Tuesday, December 11, 2012

#yesimwearingthis & Peaks, Pits, Praises and Prayers

Happy Tuesday all!

Alright, let’s start with what I’m wearing today. Oh and let's add a little disclaimer here. My waist looks ridiculously tiny here. It has to be the angle because my waist does NOT look like that. Especially not after stuffing my piehole with Cheetos. But those are my boobs. I just realized that y'all might think that I mean those aren't my boobs, since I crossed that out. So I guess, I should clarify that those are indeed my boobs. So awkward. Let's pretend this part isn't here.

{Top and Jeans: American Eagle – Necklace: H&M – Boots: Hunters – Cowl: Handmade Christmas gift from Michelle last year}


Today I’m linking up with Katie @ Married With a Pup for her Peaks, Pits, Praises and Prayers.


• Eating lobster and having drinks on my company’s dime and time
• Our friends RSVPing yes for our Christmas party
• The excitement I can’t stop having that I’ll be seeing my family for my sister’s intimate baby shower this weekend! (where's the commas Faith?)
• 14 more sleeps until Christmas
• Comments from silent readers!
• Receiving a Christmas card from a sweet blog friend.


• Thinking about all the wrapping of gifts I have to accomplish this week
• Having a hard time coming up with pits
• My bathroom needs a hardcore cleaning because I didn’t do it last weekend. I regret it.
• Sean having to work this weekend so he can’t make my sister’s baby shower.


• God - I'm here because He's There.
• Sean. He didn’t exactly do anything but I try to praise him any chance I get. Wait, he did tell me that he was going to put up our Christmas lights today. I won’t mention that he is two weeks late.
• Not shopping for a few weeks that way I can have lots of mula to bid on Sean. Let’s hope that I don’t have to go over $100.00. I saw the way those rugby girls smiled at him at his Christmas party ;).


• My sister is 35 weeks + 1 day today! Praying that she and my niece continue to stay healthy and strong. I can’t wait to meet you Baby D!

What are your peaks, pits, praises, & prayers over the past week? Go on and link up with Katie!

AND share what you're wearing on your blog or Instagram today!


The Pink Growl said...

I'm so glad to hear you had a hard time coming up with pits! That's a positive thing :) Happy Tuesday!

Kathy C. said...

Love this!! I can't believe your sister is so far along! Praying the last few weeks go smoothly!!! :) You're going to be an aunt!!

Laurie @ The Rookie Wife said...

Fun link up! Don't remind me theres only 14 days til Christmas..and hush it. Your waist probably is really that tiny;)

Christina Williams said...

Thanks for the link up idea...I'm off to write my PPPP post now!

Jess @ Pretty Physicist said...

Aww, I'm honored to be one of your peaks! :) Love you friend!

THE mom said...

What a great link up!
Heehee your not yours but yours boobs LOL. I just completely cracked up reading that!! And then re-read it LOL.
Save that money girl! Sean is worth all the bidding!
We started getting christmas cards too :-) So much fun!!

Kallee Mae said...

Love the colors you are wearing!! Very cute!

Carolyn said...

Another outfit for me to be jealous of. HAHA :)

Love this post... and I can't believe your sister is that far along already! You're almost meeting the baby!!

YeamieWaffles said...

I can't believe your sister is that heavily pregnant already Faith. Best of luck and prayers for her. I have nothing wrong with your outfit either, you look great as usual in my opinion.

Jessica said...

YAY for Christmas and babies and cute outfits! Happy Tuesday :)

Kristen said...

Lol - not thinking of any pits!

Ryan just came home from work sick. I'm really hoping he doesn't give it to me. lol

Myne Whitman said...

So lovely, wishing you more and more peaks and may all your prayers come to pass!

Chrissy + Nate said...

SO happy with #yesimwearingthis! It's so fun to see everyone's outfits on Instagram! And you look fabulous, as usual!!!

The Sweetest Thing said...

I want to take part in #yesimwearingthis! Love your outfit btw! and ya... wrapping presents can totally be the pits!

Dania said...

love your blog! id love to swap buttons with you too, if you're interested let me know!


dmacke said...

I love every.single.thing about this post!
Found/following you via a little morning blog hopping.
Would love for you to swing by
and follow back.
Happy Tuesday!

Nellie @ Brooklyn Active Mama said...

I am ALL about any picture that makes my waist look ridiculously small LOL

is there really only 14 sleeps? I can't. lol

Highly Favored said...

I'm excited for you and the upcoming baby shower and baby. Hope we'll get to see pictures of the fun time I know you all will have at the shower.

dana @ wonder forest said...

you had me at that first paragraph hahaha!
xo dana

Danielle said...

Love this! I was going to tag you in my Christmas card because I didn't want to seem stalkish and ask for your address. LOL! Your waist is that tiny...I see you in all of your hot clothes!

Cece said...

Your waist and your boobs look nice! LOL. I still haven't done this post. Total blogger fail. I just haven't gotten the courage. I sooooo hope you win Sean!!!

Married...with a Pup said...

Haha you crack me up! Your waist does look super tiny in that picture. Seriously I don't think it's an illusion. I can't wait to hear about the bidding. I bet you'll come back with a good story for sure! Thanks for linking up. I really appreciate it!

Monique said...

What an awesome link up. I loved reading yours. I adore those green hunter boots and all the food from your holiday party looks so delicious!

Carlee said...

I love so many things about this post! ...particularly the beginning paragraphs...but I didn't mention it. ;)

so funny!

brittany kyte created. said...

Um, I just stummbled on to your blog.. and you are so stinkin cute!Peaks, pits, praises and prayers.. I love it!


K&R said...

ok, first of all, yes your waist does look sooo tiny! i saw that and i was like "dang i want to look like that" haha but really

and this is such a great idea. i love it!


Angela said...

Love the outfit, that IS a tiny waist!!
Awww baby showers are so much fun


Montaya said...

I feel ya. Sometimes I hate cleaning up over the weekend but it make me that much happier during the week having a clean house especially the bathroom. Can't wait to read your post about your sisters baby shower.

t said...

Nice scarf!


lori said...

i love these posts... and such a good thing that you have a hard time coming up with pits!

i am so excited for you that your sister is 35 weeks!! i know you are so excited to meet your niece! :)

Pegster said...

Your waist does look small on that picture. There is no way it's just the angle of the camera and if that's the case, keep using that angle :).

Wow your niece is almost here. you were just announcing her arrival. Hope you have fun at your sis baby shower. Can't wait to hear about her arrival.

ruthy ann said...

so wait...those are your boobs right? j/k. lol. and faith...you are that tiny!!

Franziska said...

Hi, I want all of those items. I've wanted a pair of hunters for so long, and keep bidding on a pair on eBay but getting outbid because I refuse to spend more than $60 haha.

MerelyMarie said...

I want a pair of Hunters, they look so cute!

Jenna said...

Gosh- I just LOVE this post, Faith! I hope your sister is doing great (unless I missed some major post about Baby D being born, which is very possible) and that her baby shower was a huge success! :)