Monday, September 6, 2010

Long Weekends were invented for ME!

As you all know, I love long weekends. I am that person who checks all the time to see when her next three day weekend is.

On Saturday, we went to Sean's nephew's 2nd birthday party. After his birthday party we went to the Fonda Fair. My sister-in-law invited my little sister and my nephew to the birthday party so I had them all weekend! I love when I get to hang out with my nephew and little sister.

Before I bore you any longer here are tons of pictures of the birthday party! The next post will be about the fair which was such a blast!

On our way to the birthday party. It was nice to have someone smile for the car picture, lol.

The birthday boy!

I love ice cream cake. My absolute favorite cake!

My little sister and my beautiful nephew!

Presents time!

My niece-in-law and I :)

I promise the "I wear sunglasses indoors" was a joke! ;)

My little sister and I. We have such a blast together! Love her!

Next up pictures from the fair!


Tami said...

Ohmygosh- I seriously FELT the love in these pictures!!! I think I'm in love with your family.

redwhitebride said...

i agree! what a lovely family :)

LovelyBee said...

You have such a cute famz; it's nice to see you guys are close! The birthday boy is too adorable for words! :)

Faith said...

awww, thanks everyone! :)