Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wedding Wednesday - Toast Me, Roast Hubby

I cry easily.

When I was younger, I was on a train with my mom and saw a woman crying. I immediately started to cry. My mother asked, "Faith, why are you crying?" I pointed to the poor woman crying and said, "Because she's crying." Poor woman was so embarrassed.

This has become a normal occurance in my life. If I see a person start to cry, I have to walk away because I will cry. Even on TV. It is kinda getting old and I wish there was something to rid me of this flaw.

On my wedding day, I was sure I would shed a few tears. But I was great and my girls weren't being all emotional. I thought I was going to go the whole day without sheding one tear. What an accomplishment!

This changes after the first dance and we head into the toasts. Damn toasts.


My mom goes first. Not bad Faith. You are still all smiles. Thanks mom for not crying.

Thanks Luke for making Sean blush and for saying "basically" so many times that we couldn't do anything but laugh out loud.

Thanks Jerry for having the shortest toast in history and for only getting one picture taken during the toast. I don't care what anyone says. I think you are hilarious. A little serious but still funny.

Thanks big sister for starting your toast with saying, "Well, I've known Faith for 27 years." Now everyone knows how old I really am. But I have to admit it. Your toast was really, really good and soooo funny! It was also kinda funny that instead of bringing your glass to toast with, you brought your bouquet.

You got a little serious after the laughs but at least you didn't start to cry.

So this hug was a huge thank you.

This is going better than I thought. That was until my bestest gets up there and starts her toast.

I should have known this was a bad sign. From the picture you can see I am bracing myself. It was that tone in her voice as though she was trying to hold back tears.

Uh oh, it's starting.

And there you have it. What a surprise. Faith cries. Stacy, did you have to start to cry? & why was the photographer so nice to you? I didn't even get a picture of your crying face.

Trying to compose myself. A lil late, don't you think?

I still gave her a hug because after all she is my bestest! :)

I don't care what anyone says. I think we could have done without the toasts.


  1. I am a cryer myself although I think you have got me beat though! I didn't think I'd cry one bit at my wedding. Boy was I wrong!!

  2. Faith, this was wonderfully done, so funny and touching. You looked lovely in each picture, you cry beautifully :D And Sean was looking like "it's a girl thing" :D But then he did blush when the guys spoke. So cool.

    Me, I didn't have time to cry, our wedding was 3 minutes long at the court house with no reception! hahaaa

  3. i agree. you're a beautiful cryer. i am a cryer too and i was happy we only scheduled one toast (best man). my hubs surprised me with a toast from my bestest and, of course, i started to cry (not beautifully) haha...

  4. ok really?! -- I got all teary just THINKING about all this crying!
    And worry not my dear, you are still gorgeous, even while crying =)

  5. Ok... this is ridiculous. I'm reading your post and feeling all great and mushy reading about your wonderful toasts. Then I get down to your bestest- and I START TEARING UP!! What is that all about?! Thanks Faith. Thanks a lot.

  6. This is so sweet. I cried like a baby during our toasts. I was such a wreck! But a happy wreck. :)


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