Monday, September 28, 2015

Vegas, good ole Vegas.

I could recap this trip but truthfully all I really want to say is, what a great time we both had! It was such a relaxing trip and although I had moments when reality would hit me, I will say that for the most part my mind was away from reality and I allowed myself to enjoy the good feeling moments.

Every time we go to Vegas we stay at different hotels. I guess it is our way of trying new things while doing the same thing, if that makes any sense. This time we stayed at the Caesar and we really enjoyed our experience. The pool area was my favorite and I could have stayed at the pool the whole time we were there.

Funny, but yeah, that's it. Here's a ton of pictures to make up for my lack of words.

- Snapshots of the strip.
IMG_1139 IMG_1153
IMG_1157 IMG_1168

- Dolled up for nights out.

IMG_1071 IMG_1173 IMG_1234

- A few pictures of our room, excuse the mess.


- Pool time.

IMG_1202 IMG_1203
IMG_1211 IMG_1212

- Randoms to include food.


- We did not eat here but I liked the way it looked inside.


- The Cromwell Hotel. It's gorgeous & I wish I took more pictures to share.

IMG_1132 IMG_1133
And that concludes my "recap".

I hope that you all had wonderful weekends and that you have great weeks! ♥


Law_Fal said...

You take the best photos. I'm happy you got a moment away.

Emily Gilbert said...

You might be the most well dressed person I know! The picture of Sean with the statue made LOL! Beautiful photographs Faith.

Cece said...

I've never stayed at Caesar's Palace. They're pool area looks so cool. It really is a good way to do the same thing differently! You already know you are going back, but hotel changes things up a bit. Glad you got a reality break that you needed.

Laura Darling said...

Wow I don't blame you for wanting to spend the whole time at the pool! That is one GORGEOUS place!

Kimberly Brown said...

Whenever you post recaps - I always scroll down for the food! lol I've never been to Vegas - but hopefully in the next year or so I'll make the trip!

Emmett Katherine said...

I love your travel pics, or just pics of around town/exploring a city because you capture so much! My mom is in vegas next week and I'm sort of jealous I'm not going with her lol. Also your hotel room looks absolutely luxurious!

Eesh said...

I love how you always warn us about photo overload...not that we ever mind!

Making the experience seem new every time is pretty cool. I like the way you put it.

Sean and that statue...le sigh LOL! And MINION!!!

Of course, gorgeous photos every time :)


Montaya said...

Looks like a great trip. The pool and the drinks look so refreshing as always great pictures too!

Pegster said...

Seriously Faith, your Vegas pics are always so amazing. I want to plan a trip there like yesterday. You take the best pics and I would love to be your subject one day ;)

Dee said...

Faith, I'm so glad you both had a wonderful time and I loved the pics. That hotel looked fabulous and girl, your wore the prettiest outfits for your evenings out.

Have a lovely weekend... :)

Tomes Edition said...

The way you capture stuff isliterally so inviting. I'm glad you had a great time.

Mrs. Pancakes said...

I always love tagging along on your Vegas trips! Looks like another awesome time!!

Ashley R said...

Yay, I always loooove your Vegas trips! So I have to ask, since I know you try different places... where has your favorite place been so far? I am in Vegas fairly frequently, so I would love to know all your Vegas favorites. Maybe a post? Or you could just hook me up... hahaha.

<3 Have Ashley