Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Riu Hotel Palace Peninsula Cancun


We stayed at Riu Hotel Palace Peninsula in Cancun and I could not rave more about the resort.

IMG_2986 IMG_2826


I am not a fan of buffets, like at all. I'm not kidding when I say they had the best buffet at Las Olas. The selections were just too good so I tried to eat everything. Churros everyday is the life. The restaurants that we tried at the resort were also incredible.

They had their own coffee shop called Capuchino where you could pick up your morning coffee to go. Their iced coffees were amazing. Vanilla ice-cream with the best hot coffee and when you mixed it together, it just made the most perfect combination. Seriously the best iced coffee I've ever had. It tasted like my mouth had gone to taste bud heaven!

IMG_3833 IMG_3009 IMG_3836

Before dinner we would stop at Cabanga for either a pina colada, Miami vice, appletini, wine or tequila shots. The drinks they whipped up throughout the resort were so good.

IMG_2940 IMG_3092

Sean and I had an hour long couple massage at Renova Spa. It was so relaxing that we had to be woken up when it was over. The first time either one of us has ever fallen asleep during a massage. I think it was the lavender they had us inhale before they started.

A few things to note:

- When we would come back to our room they would create a new towel animal each time and our niece loved it.
- A mini-bar in your room at an all inclusive resort is what dreams are made of ;).
- I loved how bright the hallway was as it had wall to wall windows.

IMG_3839 IMG_3842
IMG_3846 IMG_3291

There is also a Mayans ruin on the property which was really amazing to see in person.

IMG_2992 IMG_2994

There is complimentary wifi and the service was impeccable. The grounds are gorgeous and so clean. They don't exchange money at the resort so just make sure you exchange prior to checking in. If you don't happen to do so before checking in you can take the short walk to a bodega that exchanges money which is what we did. Speaking of that, I loved our location because we were able to walk off the resort and see the locals go about their everyday lives, taking the bus, grocery shopping, etc.

The beach was beautiful and if you woke up early enough you would catch the staff sweeping away the seaweed each morning. There was live music (we caught an Elvis show and a cover band that played all 80s music), beach parties at night, an amazing fire show that we caught one night and just so much to entertain you throughout the day. You could snorkel, kayak, jetski and so much more while on the resort as well. Many of it already included so you don't have to pay extra to do water activities.

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We were also allowed to go to the other sister Riu resorts, which was nice because we were able to join in on their fun. They had a soap suds pool party which was so ridiculously college but so much fun!

There are also tons of things catered for children. Throughout the day there are all sorts of games. Beach bingo, music/singing time, water games, etc. There are also babysitters on staff if you feel comfortable leaving your child for several hours for alone time. I didn't feel comfortable since our niece is not our child but I think it's a wonderful thing if you want to have a kid-free dinner, etc.

At night, we would wander down to the beach, roll into a hammock and listen to the waves. It was truly a wonderful resort and I could not recommend it more! I have a ton more to post about the trip and will try to do it in order now since I'm almost done organizing the pictures. I even decided to delete some if it didn't "speak" to me to make it easier, ha. Happy Hump Day!


  1. Every photo looks like it's straight out of a travel magazine!
    But, that hallway! OH MY GOSH. YES. I would have taken a photo of that gorgeous hall each and every time I walked through it.

  2. This looks so amazing. Now I'm currently craving a vacation!

  3. Such beautiful pictures! I am awful when it comes to buffets. My eyes are always bigger than my stomach 😃.
    You're making me crave a vacation.

  4. These photos look like they are ads for this beautiful place! They're amazing! I totally want a beach vacation now! It's so great you had a wonderful time!

  5. This place is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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