Friday, November 9, 2012

What Happens In Vegas Will Get On The Blog (#4)

The morning began with breakfast, pool and Miami Vices. It seems that when I am on vacation I always want a Miami Vice or a Pina Colada.

"My Miami Vice is melting!"

This is me saying, Yup, let's go to Fat Tuesdays again. And since it was my birthday and all, we went.

After a long relaxing day at the pool we had an early dinner at Hash House A Go Go where I tried something I never would have tried, had it not been for blog land. Chicken and waffles! Inside the waffles was BACON! And y'all it was incredible!! Sean was not a fan so there was more for me!

After dinner, we headed to our room to get ready for the crawl that Sean set up for me.

Then I found out that my camera was not working.




Now insert hysteria. Yeah, let's just say that the last thing I wanted to learn was that my camera was broken on my birthday while I was in Vegas. Sean tried to console me and say that we had our phones but I was MAD. Funny now, not so funny then.

So please enjoy dark phone pictures for the rest of my Vegas recap. Or don't. Most likely you will not.

When we got to Hard Rock we were greeted with a buffet of food. Sean failed to tell me that we would be fed during this crawl.

You would never guessed that I had, had a temper tantrum a few moments earlier based on this picture.

I'm still trying to see if my camera is working. I guess not giving up is one of my strong suits, ha.

Lots of people were doing this crawl. They had us play a game where we picked a card and then you had to basically find the person who had the same card. Kicker was that it was the opposite sex. Sean and I did not find our same card holders.

I blame Sean's happiness in this picture on my tantrum. I kid. He was happy. I guess, he thought that with my camera broken he was getting away from the picture taking. Ha, no siree.

Then the crawl began. We had 4 more stops to make.

1.) Hard Rock
2.) Coyote Ugly
3.) Tabu
4.) Cathouse
5.) LAX

I'm slighty embarrassed to say that we left Cathouse within 15 minutes and didn't even make it to LAX. Want to know why? We got tired. Yikes, we're so old!

Pretending to be, oh so cool, hip and young. The jokes on me.

Hmm, he looks young & yummy.

The Cathouse was all sorts of gorgeous. It had this really awesome vibe that I can't quite put my hand on. Too bad the pictures do not do it any justice.

When we were leaving I saw an imitation Titanic and just had to take a picture.

Pretend that you do not notice my heels are off.

Soon it was goodnight until the next morning. 30th birthday celebration was a success but the recap isn't over just yet. You're not so lucky.


Married...with a Pup said...

I just love you faith. You are so gorgeous and silly love it! Oh and I'm digging the black and red lips. By the way, how did you sign up for this crawl? It sounds like the best!

YeamieWaffles said...

You look amazing in every single one of these photos Faith. I'm so sorry to hear that your camera went so rubbish although I really don't have any problem with the phone photos, they look fabulous. I love the photos of just you and Sean chilling at the pool and like you say, you wouldn't tell you got really upset over your camera in the restaurant photo, you seem so happy, I'm glad that you didn't let it spoil your birthday, the stupid camera!

Mrs JK said...

Lol at the 'shocked look' on seans face after attempt two. Was he shocked that the camera broke at during such crucial times...or the temper tantrum? Loving the pics!

Carolyn said...

Looks like you had a great birthday! Sorry about the broken camera! I still say Sean should buy you a big camera now. :) :) :)

CeCe said...

A crawl sounds like so much fun. And like you I probably would get tired and not make it all the way through. Glad the sun came out for you. I would be so MAD about my camera too. It would take everything not to let it ruin my B Day and I can see that you didn't.

Amber said...

Love, Love, Love the pictures, thanks so much for sharing your experience. It's official I need to go to Vegas. Looks like you need a new camera for Christmas.

Rod and Alex - aka: "Rolex" said...

Looks like soooo much fun! Love it! Makes me want to go to Vegas!
Bummer about your camera! We bloggers know how big a deal that is! :(

doll (retired blogger) said...

nice play suit...links pls???

Katie said...

you guys are so fun!! I'd be disappointed if my camera wasn't working either!! thank goodness for phones though!

Brittany said...

You are SO gorgeous!! I usually lose my heels by the end of the night too :) still looked fabulous. Ahhh chicken and waffles..Zach has tried them but I haven't and really want to! Sounds pretty heavenly if you ask me. Y'all are so NOT old...looks like you hit it hard! What a great vacay!

Nancy said...


Love that outfit, Faith!!!
I'm so glad you had good food, fun, & happy drinks!!!

Whitney said...

Vegas must be cursed!! My camera quit working while we were there on the most important night we were there, our anniversary! Garrett said the same thing...use your phone. Boys don't get it! We NEED our cameras! You look gorgeous and I can't even tell a temper tantrum was rightfully thrown. Ps. What is a Miami Vice? Pss. I started drinking Blue Hawaiian's because of you...I LOVE them!

Monique said...

I was just about to tip my hat off to you for rocking those heels all night, but then the great reveal. You did rock them all night though. Those shoes are so sex-ay! Love your outfit too. Happy Dirty 30!!!

LWLH said...

You guys are such a gorgeous couple, you are rocking that short outfit

Lexi said...

haha, I feel old all of the time! Never been to Vegas - and I'm dying to go!
Lexi @ Glitter, Inc.

Pegster said...

Faith - you are fabulous. What a great birthday celebration. I cannot believe your camera died. You still did pretty good at documenting though. I love that you have a big old smile just minute after a tantrum, that's my kind of style

Love your outfit, hair and shoes. Those heels are so high no wonder you had to take them off at the end.

I am so looking forward to our trip to Vegas, hopefully my camera won't die.

Megan said...

All that food is making my stomach growl! And you, my friend, are absolutely gorgeous!!

MerelyMarie said...

You look great!!! That lace jumper (or is it a top & separate shorts?...either way) it looks very nice. :)

Elle to Elle said...

Your crawl outfit is soooo hot. You were rocking that. How far did you have to walk in those heels? Vegas always kicks my feet's but and I have a hard time looking "hott" in heels because they're always replaced with flats. :-(
My hubby and I went in July and he had those same chicken and waffles and I had a delicious banana foster's pancake. I love Hash House A Go Go!!! I wished there was a crawl when we went. Loved your recap!

Angela said...

I'm going to Vegas in July for my 30th birthday, can't wait xx

Desi said...

Um LOVE that pic of you in your bathing suit... you look hot! And I love your black romper... your legs look amazing in it!