Friday, October 6, 2017

Difficult times.

The last few weeks have been tough, a reminder that life isn’t always pretty. It gets hard sometimes to see all the good when something bad or evil happens. I know that I get caught up a bit and my mind runs wild with thoughts and Sean and my sisters often have to tell me to stop. I cried so much when I heard the news of Vegas so I can’t imagine how those who lost loved ones (because of a senseless terrorist act) feel.

Coming from a person who goes to Vegas 1-2 times per year, I know the excitement one feels when they’re in Vegas. This is a place that I call Disneyland for adults. And for a person to take away that feeling for no reason, I just can’t understand. And because I can’t understand, I can’t stop thinking. At this point, I just begin to feel hopeless. Because tragedies like these continue to happen and nothing is changing. Our lawmakers/government are not making the streets safe for any of us. It is not right that you can’t go to the movie theatre, church, concert or a shopping mall without wondering if you’re at the wrong place at the wrong time. No one needs an automatic. No one. Stricter gun laws are necessary, why can’t we all see that? Does it have to be you, a person you love, before you’re able to see that? I’ll never understand.

My sisters know that I leave for Vegas this month but they were not sure of the exact dates. As soon as the news began to trickle in about the Vegas shooting, I received separate texts from each of my sisters within minutes of each other. The texts made me sick because I could actually feel their worry. All I could think was that this same scenario must have happened and someone didn’t get a response that their sister was OK. That makes my heart hurt so bad.

I didn’t expect this post to turn this way but I’m just going to go with it.

But in all the bad, you can see the good. They say that light will always overcome darkness. Even just a little bit of light. In all these tragedies you see all the goodness. You see people risking their lives to help, to save others. That is what I have to also remind myself when I can’t stop thinking of the bad. There is still so much good. There is so much good that I can do, to make a difference in this world.

We leave for Vegas in less than three weeks and we thought about canceling it but we changed our minds. It will also be Cinthia’s first time going so we intend to show her all the good fun that Vegas offers. I won’t live in fear. Even though I am afraid, I won’t let that fear get the best of me. Life is just so short and unpredictable.

Truly, live life well. Tell the people you love that you love them and often. Pick up the phone and call someone versus sending a text. Life gets busy but be sure to see your friends, see your family. Make a stranger smile. Feed the hungry, help the less fortunate. Be good. Do good. You are good.


  1. A heart breaking and well written post. I'm glad you are still going on your trip. Praying for comfort for those in pain right now.

  2. Do Good. You are good.
    It's been my prayer that our bright lights will shine and make a difference.

  3. The heart breaking thing is you never know WHERE it could happen. We had a mass shooting at our mall here about 10-11 years ago. He opened fire and killed about 9- 10 people. I believe with an assault rifle as well. One of my ex boyfriends aunt was one of the people killed. This was just a random store in the mall. I avoided the mall for a long time, and every time I go into the store now I feel a little nauseous, because I know what happened there. But no you can't live in fear.

    Go on the vacation, enjoy yourself, be vigilant etc. and PRAY

  4. It is terrible. It is true that guns don't kill people, people kill people, but we can't necessarily fix crazy. If we can't fix the people doing these things then we need to fix the gun situation. My parents were at Mandalay for a concert the week before. I'll be going to Vegas next month. It is sad that you pretty much never know if someone is lurking about to try to kill you, but we do have to keep living.


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