Monday, January 4, 2010

Addicted to Prison Break?

Sean and I went to Target on Saturday to buy a movie. After Friday's activities we just wanted to lay on the couch, eat crap and watch movies. We looked all over for a movie that we would both be interested in but either we had it or one of us didn't want to watch it. I want a romantic comedy and Sean wants scary movies. Ugh, no. Finally, I saw some television shows. 24, Prison Break and Boston Legal. I asked Sean if he would be interested in watching a television show. Sean doesn't do television. If it isn't wrestling, the history channel or South Park, it isn't worth watching. Surprisingly, he picks up Prison Break, reads the back and says, Prison Break it is.

We got home, popped it in and OMG!!!! I am on my toes. This show is so not good for my heart! It is sad when you want to go home because you want to see the next episode. Best part, NO COMMERICALS!! Ok, I must go. Going to watch another episode! :)


  1. OMG Faith. You both sound like FI and I! hahaha. I'm always for the chick flicks and he wants to scary manly crap. lol. But from the sounds of prison break, it seems like it could be a happy medium for us as well. hmmmm, i might check that one out! ;)

  2. You should watch entourage.. great show!!!

  3. I love prison break!! Can believe its over!!!

  4. Faith,

    Prison Break was THE SHOW! I watched every episode of each season and must admit they took a few liberties. I mean really, how many times can one successfully break out of prison? It didn't matter because I was hooked. I missed the entire last season which I taped on DVR (didn't understand how it worked) and lost because I didn't "keep." Thank goodness for Netflix.

  5. milk&honeymommy,

    it was THE show! i enjoyed the first and second season. after a while, it really was like, ok? how many times can a person break out of prison? it just couldn't go anywhere after that but i was sad when there was no more episodes to watch. sometimes i will just put in the DVD to bring back the memories, lol.


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