Thursday, November 18, 2010

Question answered by Yours Truly

I always say that I have the most fabulous followers friends. I sometimes read a comment you all leave and giggle. Hubs will walk in the office and see me giggling with the computer. He gives me that look of, "oh boy" but he walks away. He knows very well that I will defend any laughter that derives from a computer screen.

A few days I ago I received this comment ... and although it shouldn't make me giggle it did. This was the question:

"Did you go to Vegas and get baby brain by any chance? Hmmm..."

I am more than ready to answer this question. Are you ready for my answer?!

The answer is Hell to the Nahs! Haha ... not funny? OK, sorry. Going to Vegas is the last place on earth that I could ever get baby brain, hehe.

As much as I know that the hubs and I are going to have the absolutely most adorable, gorgeous, unbelievably intelligent, greatest assets to society type of children, we are just not ready to gift the world yet.

I know Mom, we have been married for "ONE.WHOLE.YEAR. What are you both waiting for?"

We are waiting. That's all. Nothing exactly for.

The thing is, a year ago we were like ... oh yea, the second year of marriage Faith will be popping a kid out. No question. But now that I see just how fast a year has flown I am kinda doing the backwards walk.

I am like wait, hold up (I just said that the way rappers do, fyi). In 11 months, I am suppose to start accepting the fact that we would start trying and then something could possibly be in my tummy moving around taking ALL of my nutrients, making me vomit (i hate to vomit), sometimes even have my nose bled (yes, I read this somewhere). And I am suppose to be ready for that?

I know that the aftermath is a beautiful, beautiful miracle. And I do hope to someday be a part of that miracle. Just not right now. Is that wrong? I hope not. I know that one day I am going to be an absolutely amazing mom. Who loves her children more than herself ... but not right now.

I change my mind very often so who knows? I might get baby brain tomorrow and decide that I just have to be a mother. Until then, I will continue to be content with my stud muffin of a husband and my kitty baby.

**But I promise that when I get baby brain, you all will be the first to know! See?! I am that fabulous of a friend! ;)**


  1. hahaha! My husband gives me that same look! Men.. gotta love them!

  2. Guilty as charged {while raising hands}. That was me who made that joke. LOL. Glad it made you giggle.
    I definitely know what you mean. Before we got married I was thinking seriously about kids then I was like "oh no, gotta wait and enjoy this wonderful man while I have him alone." Hehe. We've been married almost 3 years so now we are seriously thinking about it, especially since I'm approaching 30 and I want a few. Ha!

  3. they say you are never really ready! but definitely no need to rush it. hubs and i are probably not going to have any so i'll get to enjoy just him basically forever. which sounds ok to me.

  4. I think your cat-baby is super cute for now! Listen to yourself! I think you'll make a fabulous mom someday too! How could you not?

  5. Hubby is just like that with me when it comes with my online friends, LOL.

    I wasn't ready to start TTC until April and althought I am not preggo yet, I am glad I waited 5 years before trying for children. I believe that children come forever and you must be ready in some extent for their arrival.

    Hopefully next here we will be both talking about babies :)!

  6. Hahaha I've wanted a baby for a long time, and the last thing I thought about when I was in Vegas was having children! It's just not the place for baby fever! Disney on the other hand, is perfect for getting baby fever lol and that's where we honeymooned.

    It's not wrong that you don't want to have a baby now! 1 year of marriage isn't a long time and it does go by SO FAST! My MIL's co-workers were asking her recently what we were waiting for, we've been married a year, when will Melissa get pregnant? (Little did they know that I was already haha) Having kids is a huge deal and don't do it until you're 100% ready!

    I also hate to vomit, and so far with this pregnancy I've only puked 3 times. I feel sick all the time, but the actual vomiting hasn't been so bad and I'm almost done with the first trimester which is when the vomiting is supposed to stop. Maybe you will be one of the lucky ones who doesn't get sick when the time comes! :)

  7. (yay... I can comment now!)

    haha... I can't wait for you two to gift the world with cute babies!! Maybe we'll go through that stage of our lives together!! (That could totally happen...and they will be internet friends.) yup.

  8. I am right there with you! Getting pregnant and having babies kinda scares me to death lol!
    But maybe in the next year or so I will have a change of heart?? There is not rush though -- enjoy being married!

  9. NOTHING wrong with wanting to wait! PLEASE do. Travel. Be spontaneous. Take showers in peace. Don't take every little inkling of time you have alone or with your husband for granted. TRUST me. Children are magnificent, cute, sticky, lovable, adorable ladadee ladeeda, but enjoy your time when you can. You'll know for sure when you're ready. Though surprises happen......3 times lol. Have a wonderful weekend.

  10. we better be the first to know! : p

    we're waiting too, but pssst: he is the one with baby brain right now!! lol my friend just had a baby so i'm content.

  11. I've always looked forward to my future wedding day and always thought I'd want to have kids right away right after, definitely within a year. But after reading your post my mind is kind of changed! Not in a bad way or anything, just I never thought about the possibility of a year going by too fast like that and then kids changing everything and being forever, you really do have to be completely okay and ready to know you want kids. I dont know if any of that made since haha but good post I liked it :)

  12. I always thought that we would start around this time but now that I'm here I'm realizing I'm not 'ready' yet....maybe in the near future but I want Big Man to myself for now.

  13. Whenever you do get baby fever I am absolutely positive that you and your hubby are going to make stunningly gorgeous babies! Keep your blog family in the know ;-)

  14. Oh girl, I have missed you!! And I feel the exact same way you do on this topic. Sometimes I get this "twinge" of a desire for a child, but Matthew and I are SO not there yet. I feel ya. Nothing wrong with that!

  15. I agree with you 100% about changing my mind all the time. One moment I am ready, the next I think about how life will change and I am no longer ready. But in the end when it happens, you're going to be ready and not ready all at the same time. But until then, enjoy your time with your hubby and your cat :) (P.S. cute blog- randomly saw your blog)


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