city. I'm just happy to see the trees moving...thank goodness for a bit of cool breeze!


  32. beautiful positives and photos!! LOVE the leaves...gorgeous!
    i love when things like that happen - people just seem to know when you need some uplifting, don't they?!
    your mom and sister sound incredible. i'm sure they are if they're anything like you. enjoy it all, gf!
    happy halloween!! xoxox

  33. well i think you're brave, and you're going to be successful. it's inevitable :) God is watching out for you!

  34. I have always loved and read your blog ever since i discovered it almost two years ago but this is my first time of commenting.

    I really like your honesty and openness.

    Wishing you all the best with your job hunt and strength while you wait. hugss

  35. Hey girlie! meant to comment before when I first read this... but couldn't log into Google. If you need help with the job search, please feel free to reach out to me.

    I work in a career services office full time, and I LOVE to help people I know. Even if you just want your resume looked over, let me know. xoxox

  36. It's so true to your character to see and find the positives in the season you find yourself in Faith. Your outlook on life is always an inspiration to me.

    Continuing to hope with you that the perfect job is out there for you! IN the meantime enjoy some sleep and Netflix for me. I would give anything to have 1 hour all together just to clean something in my house! (o:


  37. I appreciate your honesty, I too am experiencing the same unemployment season. This inspired me enjoy my free time. God has an awesome plan for us both! Love your positive attitude and the blog!

  38. You don't want any job that God doesn't have for you :) It'll happen and God is never late. We are just impatient (remind me of this the next time sh!t hits the fan for me as well) LOL.


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