Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Universe, play nice with me. I mean it.

Well, well, well. The universe doesn’t want me to see my sisters. I’m not happy with you universe.

The reason why I couldn’t see her was because she left having dinner with her friends Friday evening and was handed this surprise. I guess, someone was mad that her doors were locked?

All I will say is {because trust me I want to say more but it would be rather hateful}, I believe in Karma. I believe that you reap what you sow.

Moving along ...

On Friday, hubs and I went to the Lee Outlet in MA for him to buy a few things for Vegas. No sales tax made for a very happy hubby. I wish we had no sales tax in NY.

It was quite nice I’m sure for hubby to try on clothes while I waited patiently to judge his outfits. I think I would rather he judge and me try on clothes to be honest.

{waiting in the fitting room like a good wifey. how many points do I get?}

He did cave when I begged to go into BCBG and waited patiently while I tried on 6 outfits and ended up only buying one. I would have bought more but this was suppose to be a no spending $$$ weekend for me.

We dined on some food court Chinese food that we could have done without. Unless you know the food at a food court you can’t go wrong with Subway. Just buy Subway. Lesson learned.

When we got home I modeled the outfit for Sean. He asked me to.

Then we watched television while eating Drumstick ice cream cones.

Saturday morning, I went to another one of Sean’s rugby game. I didn’t take pictures of the game this time because when you see one, you’ve kinda seen them all. Only difference is that this time they were dirtier. And when I say dirtier, I mean their clothes. That’s what rain would do. I did not want that boy to get in the car after that game but what can you do.

{This is what I wore since it was a rainy morning}

{Bomber leather jacket from my college days: American Eagle - Earrings: Forever 21}

{Top & Necklace: Forever 21 - Shorts: American Eagle - Tights: Wet Seal - Boots: Hunter}

Saturday afternoon, I was happy to find Season 5 of Gossip Girl on Netflix. I managed to watch all of Season 5 between Saturday and Sunday. When you don’t have a house to clean and can’t spend money, Netflix comes in handy.

On Sunday, I finished up Season 5 of Gossip Girl and began Season 1 of Revenge. OMG! Now that is a new show I’ll be addicted to. Too bad the season 2 premiere was Sunday evening because I would have tried to catch up.

I did take a break from watching Netflix to take Izy for a walk and cook a delicious shrimp meal.

All in all, it was a good, relaxing weekend. But spending freezes aren’t really my thang.


THE mom said...

I totally believe in karma too! Thats so annoying!!!
Glad your hubs got some good stuff :-)
Girl you look great! And I am so rocking a white tee and some jean shorts today (yes with leggings underneath as well)
Hope you have another great week!

Makaila said...

one time Tristen was sold a crappy Xbox from someone on craigslist and I emailed the guy and told him karma's a bitch and I hope she slaps him hard for taking advantage of a kid. I guess that sums up how I feel about That. ;D

and gad girl, you are looking so goood!! you're inspiring me, I have GOT to get on your train! Are you working out?

Faison said...

You look fantastic!! You have me on the lookout for some green Hunter boots now!

MellyB said...

People suck. I too believe in karma. I also believe in spy cameras, a CSI lab in my garage and revenge. If I can get my hands on the first two things in that list I'll give your sister a call.

And now I want a drum stick. so thanks for that.

Kirsten Wiemer said...

ohhh sorry about the car for your sis, but karma. i believe too.

also, you look adorable in those hunter boots.

can't wait for gossip girl to be back.
oh and just watched the season premiere of revenge, so good.


Montaya said...

I believe in Karma also... Your are looking great Faith have you been working out? Love the boots

YeamieWaffles said...

I love the outfit and the leather jacket Faith, it's awesome how you always manage to look fabulous and snap photos along the way. I was a little confused as to what exactly the photo was showing originally, I thought someone had thrown something over it for a prank but I see what happened now... What an absolute scumbag to do that to your sister's car with no justification, I'm not sure about karma but this guy will do something like that again and get caught and punished hopefully, they're disgraceful human beings obviously to do that.

Whitney@Keeping Up with the Cyperts said...

Your poor sister! I can't believe someone would do that. I'm sorry! I love your polka dot top!

ruthy ann said...

Ugh... That stinks about the car! :( in happier news... You look fab, as always. And there is a little shout out to you on my blog today!

Angela K said...

I hate spending freezes! (Husband calls it a fast.) But we're saving it for baby, so it' a good cause. I have to keep telling myself that...

So sorry about your sister! How awful and infuriating!

Emily Ah Tye said...

Karma, totally! I love me some Gossip Girl too! Can't wait for the new season. Love the stuff you bought this weekend, too.

xo Emily

Pegster said...

Are you kidding me? Karma is a B. I hope you get to see your sisters soon.

YAY for outlet shopping and getting some new outfit for Vegas. I will be planning a trip to Vegas this time next year so I will definitely need your expertise.

check you out rocking your white after Labor day. You look amazing and I love that you have your rain boots on.

Revenge is an awesome show. We really enjoyed it last year. Let me know what how you like it.

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Sorry about your sister's car...hope you see her soon! I LOVE that outfit!!

Brittany said...

That SUCKS about the car! Oh man, I would've been fuming. But on a happier note, that last outfit with the Hunters is PRECIOUS. I really need some cute boots like those! And I love the shorts/tights look...you pull it off so well.

My Life in Print said...

What happened to your sister's car is awful. Goodness gracious, people are heartless!

Sarah @Newlywed and Decorating said...

Love that you spent money on a no spend weekend! :) And when I lived in DC, my car, my husband's car, and my brother's car got broken into. Not cool.

Tiffany said...

That criminal will get exactly what they deserve. Hubby's car was broken into a couple months ago - we felt sooooo violated!

tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

Ouch. Poor window. I totally agree with you on karma.

And I totally agree with you on those hunter boots. I want a pair soooo bad. I've probably told you that 12 times already, but if you post cute pictures of your cute self in those cute boots ... I'm gonna keep on telling you.

Chrissy + Nate said...

Revenge is SO good! Glad you joined the club! :) Have a great week!

Katie said...

LOVE gossip girl and can't wait for the new season! and I LOVE your arrow necklace!

Nancy said...

That last outfit is SOOO cute! They are all cute, but that one gets the prize!
Bless your sis's heart! I bet that was such a shocker to walk out to! Praying you will all get to be together soon!!
Is it Friday yet?
What's up with the Universe? I'm over it!

theserenasaga said...

Netflix is a great way to keep busy when trying to not spend money, and thanks for the recommendation. I am adding Gossip Girl to my instant que. I am loving you rain day outfit; it's adorable!


Bridget Hedger said...

I love the boots! I've always wanted a pair! My husband eats drumsticks all the time :) Karma is real for sure..my car was broken into a few years ago...both driver side windows were smashed in..glass was shattered all through out my entire car..my door was kicked in..many other neighbors cars were broken into, but they left their doors unlocked so no broken glass. Crazy right?! Sorry to hear about the broken glass in your sisters car, that's never fun to deal with! Have a great week!

Cate said...

love the boots!

Schnelle A. said...

Revenge is the best show everrrrrr im sooooooooooooo obsesssssssssed LOL can you tell how excited that show makes me?!

Travel_The_World said...

That sucks about your sister's car! Folks really are stupid about stuff. Glad she is OK though.

Love the boots. I keep looking for cute boots for the winter but my very swollen feet don't fit into anything right now.

Pink Fox said...

Love your Hunter boots! I really have to get a pair myself asap! :)

Pink Fox

Rachel Andre said...

That is horrible! Ugh, that loser has nothing better to do in life but smash windows. I'm glad you didn't allow it to steal your joy and plans to have a blast. Carry on! You look uber cute in those boots and shorts!

Jenna said...

We are rain boot twins! :) Love it!

My entire Sunday has been dominated by Netflix. I just got into Pretty Little Liars and CANNOT STOP WATCHING. I finally had to just turn the TV off and walk away. I think my roommate was getting concerned.