Monday, November 4, 2013

Our Wedding Day ♥

This may be the longest picture post in blog history and I sincerely apologize. I could have broken this post down but I did my wedding recap in 2010 so I didn't feel the need to do that again. Granted I had about 30 readers at that time so many of you probably have not checked out those posts. For those of you who have, yikes. Get out, get out, get out! Come back in a couple of days. The others well you still may want to get out. There are lots and lots of pictures.

A few things I remember from that day:

1. Whoever thought up the first look, thank you.
2. I never felt more beautiful.
3. My husband can dance, sorta.
4. I have the best family and friends.
5. I had a blast.
6. Our guests had a blast and I've been told we fed them too much.
7. Chocolate fountains are messy but people love them.
8. Sean will play rugby in anything and at anytime.
9. When your seamstress messes up your dress you never forgive her.

For those of you who have planned a wedding before there is probably one thing we can all agree on. It can be stressful. I learned that by allowing us 14 months of planning the stress level was brought down about 50%. Also joining a wedding forum where you can meet other future brides is a prayer answered. There is no one else who wants to talk about weddings as much as you do besides a future bride, including your future husband. He does not and will not understand why you need silver chargers. Get on a forum and the worst that can happen is that you can meet your first online friend Kathy and still remain friends with her, years later. Hi K-dawg! ;)

Another thing I did was stick to the darn budget. It is so easy to think about everything you want. You don't really want it. Trust me. 4 years later and I do not regret not getting the big, tall flower centerpieces. Try to think of what will be important to you a year after the wedding and go after that. Everything else is just extra. Stick to your budget and do not go into debt over it. I think the worst thing (in my opinion) is paying for a wedding years after the wedding.

And one more thing for future brides. The wedding is just ONE day. The marriage is essentially what is most important. The little details don't matter if your relationship does not have a strong foundation. Take a time out every once in a while to remind yourself why you're getting married in the first place. If you can do that everything just falls into place.

2009 was truly an exciting year for me. I learned a lot about myself and about us as a couple. To this day, I know within the depths of my being that I made the right decision in marrying Sean. We are that couple that fights, that bickers, that annoy the hell out of each other but the thing we do the best is love each other. We love the crap out of one another.

So now, who's ready for pictures? Before you do, grab a glass of wine or something stronger like vodka. If you don't drink maybe ice cream will do. This is just because I want you feeling nice and relaxed after this post because I don't want you wanting to hurt me ;).

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Jennie Grange said...

wow! you look stunning! your dress...your hair! my goodness and your reception looked like a blast!
such lovely photos!

uchenna Ezeonyeka said...

wow... so so beautiful
you looked so beautiful and radiant.

YeamieWaffles said...

Lovely photos, it really was such a wonderful day Faith and you both looked incredible.

Law_Fal said...

You looked amazing. Y'all have so much personality as a couple and I love it. I wish I could've been there having a blast at that reception. Happy anniversary!!!!!!!

TOI said...

I love seeing your wedding pictures. such a fun day you guys had :)

Kathy C said...

First and foremost...I am so grateful to have met you through our wedding planning days! Seriously...that was a bond forged that would take some crazy event to break up! I still can't believe it's been over 5 years since we started talking! Now you're like my online BFF! :) I loved looking at your wedding pictures in 2009 and still loving doing it now. Every detail...was spot on! I remember helping you decided your table number design. haha. Seriously though, your were and still are stunning!! Sean is one lucky dude!
I think the best part about your relationship is the fact that you two seriously take the act of marriage seriously. You had a blast at your wedding...but knew that the "best was yet to come". It's been a pleasure watching you two grow as husband and wife these past 4 years...xoxo!

Desiree Macke said...

Everything from your wedding looks like it was picture perfect! I love that your reminiscing!

Your shoes - gorgeous.
Your dress - to die for.

P.S. Way to bust a move, Sean!! :)

Ashley R said...

You were an amazingly gorgeous bride! I 100% agree with you on the first look. I loovvvvvved looking through these photos. :) said...

You looked amazing on your wedding day! Looks like you had a wonderful day, as usual Gorgeous pics!

Life with J and J said...

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post. It is so apparent that you guys have what it takes to go the long haul. You put the most important thing in mind which is AFTER the wedding not just the wedding day.
Loved seeing the pictures. You guys haven't changed a bit!

Cece said...

You warned us about all the pictures!! So beautiful. Your dress looks amazing. Whatever was messed up I don't think anyone else noticed. I stuck to my budget too and I would have so regretted it if I didn't more then I would regret what I didn't get. Like you said; those details don't matter nearly as much as what you are there for. I loved first looks too. We did our photos before hand and it was so special having those moments on our own first.

K&R said...

i wish i was at your wedding. you looked so beautiful! i love all of these photos! Seriously gorgeous. ugh i love weddings so much and i'm just going to stare at your photos for the rest of the day. haha.


Pegster said...

Faith - seriously, this was the best post ever. I am so glad that you posted all those pictures. I felt like I was there. You truly had a beautiful wedding. I actually liked this post better than the one from years ago because I recognized so many people, your sisters, your parents. Better yet, I totally understand your relationship and the Seanism are just the best.
You know, funny enough, I started reading your blog in early 2010 and I never looked back. You and Sean are truly an awesome couple. I have enjoyed seeing you blossom into the amazing pair that you are and I have really enjoyed the ride. We've never met but I know when (emphasis on when because you know it's happening), it's going to feel like I've known you forever thanks to your blog.

You truly were a beautiful bride. I have enjoyed this trip down memory lane. You make an awesome couple.

Emmett Katherine said...

the shorts pictures - dying!!!! although the picture of the two of you on the couch is beautiful I have to say that short picture is a tie for fave. it just makes you laugh! what a beautiful day, lots of love and happiness coming through in your photos :)

Laurie @ Disney 'n Diapers said...

Planning a wedding CAN be stressful?! It IS stressful. Omg. I'm pretty sure I was going to cause my husband to divorce me before we even got married. I was crying almost every day leading up to my wedding I was so stressed out. Thankfully I ended up hiring a coordinator to reclaim some of sanity. I love that you did this post. I wasn't around when you first posted about your wedding. BOO. Your dress was gorgeous, the colors were amazing and I love how natural all of these shots are. Just stunning. I need to do a wedding recap post!

Nellie @ Brooklyn Active Mama said...

So beautiful Faith! I feel like I've seen so many of these but now I am happy to have to whole day all in one post. You were absolutely stunning and dang Sean can GET DOWN on the dancefloor!! wow!!

simplychic said...

gorgeous,gorgeous,GORGEOUS! you were glowing and you still are :)

Eesh said...

Yes honey! Four years later and you're still as gorgeous as ever! Sean won! Big time!

Your wedding looked like so much fun! Love these photos! Your photographer did an amazing job.

And hey! Let Sean dance! Don't watch his flex :P


BackyardTraveler said...

Beautiful pics! Who are the children?

Deia@LoveInTangles said...

What a beautiful wedding!!! You planned that perfectly. Wow! Everything was absolutely beautiful! Seriously. The colors, décor and foodie! I wish mine was that beautiful, lol.
Happy Anniversary!

And I enjoyed this pic loaded post, but my laptop didn't, haha, but I have a lot of applications open.

Kristen said...

YAAAY!! Love it all. :)

Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!

Highly Favored said...

Beautiful. Congratulations on 4 years of marriage. A prayer for many more years through eternity.

Angela K said...

Amazing! You're gorgeous, and those shoes! Those first pics of Sean are hilarious!

Crystal said...

SO fun! You looked amazing and your husband is so silly!! :) Y'all are the cutest couple!! Love your blog!

Also, totally agree on the actual marriage being more important than the wedding day. We said the same thing -- so we had the nice simple wedding we could afford and focused more on what came after!

Jess said...

When you said it was a long post I thought to myself, " how long can it really be?". Wow, that's a ton of pictures.. but they are beautiful and so are you!

Susannah said...

I LOVE wedding pictures!!! It looks like you had an amazing day! :-)

My name is Lydia said...

oh. my. goodness. you look SO stunning in that dress i will never get over it!

Rocker Chic said...


These pictures are breathtaking everything was beautiful about them!!

Happy Anniversary to Sean and you!!

Dani @ said...

love, love, love, love, love, looooooove it aaaalllll.

What a special day. You looked HOT GIRRRRRL!

Fashion Rehab said...

Awww such a beautiful wedding, you can feel the love from the pictures :D, luv it!!

Georgina Castellucci said...

Oh my goodness Faith I am SO glad you posted these (being one of your readers that never saw that post!) THE FOOD OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! Whoa. The details of your wedding were absolutely exquisite holy moly!!!! That is a wedding women dream of and I love the colors you chose! 14 months sounds like a wise recommendation for sure xo

Sharon said...

Yep I'm young! Haha

Looks like a beautiful wedding :) I love weddings!

NikG said...

Picture perfect wedding! <3

Rozlyn P. said...

You had such a beautiful wedding. Elegance at its best.

Jenna said...

Oh, Faith! I LOVED looking at these photos. There is just so much love in each and every one. You made one STUNNING bride! And what a gorgeous wedding!!

Hahaha Sean dancing...! OhmyGOSH.

Carolyn said...

OMG! First... I'm going to have to go back and read your wedding recaps! :) I can't believe I never did that! Second... Holy stunning! I love it all! I'm obsessed with your cake!!

Laura Darling said...

These pictures are all so beautiful! Looks like your wedding day was such a blast! I am planning mine and my mom and I went to the florist the other day and my mom really wanted to get the tall centerpieces. They definitely looked really pretty, but not pretty enough to pay $800 for them! We're going with the standard centerpieces and I'm glad to see that you don't regret your choice about that either! :)

Stéphanie said...

BEAUTIFUL wedding!
Congratulation <3

Whitney Cypert said...

Uh it looks like you had the wedding of a lifetime! I don't even know where to start. Your cake is adorable, your boquet is gorgeous, and you look stunning! Your skin is so pretty! I literally laughed out loud at Sean in those shorts. Oh Lord lol. And it looks like he has some pretty decent moves! : ) I also love the Thank You umbrella, that is too cute. Did you have a wedding planner or did you do it all? I can't imagine!

Maria said...

i have tears in my eyes! you were a gorgeous, GORGEOUS bride! i don't even need to read words...the photos do the guys had so much fun...there was so much love surrounding you that day! your dress, flowers, shoes...everything...beautiful!
i laughed so hard i may have woke piper up (when i saw the pics of sean in the awesome)!
what a beautiful day! thank you for sharing! i didn't have any wine or vodka laying close by, so i opted for some old halloween candy. :)

De'Aura Lemus said...

Faith!!! I remember the day that I fell in love with the Navy and Fuchsia color combo. It was shortly after I joined that same wedding forum and it was the day that I stumbled upon your (future) wedding plans. I was stunned. Then I got to know you a bit and realized that the owner of that fabulous color combo was even more stunning. I can't believe that the years have gone by...just yesterday we were stressing over the small stuff and now we are loving the life that it started/celebrated. I've been stalking your blog for at least a year and I think this is my first real comment. Reliving your wedding via photos just reminded me of the wonderful days leading up to it. Congrats on celebrating another year of love and marriage! -MrzLemUS :)

Kristine said...

Oh. my. goodness! I have missed so much on your blog! I have to do these one at a time...

I'm not married or getting married anytime soon but as far as I know, wedding are really stressful. I know, because I've been volunteering to do some work on wedding styling recently.

But this is a great post. I love going down memory lane and from reading this, looks like you two had a magical day!

You look wonderful in your dress and the photo's look amazing. My favourite are the dance floor photo's - looks like a lot of fun! And Sean sure seems to know how to dance haha!

Kristine said...

P.s. I'm loving your table flowers!

The Mrs./The Mom said...

I loved this recap! You guys look like you had an awesome day. Sean is absolutely hilarious... him in those shorts... and the dance floor! I know he brings you joy everyday- except when he leaves the toilet seat up :)

grace and gratitude said...

i'm so happy i found this - this looks like an amazing time.
i looooove, love.