Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekend Recap (Pt 1)

To avoid having the longest post in blog history, I've decided to cut down my weekend recap in parts. Not because I have so much to write but because I happen to be the papparazzi. No, I'm serious. The hubs calls me Faith-A-Razzi, true story.

Our Friday evening consisted of doing last things around the house. We finally move in on Friday so we really had no choice. All the curtains are up, all the painting is done and we have curb appeal, lol. Our little bungalow is ready to not be a house anymore but a home. A place full of laughter, love and life. A place that strangers no longer walk through but family and friends. Our house is ready for us and boy are we ready to move in and call it our home.


Saturday morning was Faithy time. I got my hair and pedi done while the hubs worked overtime that way I can spend more money. During his break the hubs called to tell me that since we were going to the Jersey Shore on Sunday he was going to do laundry, go to the gym and tan. (Do not pretend that you have not watched at least one episode of the horror that is MTVs Jersey Shore). Oh boy. When he got home he asked me to do his eyebrows. Yes, my rugby player who is notarious for being a bull on the field, getting sweaty and mighty stinky also happens to be a metrosexual at times. Needless to say, I did my babes eyebrows! :)


Saturday evening we went to my girlfriend's housewarming. I might have had too much sangria because I do not remember how and when I got to bed. I hate love delish fruity drinks that just sneak up on you. The hubs said I was a chatterbox, as per usual, but I didn't fall down any stairs or break anything. Score! It was such a great time.

On our way to Colleen's housewarming. I included this pic because I've let it out what I do during car rides! ;)

Colleen and I, ♥ this girl!

The devil yumminess :)

My gorgeous hubby and I

All the girls

Pt 2 coming up shortly! :)


  1. I love your new layout!

    I had an interesting experience with sangria a few years ago. That drink is so good, but can be very dangerous! :)

  2. thanks Melissa! I love it too!

    Ahhh, it is so dangerous! But I can't turn away.

  3. I am loving this new layout! I am going to play around with the blog designer this weekend because I am NOT loving my makeover.

    Sangria's are my favorite and that one looks so yummy! Love your dress hawt mama!


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