Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Five Things ♥

I was tagged by Katie from Married With a Pup and by Katie at Style Diary to share 5 things about myself.

Side note: I love how both of their names are Katie.

I've wracked my brain to come up with 5 things I haven't shared before and I'm still not entirely sure if I have so forgive me if you've already heard. I don't have many secrets I haven't shared. OK, I lie. I have some secrets. I gotta keep some of it, right?


1. I only have my permit. It doesn't stop me from driving on my own. I have two excuses: One: I'm from the city and a license wasn't necessary and Two: I can't parallel park. Parallel parking is completely useless until I master it of course. Po po ... pretend you aren't reading this and go to number two ... mmmkay?

Oh and for those of you freaking out who aren't the po po; I intend to fix this issue this year. But really, it isn't an issue because I've never been DD, ha.

2. I use to be afraid of dogs. I was that person who saw a dog and their owner walking down the street and cross to the other side. I mean, you just never know when a dog is going to lose it and decide that you are going to be their entree. Ever since getting Izabella, I'm obsessed with dogs. I feel like I know the dog language now, part of an elite dog club. So if you're ever walking your dog down the street, minding your own business, know that I'll be the one heading in your direction to pet your dog. Unless of course you tell me that your dog doesn't like strangers. I should have known since your dog was wearing a muzzle and all.

3. I learned Monday at a work seminar that my personality is the lion. Not the lamb, not the owl or the peacock. I could have sworn I was the peacock or at least the owl. I guess, I'm becoming all "hear me roar" in my old age.

4. In the 3rd grade, I fell down the stairs and chipped my front tooth. I hated the dentist so much because I did not understand that I could not eat a hard cookie or an apple using my front teeth. I was at the dentist a lot. Crying. And it sucked because my sisters loved the dentist. Dr. Foster completely traumatized me. I think I should also let you know that he is the only childhood doctor's name that I remember.

5. I have the worst sense of direction. I know North, South, East and West but I have no idea how it relates to where I am at that given time. I think I didn't pay attention in the class that taught that stuff. I regret it.


  1. I can honestly say I didn't know any of those things! I can't believe you only have a permit?! I guess where you live that's permissible..? I commute 40-45 min to get to I guess I don't understand lol. My sister also chipped her front tooth...I know how crazy that must have been for ya. And I don't think any woman knows her sense of direction like a guy...and yet they still get

  2. "I could have sworn I was the peacock"...HAHAHAHAHA!!! You are too funny! I'm now giggling in my office and my co-worker probably thinks I'm losing my mind! :)

    Note to self...never take directions from Faith! ;)

  3. Weird! In the 2nd grade some little boy was chasing me on the playground (or I was chasing him he now says) and I ran into a pole and chipped my front tooth. The bottom of it is FAKE but you can't tell;)

  4. In grade school, I chipped my front tooth too!!!! Now I have half of a false tooth. Drives me crazy sometimes when I can see the line. ;)

    And, as for a sense of direction, oh yeah... I think I'm going north every time I turn. ;) Matt's trying to teach me, but I'm still no further along. ;)

  5. Haha what a fun post!! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I currently have a $50 beauty giftcard giveaway going on if you want to enter :)


  6. I am also afraid of dogs! I still cross over and/or avoid them if possible and for the same reason as you.
    Funny thing is I grew up with dogs and LOVED one of the two family dogs. The one I loved passed away at 17. I cried and REFUSED to go to school for almost 2-days. Until my mom said she was NOT having any of it and made me go.
    The other dog (I didn't much care for but my dad liked him) bit my close friend and she'd been to our house many times before. Those 2-events occurred around the same time so I think a combination of it caused my fear? Who knows? :-)

  7. I love this! You are so freakin' cute, Faith. I too chipped my front tooth but in high school...totally traumatic experience. And dogs still kinda scare me...mean, barky ones anyway.

  8. Funny Faith, I was just thinking today how terrible my sense of direction is, anybody who asks me for directions tends to just get a confused look and a shaky answer, I also used to be scared of dogs myself, so much that I once broke my arm falling off a swing because I seen an Alsatian nearby. Cool coincidence both ladies are called Katie too!

  9. My sense of direction is terrible and I am still afraid of dogs. The fear has gotten better but it's some kind of child phobia thing I haven't gotten over. Get that dern license soon! I can't parallel park to save my life but I can't be good at everything right??

  10. Haha frickin ha! You are hilarious girl! We need to work on that DL ASAP though! :P

    I have no sense of direction either...that's where R comes in handy hehehe!

    ...and you can pet my dog. He loves attention, spoil little thing he is!


  11. Ha! That is crazy that two Katie's tagged you!!
    Oh my, that is crazy that you just have a permit. But I suppose it's a lot different than living in Ohio where we have zero public transportation! And I have no idea where N,S,E,W are either. In South Dakota everybody refers to directions and I'm like I have no idea what you are talking about!!

  12. i blame my mother for not knowing directions - she said North was in front of you; now that i'm older you see how confusing that can be; i guess she didnt know either.

    i've had a life long fear of dogs even though we had dogs growing up; i'm getting over it but i dont think i will ever own a dog.

    a child of mind chipped her tooth in the locker room when she was about 7 - she thought she was going to be ugly. i laughed on the inside and the dentist was able to fix it in less than 10 mins.

    i knew you were a lion!!!

  13. I won't be reporting you to the po po no worries.
    And I love it when people who are afraid of dogs are converted! My husband wasn't afraid of dogs but wasn't really a dog person because he was bit once when he was in grade school. But after he met me and my childhood dog that didn't go on for too long. Now he and our dog Bruin are inseparable. I have a hard time trusting people who don't like dogs so I'm glad you're a convert. Definitely stay away from the ones with muzzles though...

    And don't be ashamed about being directionally challenged. I'd be nowhere without my google maps!

    Glad you got tagged, cute post!

  14. Oh goodness, I would be terrified to drive without a license. I have a guilt complex and that would add to it 100 fold! :-)

  15. I used to be terrified of dogs until Scott and his behemoth of a dog entered my life.
    I know what N,S,E,W look like on a compass. However, if I'm going straight then naturally I'm going North; naturally that means south is behind me, east is to my right, and west is to my left. Thank goodness for GPS, or I'd never make it anywhere.

  16. AHAHAHHAA leave it to you to be riding around with just your permit. PLEASE get your license soon.

    And Hmmm a Lion eh? I would like to hear fully what all of those mean. I am pretty sure out of those four that a Lion would definitely suit me very well.

  17. You never fail to make me laugh! I'm with you on the direction thing. Thankfully, living in Denver has made it easy because the mountains are always to the West. I still have to use GPS on my phone though. I would never have guessed that you used to be afraid of dogs, you are such a dog person! Makes sense though. I'm still giggling at you saying you could've sworn you were the peacock or atleast the owl lol. You little lion you!

  18. Faith.

    As a protector of the law (JD in 38 days.... wooooo) , I am going to have to turn you in for driving without a license.


  19. We would get lost together, my friend.
    I can't do directions or N, S, E, W very much, either.

    These are all new things that I didn't know about you!! Great post! You should do more of these!!

  20. How can you only have a permit, you are 30 years old. So crazy. I couldn't wait to get my license but then again I didn't live in the city so that's probably why.

    I can totally see you as a Lion. Rawr

    I laughed so hard at the sense of direction. I am just like you totally clueless. I hate when people give me direction and say things like go southbound on whatever street, I am always like is that left or right.

  21. ohhh, i am so horrible with directions too. steve just shakes his head at me. i could get lost in my own neighborhood and i'm not exaggerating. lol. your poor tooth! i was just reading brittany's post about her tooth too.
    thanks so much for sharing!
    have a sweet thursday! <3<3<3

  22. We had that same personality seminar at work last year. Apparently I'm a lamb...I was so sure I was a lion

    I was also scared of dogs till I got my own. They have such awesome and funny personalities I some times wonder why I wasn't a dog person when I was younger.

  23. OMG. I have the worst sense of direction too. I always go the wrong way and end up lost.

    I would love for you to stop by my blog and check out my latest outfit post and giveaway! I'd love to know what you think! :)

  24. Love this! :) I could totally see you being a lion. Especially when I think of hte story about someone else trying to buy Sean from the rugby date auction. "I'll hit her with my stiletto". :) Love you!

  25. I love your five things! I can't parallel park either, and I also chipped my front tooth when I was younger by running into the back on my parent's van while racing my brother on roller blades... not my proudest moment!

    Style Diary

  26. i totally still have my permit! i hear you on the parrell parking!!it sucks and the 90 degree back end yupp it aint happening! I still drive though! i live in a small town noone cares!

  27. You are hilarious. :) I am the same way with directions. I hate when people say "Go west". Ummm can you just tell me go left or right...I am not a compass..LOL!

  28. You only have a permit?! :) better watch the po po driving around by :)

  29. Lol I was so afraid of my bff's dog when I was little. Like, terrified! And now when I see that dog it looks so little compared to when I was a kid and it looked so big and scary! Funny how perspectives change. I hated dentists too! I think I had a bad experience and was traumatized for awhile. ok still kinda am :) I don't remember my dentist's name though! You've got a good memory girl!

  30. I tend to scared of dogs as well unless I know the owner. Sometimes then too. That's funny about your permit.

  31. i hate the dentist so much! i defintiely would if that happened to me! and too funny that you just have your permit. does that expire?


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