Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wedding Wednesday - I Gotta Feeling

You know how a song can take you right back to a moment? A moment you would do anything to re-live or a moment you wish never ever happened?

Well, anytime I hear Black Eyes Peas "I Gotta Feeling" I am back at my reception. Even though the song is played out I always listen to the whole song. My reception was so much fun and when I hear the song I wish I was back at my reception. I also wish that I could go back to my wedding as a guest.

***My gorgeous parents who have been married for 36 years! My role models!***

My bridal party looked like they were having a blast!

Well, my little members kinda look confused.

And presenting for the first time (the most important people, hehe) as husband and wife, Mr & Mrs. B! Aaahh, I so wanna go back and do this celebration all over again.

After the big introductions we went into our first dance.

Sean attempted to dip me. Fail.

Then he asked me to dip him. Big fail. True story.

It was a magical day. I cannot wait to finish sharing with you.


  1. You two are just too cute! I love it!

  2. we used that for our party's entrance song's overplayed, but its just so perfect for weddings!

  3. I love your bridesmaid dresses! The hem is so fun! We did grey suits for the guys too! Love it :) Glad it was such a great time!

  4. I wish I do our first dance again. Even though there were lots of people in the room it seemed like it was just us. Mr. J wanted to dip me but I said no, because I was afraid that I would fall.

  5. What a lively bunch!!! We used the same song for our entrance! I know what you mean about wishing you could do it all over again.....

  6. that is so cool that your parents are such great examples of what married life should be, you are definitely lucky!

    Beautiful photos!! Looks like a blast!

  7. Aww I love it! It looks like everyone had a blast. :)

  8. So cute!! Love the failed dip attempts!

  9. Everyone looked so gorgeous! I love that hubs asked to be dipped :D I can tell he has a great humorous side.

    You looked so beautiful!

    And I'm gonna take it that it WAS a good night! :D

  10. thanks everyone! :)

    Eve, he cracks me up all the time. He is hilarious but that dipping thing was too much. The footage is so funny because the expression on my face is like, he can't be serious. He dip his own self before I can even form the words, no way.

  11. What a fun song! Looks like everyone had a blast, dancing at weddings is one of my favorite parts!

  12. you were absolutely stunning darling!

  13. This is the sweetest post! I love it! I love weddings... so cute!


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