Sunday, August 22, 2010

.Picture Heavy Weekend.

On Thursday, we left NY @ 2pm and headed to Toronto. It was a long ride and I refrained from taking car pictures. Yeah, I know. No fun. I napped instead.

When we reached Toronto it was 730pm and we were starving. We quickly checked in and walked to a nearby restaurant called Moxie's and had dinner.

On Friday, it was wedding day and the hubby was quite busy. It gave me a lot of time to just relax before the day really began. I took a lot of pictures of him getting ready.

Ha! Look at how excited he was!

We're ready!


It was a beautiful wedding and we had an amazing time! Congrats James and Norina, we wish you love and happiness in your future lives together! :)

p.s. We also learned that the Taco Bells in Toronto serve french fries. I found it so odd. I can't imagine having fries with a burrito.


Frugalista said...

Fries at Taco Bell!!! So strange!!!! I'd order some just because if I saw that.

Faith said...

hubby ordered it just because too! they tasted like BK fries!

ruthy ann said...

i enjoy wedding so much more now that i'm married! and you look HOT btw!

Eve said...

You and Sean were very stylish indeed. And the bride's dress was so pretty.

I'm just like Ruthy Ann, I like wedding pics now that I'm married. I never did before :D

Faith said...

I love going to weddings now that I am married too! It makes me appreciate them so much more because I know how much work and time goes into planning!

Thanks Ruthy Ann and Eve for the sweet compliments! :)

Dana said...

Love the dress that he picked out for you to wear. It looks great on you.

Faith said...

Thanks Dana! I'll tell him you said so! :)

Tovaqt said...

Holy hotness batman!! You look AMAZING in that dress Faith. Like... you are rocking it!! Nice work chica :)

Looks like a great weekend and a great wedding!

redwhitebride said...

you two look HOT! :)