Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Virginia Beach Vacay

We had a grand ole time in Virginia Beach. The weather was perfect for me. Not too hot or too cold. Of course the hubby would have liked it a little bit hotter but I'm not trying to tan or anything.

We went with my sister in law and brother in law which was nice. They were celebrating their one year wedding anniversary so it was perfect timing.

I feel that I should warn you that I took too many pictures because it is what I do. If you don't want to know what I did then I recommend you skip this post. It's a post about a whole lot of nothing. I am in a lot of things but not in denial.

{Road trip = Self car pictures. I am sure that is not what road trip means to everyone but that is what it means to me} I contained myself from taking too many car pictures because I don't need to give my BIL and SIL anymore leverage. Even I am aware that I just might be a itsy bitsy teeny weeny bit insane.

I did take a picture of my new shoes because no one knew I did that, until now.

Moving on.

We left Wednesday night and decided to stay in Delaware instead of drive the whole ten hours. That was a good idea because when we were driving back to New York from Virginia, I really wanted to strangle a few people. I won't say any names because I'm polite. :)

We happened upon the longest bridge I've ever been on. It's the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. I can't even imagine the amount of manpower it took to get that thing up. It's a shame that they do not allow you to get out of your cars and take pictures but I understand. Do you know how many people would want to jump off a bridge after being in a car for ten hours?

My picture taking skills does the bridge no justice. I promise you that it is incredible.

{After the bridge we finally made it to our destination. This was the gorgeous view from our room. I wouldn't mind waking up to this every single day}

I gave you two pictures because I truly do not think anyone can get tired of that view. And if you do, I recommend an expensive shrink.

After checking in, we realized we were starving and the place that never fails me when I am starving and I know will ALWAYS be good is Subway! Hubby even asked to take my picture. He never asks to take my picture. Usually I am begging him and guilt tripping him into doing so. Sucks that the moment came at Subway but beggars can't be choosers.

I will treasure that moment always.

After stuffing our pie holes, we quickly headed to the beach. Sean played in the water with BIL and I took pictures. Like I said, it's what I do.

After the boys stopped squealing with delight in the water we bought some Italian Ices. They were huge and $5. But not as good as the ones from NYC. I remember loving Italian Ices so much when I lived in the Bronx. They were cheap, like .50 cents cheap, and so good. Hubby loved them but he has never had an Italian Ices from NYC. I hope to change that this summer!

The Beach at night was so pretty.

We shot some pool and did some dancing the first night.

I'm almost a pro now.

We had a good night. Look at hubby's smile!

The next day was a bit cloudy so we decided to go fishing. When we arrived at the marina an older woman said to me, "Are you fishing?" I think she asked me that question because of my outfit. My outfit was very comfortable to me mind you! I was tempted to say, "I always go fishing in my 4 inch wedges but I didn't. I realized that if I didn't actually fish she would watch me more so I said, "Nope, just here to spectate."

And spectate I did. People watching is the best sport known to man! Wait, it isn't a sport? Well, it should be ... I would win trophies and stuff.

My "uncomfortable" outfit.

I watched people pull out all sorts of stuff.

Even a puffer fish!

The only people who were not fishing was hubby and BIL. I mean it was kinda embarrassing, haha. They started with shrimp

and the fish were just eating the shrimp. Then they asked around and learned that the other fishers were using calamari so they bought calamari

and the fish continued to laugh at them and eat their bait.

I finally said, "Stop Feeding and Start Fishing!"

I think this got to them because they got blood worms

{what they should have had in the first place} and before you knew it fishs were coming out of their hooks. BIL caught two stingrays. That was a little scary though.

They became the Fishing Kings which was much better than being the Fishing Feeders.

He looks proud, doesn't he? I had to show him some love!

Soon they just kept getting fish that I started to get sad. Poor fish. I had to take some happy pictures.

Of the Mountain Dew because everyone knows I despise beer.

You are probably wondering what we did with all the fish they caught. There is a delicious restaurant called Murphys that we ate dinner at the first day. We saw on their menu that if you caught a fish and cleaned it they would cook it for you. So that's what we did! SO delicious!

The next day we rented a bike. We thought we could do it for two hours but less than 30 minutes later we returned the darn thing. Boy, was it hard work! It looks a lot more fun than it actually is. But we did get to see a lot more of the strip for the few minutes we lasted.

Before I end this vacation recap & quite possibly the longest post I've ever written, I'll leave you with a picture of a car that held my attention for five minutes. And a picture of the hubby flexing because I want to remember what a dork he is for as long as I live.

Hope you enjoyed my recap as much as I enjoyed my trip. I highly doubt it but a gal can hope.


  1. Looks like a good time...and the weather seemed fantastic...makes me want to take a vacation:)

  2. I'm glad you had a nice trip! :)

  3. Looks like your trip was fabulous! And the restaurant cooked the fish for you - that's awesome! And that beach looks sooo relaxing!

  4. Awesome vacation! We've been to Virginia Beach before. Glad you had lots of fun!

  5. I actually did enjoy your recap. As I was reading I couldn't wait for more :). It does sound like a fun, chillaxing vacation. That's awesome.

    You looked fabulous in all your pictures so I could see why you would want to take more. You'll be looking back at those when you're 80 saying "dang I was fine." LOL.

    Oh BTW, if you were wearing those cute "comfy" wedges while biking, I could see why you had to quit after 30 min. LOL. YOu are so hilarious. ;)

  6. P.S. I've always wanted to go to a restaurant like that--it's still on my to-do list. Sounds fun.

  7. Looks like you had a good time. I am loving your hair.

  8. We always stop at Subway whenever we are traveling!

  9. Oh how fun! Looks like you guys had a blast! I've never had Italian ice..ever. :o
    That car... wow. oh wow. You two crack me up though. :)

  10. I enjoyed ALL the pictures! Thank you for sharing! I've never been to VA beach, even though I live in NC. Bananas huh? I just may have to take a trip now after hearing about how wonderful yalls was! :)

  11. wow...you seriously documented that well! Looks like a fab time!

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  13. I feel like every new post you do is my 'new' favorite. But this one takes the cake. You had me rolling!

    We really need to hang out soon. I can't give you quite that view from our place, but the west coast version isn't too far outside our front door! [bribery works]

  14. Apparently you just looked way too cute to fish! Fishing is stinky, dirty, and kinda gross for me especially since I don't eat seafood so I'd definitely be a spectator. Looks like a fun trip. I'll be in Delaware later this year, not just passing through though but as my final destination. Family trip of course.

  15. Looks like you guys had fun! What the heck was up with all that stuff they were pulling up....puffer fish? Was that a sting ray in the one pic? Wow! :-)

  16. Looks like such a fun time...I can't wait to go to the beach this summer! :)

  17. I know it's getting warm- but beach warm in VA?? Hmmm- no wonder you didn't get in the water! Looks like you guys had a blast! Mini-vacays are wonderful- perfect little escape from reality!

  18. looks like you had a lot of fun!

  19. I love your recaps because of the pictures. Keep going on great trips and telling us about them! :)
    Me and my hubs had the exact same experience with the bikes! I had to LOL at that part. We had 2 hours too and only used 30 minutes. We were all set after a half hour.


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