Monday, September 6, 2010

Long Weekends were invented for ME! PT 2

Pictures from the Fonda Fair!

She was so scared of the animals.

I think he was enjoying himself!

Such a cute picture! I love it!

I absolutely love cotton candy!

I think he does too!

She is such a little ham! I love it!

Before we left we viewed a Car Demolition. It was pretty interesting. A bunch of people buy junk cars for really, really cheap and just go it like bumper cars. I was enjoying it until one car hit another junk car and pieces of it flew in our direction. Not cool.

I am so excited to go to another fair! I've already told the hubby that we are doing this again next summer. I love any chance that I can get a huge bag of cotton candy!


  1. Looks like a fun weekend! The kids are too cute and I love the pic of your husband holding hands with that little girl!

  2. I love the fair too! I can't do the rides like I used to but I love the atmosphere.

  3. I LOVE cotton candy!! it's definitely a basic food group for me =)

  4. The picture of your nephew reaching for the cotton candy?! PRICELESS!! Aren't fairs the best? Fun rides, animals, and yummy treats- YES PLEASE!!

  5. those pics with the gray sky turned out amazing!


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