Saturday, April 24, 2010

Rugby game in a lil while ...

I should be making breakfast but I am on this computer. I finally purchased the shoes I've been stalking for a few days and was so excited to see that the price was lowered by $25.00!!! I almost jumped out of my chair and I quickly purchased them just in case the price changed, lol. Husband will love them; I am sure ... haha.

Sean has a rugby game at 9am and another at 1pm. My girlfriend texted me last night and wanted to know if I would rather go at noon to watch our husbands play. I was all about it! I can't watch rugby for 4 hours. I can't relax everytime I see Sean about to go in for a tackle. But he loves the sport so I go and support him every time.

When I first started dating Sean I would tell all his teammates that if anyone went near Sean, I would run onto the field, with my stilettos in my hands and knock someone with it. Luckily, it has never come down to that. So, I am going to make breakfast, take a warm shower and go out there with a game face! I hope they win because if not I will hear all about it on the ride back home.

At least, I have other rugby wives with me that also feel the same way.


  1. I hope your husband's team wins!

    I'd be very nervous watching my husband play rugby! Luckily, he only plays softball, which isn't as scary! He did hurt his finger and shoulder last year tho and I had to drive him to the emergency room!

  2. i know! it is very scary! Sean was rushed to the ER once, two years ago.

    their team won! it was a tournament and they played 4 games and won the whole thing! they even got a tropy, lol. it was pretty exciting. he is walking like an old man today.


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