Thursday, August 19, 2010

.Happy Weekend.

I have a half day today! Jealous? I would be. Unless of course you are off today. Then I'm jealous of you.

I will be heading home to do a little packing for our mini-vacay in Toronto. The hubby is in a wedding tomorrow so I get to dress up in a cute dress and be all mushy. It's going to be a great time minus the travel time. I get annoying and take pictures of myself in the car. If you do not understand this just check out this post where I prove how insane I truly am.

Minus my annoying habits, I love weddings. I love, love. It makes me happy. So I am really excited for this weekend.

And just because, I decided to add a picture of the day Sean and I got engaged. Just the thought of weddings bring out this mushy side in me that only I can appreciate.

I hope you all have amazing weekends too! :)


  1. Just passing thru reading your blog. I like the conversational tone of it. My wife and I run a marriage blog where it's more tips, interviews, etc. So at times it's good to read blogs like this one about marriage.

    By the way, I suppose since I'm here I can mention that it's Finance Week on our blog Aug 22nd - August 28th where we are talking about the complicated topic that derails marriage... MONEY and we are giving away some pretty sweet prizes! So let your followers and subscribers know. Here's the link:

    I'll be back to read more!

  2. Great pic of your engagement night. You guys are such a beautiful couple!!!

  3. I love your couple. You are so cute together. Congratulations ! I love this blog ( depuis la France ! )


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