Thursday, February 7, 2019

Seven Magic Mountains + Vegas Snapshots


If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you know that Sean and I have made it a point to go to Vegas at least once a year since 2008. We got engaged in Vegas in 2008 and after that decided that it was our "special place". 2018 was the only year since 2008 that we made no plans to go to Vegas. Mostly because we went to Vegas October 2017 and with it being so far in the year we decided that we didn’t need to go again since we already had pretty extensive travel plans for 2018.

We told ourselves a while ago that we’d never go to Vegas again in January … and well, we lied. We did. We said we wouldn't go to Vegas in January for weather reasons only but we were surprised this year with pretty great weather and gorgeous blue skies.

The only regret I had about not going to Vegas in 2018 was thinking that I was going to miss the Seven Magic Mountains. Well, lucky for me us it was extended and we were able to see it. It’s an art installation that is right in the middle of the desert. I think that is what the draw was for me. It’s being able to see such life and color smacked right in the middle of a dusty, empty location. It was really neat and not crowded due to the time of year.



IMG_9747 IMG_9758


IMG_9761 IMG_9750


IMG_9768 IMG_9770


IMG_9777 IMG_9771


Later that evening we planned on seeing the Michael Jackson experience but the lead got sick so the show was cancelled. So we went to Fremont Street and that is quite an experience. We went a few years ago but during the day and let’s just say it is such a different experience at nighttime. To be honest, it is a little bit weird but oh so entertaining. There are so many random acts up and down the street and you can’t help but stop to watch these quirky performances. I really loved a group (I think they were family) that did some crazy things with their body parts and there was a saxophone player that I could have listened to all night.




We did not intend to make it such a long night but a few too many shots and we were rolling into bed at 5 in the morning. Sean’s mom was hurting the following day, ha. OK, she wasn’t the only one hurting. Let’s just say that Sean and I don’t handle hangovers the way we use to. Our Saturday was completely shot. I think of the 24 hours we were only up 5 hours that day. Talk about a waste of a vacation day. We’ve learned our lesson. The only times we were up was really for food. Lunch at Smashburger and dinner at a delicious Mexican place, Hussong’s Cantina, which is the home of the original margarita!


thumbnail_IMG_9611 thumbnail_IMG_9613

Since we went to bed very early on Saturday we were up early Sunday morning to enjoy our last full day.
We walked the strip, popped in and out of casinos and just enjoyed a blue sky day.


IMG_9778 IMG_9783

We stayed at the Excalibur. You know that we're trying to stay at every hotel on the strip. Well, it's pretty awesome to look at and has $5 roulette (we loved this!) but the beds are uncomfortable, haha. You win some, you lose some.





IMG_9808 IMG_9793



Every time we go to Vegas we end up getting breakfast at Las Salsa Cantina.
It is quite inexpensive and our food is always good.



IMG_9803 IMG_9809



Every trip we try to visit one casino that we haven’t visited and it was to Aria this year.
They have a gorgeous restaurant in the casino and I really would like to eat there someday.


See? Hard to resist taking a picture.

IMG_9813 IMG_9818

IMG_9820 IMG_9822

When you’ve gone to Vegas as much as we have, the trips begin to look the same.
But due to my intense desire to document life, I am of course blogging it here.

I hope that you’re all having a wonderful week! One day closer to Friday! ♥


  1. If I ever manage to get to Las Vegas... minus a layover in an airplane ride- I am going to definitely go over all your Vegas posts throughout the years and pick out the best hotels and restaurants.

    I loved all the photos and I can't do shots either or deal with hangovers well. 21 year old body... i miss you.. LOL Anyway, the color in the desert is so much fun- I would love to see that. Sorry you missed the Michael Jackson performance though. Even if it's not the "Real" michael it would still be fun to see. (Although I love me a good saxophone player as well).

  2. That is going to be a lot of information, lol. Some of those posts are probably not even relevant anymore as so much seems to change in just a year.

    Thank you!

    Haha, seriously. It takes me two days to feel back to myself and I hate it. But will I stop having too many shots? Probably not, lol.

    Luckily the tickets don't expire for another year or so, so the next time we're in Vegas we'll be able to see it!


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