Thursday, February 21, 2013

Montreal - Day 2 Continued

With swollen feet from shopping, I got ready for another night out in Montreal. A normal human being would probably have worn flats, but not I. I'm either to be admired or looked down on.

My girlfriend Norina first suggested hookah a few weeks before the trip. She explained what it was and I was adamant that I wouldn't go. I don't like the smell of smoke. I don't like that smoke sticks to my clothes and hair and I certainly am not any type of smoker, so nope, it wasn't going to happen.

The others were curious so I said, "If we go in and it stinks, I'm walking back out."

Well, color me surprised when I walked in and it smelled like vanilla, strawberry and mint. It was delicious smelling. I soon learned that you didn't inhale (I learned the hard way) but when you blew out the steam all these delicious scents floated around.

Although, we didn't finish it all since two were too much for our group, it was a fun, different thing to do. But I don't know if I'll do it again especially since Sean hated it.

Would you call me a dork if I told you I was excited to take this picture?
{Entire outfit: Forever 21 - Shoes: Zaras}
Just a little kiss I gave my bestie.
Yup, Sean thinks he is so cool doing push-ups. So cool.

IMG_1616 IMG_1654
After we were starving so we went to an Irish pub. Let's just say that we left hungry. The food was horrible.

After our horrible dining experience, we went dancing. The best part? They played music only from the 80s and 90s.

The following day was our last day in Montreal so we did some exploring of Old Montreal and boy do I have a lot more pictures to share.


love jenny xoxo said...

great photos, looks like you all had a blast!!! And those leggings... so to die for!!!

{love jenny xoxo}

Georgina Castellucci said...

Ahh hookah was definitely a fun suggestion!! Have a wonderful Thursday Faith xo

Montaya said...

Love your outfit and your shoes are so cute. The picture are great also :)

Kirsten Wiemer said...

hookah definitely still freaks me out.haha.
also you look so hott, but really, those pants and shoes.
also of course sean is doing pushups.


Katie Slatton said...

I'm wearing that rhinestone Forever 21 necklace as I read this post! And I love your striped metallic leggings.

Great pics! Looks like you had a blast :)

Style Diary

Mrs JK said...

Hubbly bubbly :), was really into it back in the day, hubs and I. Wonder what ever happend to our pipe...

You look amazing. U have just inspired a weekend outfit. Yey

The photo's are so on point!!!!

Desiree Macke said...

1) Love the outfit.
3) I've always wanted to try hooka! I've walked past a few hooka bars, and they always smell so good. What a different experience.
4) The picture of Sean giving the thumbs up cracks me up!

Sola ante el espejo said...

Great post and blog. Lets follow each other?

Kay said...

Love your outfit! Sounds like you all had a great time in the hookah lounge :) sucks that the food wasn't great later though..what a let down :(

Cece said...

What? They messed up Quesadilla's and Nachos?? Bummer. As for hookah. We have a bar here and I'm too scared to try it. It seems like it should be illegal or something because that thing you smoke out of reminds me of a bong!! I don't look down on you or admire you for wearing heels. I just think you are crazy!! LOL. But you looked cute.

Sunkissed and Southern said...

hooka is fun!!

Kathy C. said...

Loving the pics! Your outfit was killer!! And the mirror camera shot?!...would you judge me if I said I practice mine for a 1/2 hour two weekends ago and didn't like any of my shots lol!! One day!

Tenecia said...

Great pictures!!


Ashley said...

I'm the same way with any smoke- hate it! Hookah is the exception. It smells much better than cigarettes. Love your necklace!

Heather said...

You look great, girl! I'm sorry to hear the food from the pub was disgusting, but those nachos look great! I wish I had some right now for lunch.

Maria said...

i love love love your forever 21 outfit...those pants are awesome!! i hate the smell of smoke too...yuck...i can't stand the way it sticks to your clothes and in your hair. glad the smoke was a pleasant surprise!! your photos are so much fun - glad you had a wonderful time. <3 <3

josie renee said...

You look so pretty and your natural curls are PERFECTION. Montreal looks like fun --- hmmmm may have to visit one day.

Married...with a Pup said...

You are too hot girlfran! I love love your outfit. I wonder what Derek would have to say if I put on those leggings lol.

And oh my hookah reminds me of college. We used to do it all the time then. Haven't done it since and I think I probably won't!

Jasmine Hellogmsunshine said...

I've always wanted to try Hookah and the one time we were going to go it ended up not happening. and hey now foxy mama - loved your outfit!! the whole thing! May have to find my way to a Forever21 before this bday party I have to go to tomm.

YeamieWaffles said...

That steam thing looks so cool Faith haha. The second photo is my favourite out of all of these, you look incredible, those leggings are great!

Susannah said...

This looks like it was a wonderful time and you look gorgeous!

Law_Fal said...

Those leggings are super cute! I went to a hookah bar before but I spent more time taking pics of myself pretending to smoke instead of actually partaking in the hookah smoking lol

Angela said...

Those leggings!!! WOW!!!
Sounds like such a fun trip!!!! Xxx

Caroline said...

I've never tried hookah, but am glad you had a memorable experience! Dancing to only 80s and 90s music sounds like so much fun!! :)

Life with J and J said...

Love your leggings and shoes. Really cute!

Sorry the dining experience sucked! The pic you took made the food look delish.

THE mom said...

GIRL! Those tights are bangin!!!! I've totally missed you...I HATE being occupied with life ;-)
Y'all look like you had a ton of fun!

Whitney Cypert said...

I LOVE your outfit! So so so so (100 more so's) cute! Sorry the food was gross at the Irish place, that's the freaking worst! I have never smoked hookah but want to try it.

Pegster said...

Faith - your outfit is banging. You look HOT :). Looks like such a great time

Brittany said...

omg everything looks so fun! I LOVE hookah. like, love love love it. I haven't done it in forever but it used to be a favorite pastime of my friends and I in college. that forever21 outfit is to die for, Faith! Looks like something off a runway...and I love that you still braved heels even with swollen feet...a true fashionista :)

McKenna Ryan said...

I love those ZARA shoes! So fabulous. xx. McKenna Lou

p.s. Hop on over to Lynn and Lou for a last minute entry on our special giveaway, the winner will be announced tomorrow!

Here's the link:

Carolyn said...

Look at that outfit... RAAR!!! :) So cute!

Jenni@Story of My Life said...

Faith, your hookah pictures are priceless... gave me a good laugh! I've always been so curious about that, but don't know if I'll ever do it.

Richelle Lynn Garn said...

I LOVE YOUR PANTS!!! So cute. Very Cheshire Cat. And totally worthy of a hookah bar experience. Love it.

Jennifer said...

Okay - those leggings are seriously the best leggings EVER. I don't even wear leggings - but if I did (and maybe I will post pregnancy and when I have a normal body!) I would SO have those.

Your Hookah face absolutely cracked me up. (o:

Brown Skin said...

You are so beautiful !! Great photos!

integratedmemoirs said...

Looks like fun!!

The Mrs./The Mom said...

Hooka?!?! Go 'head! you are much braver than I am but at least you can say you did something new!

Makaila said...

Hot damn girl, you are smokin!!!! And I'm talking about you and the outfit!! Lol

Desi said...

Love them leggings! Hot!!

Kasey Lynne said...

You are now a hookah extraordinaire!
Love that outfit girl..if only we could do a clothes swap!!