Tuesday, October 5, 2010

"Back in the Day" Tuesdays

Whenever it is time to share one of my silly childhood stories, I always wonder which one I should share. I try to relate it to something going on right now to make it flow better.

So I started thinking and it hit me!

The weather is getting cool, I so have my childhood story!

When my sisters and I were younger, my parents were part of a church that did not believe in women wearing pants/jeans. Women were to wear dresses or skirts, hats and no earrings.

I am so happy that my parents realized that God does not judge you from your outward appearance, but by your inner being, because I would have been so uncool in H.S.

It was a son of a gun to wear dresses and skirts to school. We wanted to fit in and this wasn't the way to do so. Why couldn't we wear jeans like our fellow classmates? Mom and dad just didn't want us to be "cool".

My sisters and I came up with plenty of excuses to try to wear jeans. We told our parents it was too cold when Fall and Winter rolled around. Well, this just had my mom buy legwarmers that we would wear on top of our stockings. No luck. We told our parents we didn't like our legs and they told us, "God made them so they are beautiful". No luck there.

One day, one of us got a brilliant, brilliant idea. To this day I have no clue which one of my sisters came up with it. I don't think it was me because I am not that brilliant.

Here is how the conversation went:

Sister ?: "Mom, we need to start wearing jeans or pants."
Mom: "You know that we do not wear pants."
Sister ?: "I think we should start."
Mom: "OK, why?"
Sister ?: "Well, when we are climbing the stairs at school, the boys are looking under our skirts."
Mom: "What?!"
Sister ? nods.

Mom runs to my dad to explain how us girls MUST go shopping that weekend.

(complete lie ... we were super young, no boy was looking under our skirts, lol. Sister ? was smart enough to know think that the thought of boys looking under our skirts would have our parents ready to buy us every jean in the world)

That weekend we head to the store to go shopping and my mom buys each of us a pair of pants. We are so happy and talking excitedly with each other. Yes, we are finally going to get to wear pants to school!

We get home.

My mom gets scissors and takes one of the pants out of the shopping bag.

(take note, it is winter time so shorts aren't being sold @ the time of year)

Sister ? (looking worried): "Mom, what are you doing?"
Mom: "Cutting the pants into shorts that way you can wear them under your skirts and boys won't be able to look under them."

Complete fail. We learned early on that lies don't work at home. All we wanted was a pair of these:

The next day, we headed to school in our skirts but with shorts underneath.

P.S. What my mom would give to make sure we only wear jeans now and stay away from skirts, short skirts, that is! ;)


  1. bwahhahahaha so funny!!! Oh the things we do to fit in when we are younger and as we get older we want to be unique and stand out. Cute story =)

  2. This story just made my day. I'm loving these little stories from your childhood!! I'm getting such a good picture of the little kiddo (and your antics). So much fun! And your parents- hysterical! They were just as creative as you and your sisters! :) LOL.

  3. That was pretty smart thinking. I couldn't imagine not wearing jeans, they been a staple in my wardrobe since birth I bet.

  4. Cute story! I always loved to wear dresses as a little girl (although if I couldn't wear pants, I definitely would want to) and I always wore short under my dresses... so modest :)


  5. ROTFL.... mom's always have something up their sleeve just when we think we have them where we have them...

  6. No jeans! How awful. There is almost nothing else left. That's so cool how you have all of these little childhood memories. I hardly remember a thing!

  7. we went to one of those churches when I was REALLY little, too! I was so little that it had the opposite effect on me- My mom had to force me to wear snow pants in the winter. Apparently I cried and said I didn't want to "look like a boy". :) Thankfully we found a less legalistic church soon after. Yay for grace!

  8. How funny. You guys were so smart. I must say that you guys were brave trying to outsmart your parents. I didn't even try--learned helplessness I guess. LOL. It's funny how I retaliated against wearing dresses for the longest and now I LOVE them so much I could wear them daily :)

  9. hahah!!! Are you serious?! I feel like my mom would have done the exact same thing!
    Growing up she used to take our "stylishly baggy jeans" and hem them up at night while we were sleeping. Then she would slip them back into our drawers. No joke... they were floods. She didn't want us dragging the hems and tearing them. Who cares that it was in style! lol.

    Gotta love moms.


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