Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Seattle: Tourist Attractions

When you're visiting a city like NYC for the first time there are tons of touristy things one wants to do. Central Park, The Empire State Building, The Statue of Liberty, Times Union, Grand Central, Rockefeller Center, The American Museum of Natural History, etc. Oh and let's not forget about heading to Brooklyn to check out the gorgeous brownstones. One thing I'm certain about is that it can't be done in just one day. At least if you are really to appreciate it all without feeling rushed, one should make sure that their visit to NYC is at least several days.

Most of the touristy things to do in Seattle can be done in at most two days. We did it in one. But that's not a bad thing at all, in fact it was pretty welcoming not to be overwhelmed or feel like we were missing out on something. Everything we wanted to see we saw without ever feeling rushed. Due to this, you actually feel at home and almost like you're living in Seattle for the short amount of time that you are there.

Because I did not know what to expect from Seattle or the fact that it was not on my list of places to visit I was not disappointed. If you're expecting Seattle to be like NYC (granting you love NYC) then you might be disappointed in my opinion.

The downtown scene of Seattle is full of character, lively but not overcrowded. People just going about their everyday lives with a sprinkle of individuals asking for money whether they are performing for you or not.

Pike Place Market

I could get lost in here I enjoyed it so much. The atmosphere is so lovely and there is so much to see. I walked to Pike Place Market every day I was in Seattle minus the day I was sick and it still felt new to me each time. As soon as I learned that I was going to Seattle I told Sean that if I could do anything it was to take a picture of the Public Market Center sign. I think I have about 50 of them in all different angles. I took SO many pictures that I will of course share in future posts since this post is just to highlight tourist attractions.


Space Needle

If there was anything Sean wanted to do it was to see the Space Needle. We took the monorail which was an extremely quick ride from our hotel. Once we paid we were taken to an elevator with windows that way you can view Seattle as the elevator went up and up. It was pretty incredible to see Seattle at 500 feet above ground. When we went outside once we reached the top we feared the wind was going to blow us away.

There is a restaurant (Sky City) in the Space Needle that rotates to give you an entire view of the city while you eat. I would have loved to do that but I did not know ahead of time and reservations are necessary if you do not want to be waiting for a long time to be seated. The wait to be seated even happens when you've booked a reservation we learned. Also it's not inexpensive to eat here so having to wait such a long time was not worth it to me. But I'm not going to lie, I would love to do it one day and will be prepared!


Gum Wall

There are a lot of alleys in Seattle which I found fantastic. The Gum Wall is one of the spots that we found in an alley. I will say that being near all the gum knowing that it was once chewed grossed me out. But despite that it kinda was like a work of art. I mean, truly, who thought that a whole bunch of chewed gum stuck to a wall could actually be a tourist attraction?! Genius.


The Original Starbucks

The long line of people waiting to get coffee made me realize that this had to be the original Starbucks. It actually made me laugh because there is another Starbucks less than five minutes away (by walking) that had a much smaller wait line. The word original make people do baffling things.

I do know that walking around Seattle made it more apparent that I am truly a city girl at heart. I do not know how much longer I am going to hide from this fact. I know my sister Emma is smiling reading this since she has been bugging me to move back to the city. Either way, it is great to feel your heart jump with such happiness at the sight of tall buildings even if for just a few days. Seattle, thank you for that.

And if you've been to Seattle please tell me of other tourist attractions that I may have missed out on!
I know that I missed out on Fremont because I decided to get sick. Lame.


  1. I don't love NYC. It's just OK, I'm not a hustle and bustle type of gal. Seattle seems a little more my speed. I'd pick visiting there over New York.

  2. Aw, absolutely love this! The Pike Place Market is a definite must :)
    xo TJ

  3. So many wonderful photos! I felt like a kid in a candy store!

    The Space Needle looks super cool but that gum wall would freak me out! It is awesome though. Lots of people just...sticking their gums wherever all willy nilly. I'd probably do the same although I'd be grossed out.

    I love how you took the photos of Starbucks in B& adds to the "original" theme.


  4. these pics are gorgeous!! the gum wall…insane.

    And love that you saw the original starbucks!!

  5. Perfect!! You did an amazing job of catching all of the important Seattle tourist photos. ;)

    I wouldn't worry about not eating in the space needle. It's expensive and the foods not great. But it does have the best view in the city, so... there's that.

    As for starbucks, there's literally a starbucks every few blocks in downtown seattle. I worked just 5 minutes from Pike Place Market, and I could walk to 5 different starbucks in less than 5 minutes. Line too long at one? I'll go to the one on the corner 1/2 block away. ha.

    Does your hubby work for Amazon!?! My sister and future-bro-in-law both do! My sister's in PR and her fiance is a social media manager for Kindle.

  6. So I wanted to see your pictures of the original starbucks but got sidetracked by the gum wall; that is downright disgusting...for this alone I'll take NY over seattle.
    BTW - you are working those boots and I love the shawl; is it weird that I can tell you've been working out often?

  7. love those photos!
    nice to be able to capture the beauty when you travel!

  8. its hard to stop taking pics at pikes place right? as much as it rains in the's pretty darn beautiful!

  9. its hard to stop taking pics at pikes place right? as much as it rains in the's pretty darn beautiful!

  10. WOW! So many great pictures!!! I love Seattle, even though it's not as great as NYC (yes, I love NYC better!), but it's our closest big city now... :) I cannot wait to see more of your pictures!!!

  11. I don't think I've ever been to seattle! What a great city! Your pics are amazing! The gum alley would have grossed me out too lol.
    Lo e your blog signature by the way!

  12. I'm in absolute awe at your photography skills.So much so that, I'm getting myself a big girl camera. Yup...i wanna take magical pictures too.

    Seattle looks lovely, I'd love to get lost in that market.

  13. Love the photos! Seattle seems so down to earth yet still with city flair. Can't wait to see more pictures!

  14. I love the pictures of the fresh flowers. So pretty! The market in general looks like a great place to visit.

    And that gum wall looks truly disgusting. It would definitely gross me out. Though, I will admit, it does look artistic.

  15. How did you manage walking up the ally without stepping on gum ?! My biggest fear would be Dominic trying to pick it off *shudders* (made for awesome photos however)

    ANYHOO, I L-O-V-E-D all these pictures !! Seattle looks rainy, chilly, but also kinda relaxing all at once. I love that Sean was sporting Amazons logo-wear around the city ;) HAHA

  16. i have always wanted to go, and when i do, i will refer to this post...great pictures! anywhere with tulips this time of year is a good place to be!

  17. Super cool! I've been to all of these places except the gum wall. I coordinated a wedding in Seattle a couple years ago, and we got all the flowers from Pike's Place Market. It was really awesome!

  18. Well at least you know it's a city that won't wear you out and once you go you probably won't need to go back. It's always so much fun exploring a new city even if there aren't a ton of touristy things. Just being in a new city is fun.

  19. Ooooh! I love Seattle! Isn't the gum wall gross...but cool? Have I mentioned how amazing your photography is? You are awesome!

  20. I'm showing this post to Scott - it will help me convince him that we MUST visit Seattle! Pikes Place, the Space Needle, even the Gum Wall (as must as it grosses me out)!

  21. As much as I am an avid Starbucks drinker I would HAVE to go to Pike Place and I would have to go to the Starbucks like you did. I don't know if I will ever take a trip to Seattle, but its ok - because you take the best photo recaps of your trips.

  22. Oh I love Seattle! I went once when I was younger with my family and really want to go back with Garrett. It just has such an amazing atmosphere. Your pictures are amazing like always. I love the ones of the market especially. That place is awesome! The gum wall is pretty cool too, so many colors! Also, random, but what does Sean do for Amazon?

  23. Seattle is beautiful through your camera, how did you visit the city in those killer boots.

  24. I love Pike Place Market, and the original Starbucks was my favourite! The EMP was also great when I was there briefly. Great post! :) /Madison

  25. Seattle has always been on my list of places to go but your pictures make me want to go now. They are just gorgeous!!

  26. Awww, I feel like my dream has come true looking at your photos… Seattle is on my list of places to see as well. Such a colorful vibrant place… these pictures are astonishing, I totally envision my self stopping to smell the flowers. Thanks for sharing, now following your journey. Blessings!

  27. You know it! You better move your cute butt back to NYC!! Great pics my dear!

  28. can't stop looking at the pictures of the gum wall.

  29. Mrs. B You def did a lot of sightseeing!! I enjoyed all of your photos!! Have you ever thought about doing photography on the side!! You are pretty good at what you do. The details you capture are amazing. I love the essence of your photos!

  30. Your pictures from the market make me feel like I can feel and smell each and every strawberry, tulip...everything!

    And that gum wall...I think I just gagged a little bit haha

  31. Shoot.... You guys are braver than me!! I would be terrified to get up in the Space Needle. The older I get, the more scared of heights I get. :( Off topic, but I always love your pictures! I wish you could come to my house and give me photography tips....

  32. Oh man do I love all of this. Pike Place is heaven, and you captured it SO well in photos. I feel you, I too am a city girl at heart. I love the energy of being there!

  33. i must go to all of these places now.
    i love all of the flower shots.
    seattle looks so amazing!

  34. there are those flowers again!! ahh!
    um, it's amazing how chewed gum can become art and look kinda pretty! i love those photos!!
    how neat you got to see the original starbucks!!

  35. When I saw this post title, the first thing I thought was Pike's Place, then Starbucks Pike's Place coffee. I would of been one of those people in line for a cup from the original store. The chewing gum art looks cool. Nice photos of the city!


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