Tuesday, August 17, 2010

.Oh the pressure.

When I first started blogging it was easy peasy. Before wedding planning I didn't even know that blogging existed and once I learned about it I thought that only photographers/professionals had blogs. Imagine my surprise when I realized that even I could have a blog.

I didn't have a hard time finding something to write about. Wait, let me take that back. At one point I actually questioned if I should even continue blogging. I would forget that I had a blog or just didn't find anything to write about.

Once I realized that I enjoyed writing about my every day life, my husband and marriage it became a lot easier.

1 follower went to 20, then to 40 and now I have 56 fabulous followers.

Now that I have so many followers I began to doubt what I should write about. How can I keep their interest? Should I continue to write so much about my marriage and my stud muffin of a husband? Should I tone it down that way my followers don't think I am this crazy mushy woman, who just likes to talk about her marriage, that is a lot more amazing than she thought it would be?

So I went on to talking about the house a bit. My stinky roof and trying to figure out how to decorate my small starter home. That interests me a lot but I also know that my house isn't an HGTV house so people might not really want to see my small backyard, lol. I don't have the issue with trying to keep up with the Jones'. I love my house but maybe others don't, so hmmm, maybe I should limit my house posts.

It is funny that when you start blogging you hope that you can get more followers. But with the growth of followers you actually begin to doubt your blog. You begin to wonder if what you are writing about is really all that important.

I have come to the conclusion that it is OK to doubt your blog. It is OK to wonder if your followers think your blog is great. But I also came to the conclusion that no one follows someone they aren't interested in. So, maybe people want to know about my marriage. Maybe people want to know about my cooking success stories. Maybe people want to know that I bought new decorations for my house. Maybe people want to know about my weight loss journey. Maybe people want to know about my cat. Maybe people want to know about how much I love shopping. Maybe people want to know about how much I love my friends and family and especially my most adorable nephew in the world.

I am going to be real to my blog and to myself. So keep coming back if you like to hear about my life with this amazing, amazing man .... and who knows maybe one day 56 followers will become a lot more! :)


  1. I want to know about everything except for your cat.

    Just joking!! I love reading about you and what's going on with the house, vacations, food, whatever. You are right, if people don't dig it, they wont stay. Keep being you and doing your thing.

    I was feeling the same thing, wondering if I should change the layout, write more about this or that, show pics of everything, I setteled on trying to write what I would enjoy reading on a personal blog. It's all to my taste, so that's being me! Great post. And I love that you're you! :D

  2. 56 followers is pretty cool! I'm nowhere close but that's OK. Blogging is fun for me. I love to write and this is a place I can do that AND share...if anybody is interested that is. I enjoy reading about people and their unique lives so I think your blog is A OK!! : )

  3. You're absolutely right that doubting your blog is OK. In fact, it's normal. I don't think the likes of Style Me Pretty and Merci started off fabulous. They grew into their fame.

    I personally really enjoying reading about your wedding and your marriage. It is insight for me, probably because I'm getting ready to be in the same boat.

    I also really love interior design and fix-up projects, so bring on the house talk too!!

    I love your blog so when you start to have doubts, shoot me an email!

  4. P.S. You know I've doubted my blog a gazillion times!! You are not alone!

  5. hahaha Eve, you know you love cats. stop kidding yourself! :)

    thanks Sara and Frugalista! sometimes it is nice to let it all out! :)

  6. I say keep it up too! I love reading about other newlyweds - it's funny how we're all experiencing similar things. And I love cats but I'm allergic so it's nice to just read about them :)

  7. Woohoo those followers will continue to grow because your blog is great! I think you keep it interesting. So keep on talking about your stud muffin and decorating your beautiful house and I'll keep reading!

    PS I sometimes doubt myself but usually just go with the flow and someone always comments and my traffic is pretty steady. Trust your gut and just go for it!

  8. Hi Faith! :) Just wanted to say thanks for following me! I enjoyed reading this because I think/thought the same exact thing. I will def. keep reading, you and your husband are adorable! :)

  9. Oh Faith- we heart you girl! Ultimately, I think people like following things they can relate to. You know I'll keep reading about "stuffing your piehole" (because who else would admit it in a statement like that)- I LOVE IT!

  10. Your blog is definitely a must read. Things you post are things we all can relate to, and that makes a strong and important blog :) :)

  11. You and your husband are so very cute... I love your wedding picture, and I LOVE THOSE RED SHOES EVEN MORE!!! :) Isn't it fun to start a blog and end up with followers you never thought you'd have! I plan, after my wedding, to make my blog about just me and my hubby! That way, we always have memories to look back on together! :) Happy blogging!

  12. I want to continue knowing about ALL of it: tour wonderful marriage, your food expeditions, your house details, your cat!... all of it!!! Don't change a thing! But I think you are even more adorable for worrying about it :)

  13. I went through the same thing at around the same number of followers - I didn't want any of them to leave! And now, i'm following way too many myself. But i love my blogging world and i love reading everyone's thoughts. Just keep blogging about things that you enjoy - trust me, it'll be entertaining to your readers! I love learning about your life! :)

  14. :D My Mom-in-law (Sylvia Murphy) writes really successful books about cats, and I read them because she's my MIL, but I'm actually deathly afraid of cats :d

    Oh, but yours is cute, I must admit :D

  15. I've doubted my blog, too. You are one of my FAITHful followers & I'm thankful for you!!


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