Monday, November 19, 2012

Trivia Night.

Friday night, we attended Trivia. I think this might become a weekly thing. Again we were winning. It is the wagering it all at the very end that seems to be killing us. Let's hope that the saying "third times a charm" is true because I'm sick of being a graceful loser.

Oh and the question that killed us was something like, What city was destroyed on purpose in the movie Independence Day? We said Philadephia. The answer was Houston. Whatever. Who's watching Independence Day lately? Certainly not me.

Last weekend was my pretty face. This weekend, not so much.

Enough of those faces. Let's just see what I wore.
{Sweater & Jeans: Old Navy - Necklace: Forever 21 - Boots: Steven by Steve Madden}

We had a gang of people this time around. Might be the reason we do so well in the beginning.

Cheese fries makes this girl insanely happy.

Wait? You don't take pictures in the bathroom with your girlfriends? You're kinda missing out.

After we lost the guys had something to prove so they bowled. We watched and cheered our men. Bowling gets so competitive. I told Sean (trying to be nice and sweet) "As long as you don't come in last" .... And he didn't. But truthfully, I wanted him to win. I think I'll tell him next time, "You better win this time or you're sleeping on the couch." I think that should set things straight.

The one with the smug smile on the face. Yup, you see it too. Her husband won.

It was a fun night. I think trivia is here to stay.

On a side note, the stores are getting ready for Christmas. This makes my heart skip a beat.

And this drink is nasty. Don't try it. Or do. Just come back agreeing that, that drink is nasty.

And that my fabulous friends is all I got. Hope you all had weekends that involved winning.


  1. Looks like so much fun! :) I think that the face is adorable in those pics. So there!

  2. I am so competitive that we don't play games any more. :) He won't even play Words with Friends or Draw Something with me anymore. I guess it's better for our marriage that way ...

  3. Paradise punch?! good lord gimme some!!! LOL
    I wish I could go bowling with my hubby...he's too outta control for me LOL

  4. One - you look beautiful!! Love that polka dot sweater - pretty pretty.

    Next time you'll get em at trivia. I love how stupid the questions are - but just how much some people can remember. My bff had 3 minutes to name off characters from Star Wars and I was embarassed, because he knew so many. LOL He won a beer kozie for it!

  5. Trivia night looks like SO. MUCH. FUN. I think me and hubby would really enjoy something like that, but he'd be much better at it than me! I'm awful at trivia! I love your polka dot sweater!!!

  6. Trivia night sounds like fun. Can't eat cheese fries, don't know why just can't eat 'em. Love the polka dot top with the yellow jeans. You're always so stylish!

  7. Love the yellow jeans with Polka dots. Another Old Navy find! I wish I could have you go with me to shop there so I can just get what you're getting!

  8. I loved your weekend! One Friday night I might put Josh in the car & we could come crash trivia night!
    Love the bathroom pictures the most.

  9. I think I like everything I can see here

  10. I'm glad trivia was fun, even though you guys lost. I always lose at that kind of stuff, too! And I haven't been bowling in such a long time, but I always have a good time when I do.

  11. I genuinely love the sound of trivia night although it pains me that you're not reporting back after a win, hopefully third time's the charm because I remember when I used to go to what we call "pub quizs," and never once won despite coming close. I love your outfit too, you look wonderful, seems so much fun to me!

  12. I live for trivia/game night! Bring it the heck on! Me being somewhat of a brain makes up for my inability to bowl.

    Cute outfit by the way! Totally digging those pants.


  13. LOVE your polka dot sweater, especially paired with those yellow jeans! SO cute! Trivia night looks like so much fun. Oh! Cheese fries have been all I've wanted lately, have you had them with Ranch? SO good!

  14. love the jeans!

    want to follow each other? :)

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  15. Those jeans are a nice colour!

  16. Love the polka dot top. Sounds like a fun filled weekend.

  17. That outfit is ADORABLE! You always look so cute! I think we'd have a LOT of fun shopping together...... :)

  18. Love the outfit!! So cute!! and drool at those cheese fries!

  19. Trivia night is my kind of fun. I love the outfit and I really want that necklace

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  21. Those first two pictures are hilarious. I can picture you saying..
    "are these people for real?"
    "we're losing again?"
    "get me out of here!" hahaha

    LOVE the outfit, but what else is new! ;D

  22. Love your yellow Old Navy jeans... I think I was just looking online at those today trying to decide which jeans to buy! Love the pic of your bestie laying on the bathroom counter!


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