Monday, October 11, 2010

Weekend Recap

This weekend, we had our last wedding of 2010 in Plattsburgh NY. This is where the hubby and I went to school. Besides heading to Montreal every weekend in college there was absolutely nothing to do. For "fun", the hubby and I went to the mall and I couldn't believe that I actually shopped there. How in the world did I ever find an outfit? No wonder every time I went back home to the city I always shopped like a crazy woman!

Regardless, it was such a fun weekend. The hubby now knows how it feels NOT to be rejected by me in Plattsburgh AND the wedding was a blast!

This was our view from our hotel room. Absolutely gorgeous!

This is baby Emma. I am not sure you remember, this was early in my blogging days but we had her ducked theme baby shower not too long ago. How cute is she?! And tell me those eyes don't just melt you!

The wedding was on Lake Champlain. The view was breathtaking and is such a gorgeous place to have a wedding.

Seriously the hubby is such a dork. I was trying to get a good picture and that is what he does! Hahaha ;)

Much better!

After the ceremony we were sure to take advantage of the view!

The hubby and I

The mother and son dance. There was not a dry eye in the place. They danced to Boys II Men's "Mama". It was a suggestion I gave the groom and imagine my surprise when I heard that he actually decided to use it! :)

The look that my mother in law is giving Sean is too funny! Hahaha. I wonder if he said something before I took that picture!

Sean's mom and step-dad celebrated 21 years, a few days ago!

Look at how cute they still are. I caught this and took a picture!

Cake cutting started off sweet ...

And then, BAM! He never saw it coming!

We went out to take pictures on the lake but it was getting dark and got really cold too.

And because I was unable to take car pictures this weekend (yeah, I know ... boo) I did the next best thing ;)

Bride's gorgeous bouquet


The hubby's bestfriends since elementary.

A lil dancing from the groomsmen:

Luke and Danielle, we wish you all the love and happiness in your marriage. We are thrilled we were able to celebrate your special day!

We had a great weekend. Today we were off (Christopher Columbus Day) so that made it even better! Hope you all had fabulous weekends too!


  1. That baby has gorgeous eyes!

    Looks like a very nice wedding! Glad you guys had fun! :)

  2. Oooh, Fall weddings just give me goosebumps- I love them so much. And what an amazing wedding to end your wedding spree on. I could seriously feel the love.

    And Faith- I just ADORE that dress! How cute do you look in purple?! Work it momma!

    And thank you for thinking of those of us that were looking forward to self-car-portraits. You are too sweet :) xoxo

  3. WOW! it was sooo beautiful there! What a great wedding day :0) Oh, and I am super jealous that you had today off! ;0P

  4. wow, that's a very nice wedding!!! your hubby is so funny... :)

  5. What a beautiful wedding! Looks like you had a blast :)

  6. Looks like you guys had a great time. The wedding was beautiful. I liked their colors. Thanks for capturing all the details. I love weddings! As you can see I gave you an oh so deserving blog award. I just think you're awesome :)

  7. Very picturesque beautiful wedding. Your last of the year-are you sad? I'm hoping someone will get married soon so I can go to one too! That baby does have amazing eyes.

  8. Fantastic wedding. The place look like straight from a mag.

    And your outfit is a killer. I love wedding and this one brought a smile on my lips.

    Thanks for sharing.

  9. I loved the setting for the ceremony. Looks gorgeous and peaceful. And that baby's eyes are gorgeous!!!!!

    Love that your husband is the funniest one of the bunch. Sure you have a permanent smile on your face!

  10. What an awesome weekend you two had! I absolutely love the wedding! The colors were awesome...and that cake... yum!!

    I was just about to ask about the "car pic" but you took care of that near the end! Appreciated!!

    Wow... you had a year full of weddings that's for sure! :)

  11. Incredible view!! What a beautiful wedding. And your dress is cute!

  12. what a gorgeous view!! I love the rustic feel of the wedding =) It looks like you guys had a great time and you were looking fabulous as always =)

  13. many weddings do you have left to go to? :)

    you always looks so cute!

  14. Ok that baby is precious! And you looked fab at the wedding, as always and what a spectacular view, wow!!

  15. Lovely wedding, you might begin to have wedding withdrawl now.

    You guys looked great, and the mother and son dance really did look like a tear jerker. So sweet.


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