Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Weekends Past

I didn't post these weekend recaps but I have a feeling that in the future I will regret it. Soooo I have decided to add them even though they are months & weeks behind. Just for my pleasure when I am 75 years old young.

***Faith, about two months ago, you had game night with a few friends. You love the game "You Don't Say". You are so much better at it than Sean. Take pride in that! :)


***About a month ago, you went to NYC for your brother in law's graduation dinner. It was held at a Thai restaurant and the food was to die for! You told Sean that you wanted to make the trip every weekend that way you could try every meal they make. It was that good!

{your sister ordered them but you had more than her, fyi}

{the food was to die for, you still think about it many months later}

{your gorgeous mom, Sean told her several times how good she looks}

{your hair was a hot mess in that picture. oh, the joy of transitioning}

{your gorgeous sister and your brother in law}

Dad and Sean enjoy each other....

But not as much as you enjoy ice cream cake. Yum!

{BIL thanking us all for coming, but I was thinking, no thank you!}

It was a great time, had by all! :)


You had the pleasure of going to the 4th rugby pub crawl in January. Hubs has coordinated it for the last four years. It was actually his brilliant idea to raise money for his team.

It was a blast, it always is! It was cold but you didn't let that stop you and although someone spilled beer all over your Uggs you did not let that upset you. You were a little bit pissed though but you kinda brought that to yourself. Who wears Uggs to a pub crawl?

{Before the spilled beer episode}

You are probably wondering where Sean is in these pictures. Well, he was all business that day. Good for him.

p.s. Faith, hope you enjoyed this recap ... it took two hours to complete. Thank you. =)


  1. Hey, if you gotta post it up then post it right? Looks like it was a fun weekend. I would be MAD! Nobody touches my UGGS!!

  2. You... crack me up Faith!! The fact you wrote this blog to yourself 50 years in the future- is too much. I hope we are still friends when we are both 75 years young.


  3. I'm glad you decided to indulge 75 year old Faith. You make me laugh :) And beer on your Uggs? That would make me mad too! :)

  4. what fun weekends...definitely worthwhile of a recap!

  5. lol you crack me up! First off I'm loving your new hair style! It's looking great!! Second... so sorry for the Uggs! How rude!
    Love the recaps! Looks like you and Sean are keeping busy and having a blast. :)

  6. I did enjoy it. I do think it's important to document this stuff too. And I really enjoy reading about what my blog buddies are doing. So don't deprive us anymore ok?

  7. Hahahaha! This made me laugh!! You are funny!

  8. Looks like you have had some great weekends. Sean is right..your mom does look great.

  9. Love the weekend re-cap, even though those events happened a month ago. LOL. Better late than never, right? The Game night is such a good idea! Enjoyed the pics :)

  10. you are so glowing in every photo!! love the recaps :)

  11. Faith, you are HILARIOUS!!! I love how this whole post was to yourself... lol!! You silly girl.

    You have such a beautiful family, and I had a great time perusing all these pictures! :)

  12. Aww Well done lady. What a gorgeous family you have. So great that both sides of the family could come together. I love Thai I had pineapple fried rice with shrimp for lunch today. Your hair is transitioning well lady! Love your smile. What a grand old time you've been having!

  13. I'm so late catching up on everything but this is so great! You're so funny! Great pics! :)

  14. Faith, this is wonderful! You are gonna be so glad you wrote this when you are 75! Annnd your hair looks great! I know sometimes it can feel like a drag because your hair doesn't seem to do what you want, but rest assured, it looks beautiful!


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