Tuesday, August 31, 2010

"Back in the Day" Tuesdays

Today one of our vendors complimented me on my beautiful handwriting. It made me laugh because it brought back how that came to be.

Due to this, I got this idea to dedicate Tuesdays to stories about my childhood. Because it is actually my childhood that has made me, me! Some stories might be downright weird, some might make you scratch your head and some might make you laugh out loud. Whichever of the ones that might happen, I know that it was a hilarious ride and I am happy that I actually want to share a few stories.

How did I get to have such beautiful handwriting you might ask?

Well, growing up, I had downright horrible handwriting. Everytime my parents went to a teacher, parent conference that was their only complaint. "Faith is a great student. She listens well, participates and gets along with all her classmates, but she needs to work on her handwriting skills."

Each time after these meetings my parents would tell me, "Faith, don't rush too much. Slow down when you are doing your homework. Write neatly."

It went in and right out my ears. I continued to be a sloppy mess.

When I was in sixth grade and my new teacher had the same complaint my dad decided that obviously the talking wasn't working for me. They came home after that meeting and my dad asked me how old I was. I began to cry. I knew what that meant. It meant that I was going to get a spanking. I never bothered to lie. It was a trick question. My dad knew how old I was and if I lied (I learned from one of my smart sisters) I just got an extra spanking. I said, "Ten years old."

I got ten spankings on my behind that day.

The next day at school, my handwriting suddenly changed and soon I was getting all sorts of compliments on how beautiful my handwriting was.

My handwriting is so great that when I did my place cards and the addresses on the invitation's envelopes, people thought I hired a professional to do them.

The next time my parents had a parent, teacher conference there was no complaint about my handwriting but my teacher did mention that I talked to fast. When my parents got home and they told me this my heart sunk. Another spanking? My dad smiled and said, "Your teacher said you talk too fast but you got that from me. You can't change that!"

Haha. And this is how I got the handwriting I have today! I guess spankings do work! :)


  1. Glad your handwriting improved! Must be some kind of nice if people confused it for a professional :) The ONE time I lied to my mom about having homework it was on teacher parent conference night. Dumb, right? Gotta watch out for those conferences :)

  2. I love this story. Your throw back photo is super cute!! 10 spankings..LOL. He was probably tired after that. It's nice to have good penmanship mine changes so often and depending on the pen I’m using. Weird I know.

  3. cute story -- I LOVE the picture of you -- so much sass =)

  4. OOO, I'm so looking forward to these stories on Tuesdays- and that photo is so awesome Faith! Can't wait for more "old school"!!! ;)

  5. Well, now i want to see your handwriting!!!
    I remember those days of learning how to write - especially cursive. Those were some grueling lessons when I was just a little thing! Thanks for the flashback :)

  6. Ok- I think you were the cutest little thing as a child!! How did your parents ever say "no" to you?! As far as handwriting- I went from getting all A's in school to barely being legible now. Going down-hill in my old age I guess :)

  7. they said "no" easily, lol. i was that kid that if you said "no" ... that was that. i should have known better. my sisters got away with a lot more! :)

  8. What a cute kid you were :D
    I would like to see your handwriting too. I always did believe that spankings worked, but I of course never needed or received one :D hahaa.

  9. OH MY GOD you were the most precious child ever! Adorable


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