Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Weekend Fun.

Friday night was spent in the men’s department at Macys. Macys was having a 25% off friends and family discount so Sean ended up with some great stuff at decent prices.
I was really good too because I didn’t even ask to go into one of my stores. I’m sure he appreciated that.

I was rewarded that night because when I got home a box from Zaras was waiting for me. Want to see what was inside? I cannot wait to wear them!
Saturday, Sean had a rugby game. This was a big deal game because his team was playing against his old team. Sean had been on the other team for 5 years so I had become friends with a few of them. It was kinda fun to talk smack to them. And Sean’s team won. They are having a killer season!

Since it was such an important game to Sean (meaning that all he wanted to do was win against his old team) Sean’s family and best friend came to support his team. It was also nice to have Colleen come to a game. Too bad I didn’t remember that it rained the night before which resulting in me not telling her to wear her wellies. The flats she bought just two weeks ago were ruined. Oops. She had to go home and change out her flats for wellies.
This game was messy due to all the mud. Very, very messy. I didn’t even want to give Sean a kiss because his lips were covered in mud.

After the game, the team had a BBQ on the field.

{Jacket: Express - Earrings: Rainbow - Jeans: Forever 21 - Shirt & Scarf: Old Navy}

Sean decided to hang around and watch the women’s team play so Colleen and I went back to her place and we just talked until Sean came to pick me up.

We decided that night that we would go out to dinner.
{Top, Jeans & Jacket: Forever 21 - Earrings: Rainbow - Heels: Zaras - Scarf: Old Navy}

After dinner we met up with some of Sean’s team and went to a country bar. It was completely packed and well, I don’t do well with sweaty, loud people who don't know how to say excuse me. It was fun at 21, not so much now. We left and decided to try a new Irish pub that opened up in Colleen’s neighborhood. The tables had chalk for us to write on them. We played tic tac toe and just had a great time. The type of fun that only old folks can enjoy.

It was a really fun weekend. Now all we need is for Spring to realize that she should be sticking around.

Hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. I think I may have just literally turned green with envy...those shoes to got from Zara on Friday and the ones to wore out for dinner...STUNNING!!!! nuff said!

  2. those shoes are gorgeous!!! Lucky girl! Love the pics of Sean after his game...and that food yummm I'm hungry now!

  3. Sounds like a fun weekend! Who doesn't love a good grilled hot dog?! and those shoes?! KILLER!

  4. Looks like a great weekend!! Love all of your pictures!!

  5. aww you guys look so cute together even covered in mud lol

  6. Glad you had a fun weekend!!!!!!

  7. Ahhhh those are those most beautifuliest shoes I've ever seen!! I see your booties are also from Zara's. do you order from there often/do the shoes hold up? I've never ordered anything from there.

  8. It's so cool that Sean helped battle his team to victory against his old team, that must have been a big game for him! That sale is so cool as well, love the thought of going clothes shopping at night for some reason.

  9. Love.those.shoes!!!

    What is it about boys/guys and their love of playing in the mud and dirt?! LOL! I'm itching just looking at Sean covered in mud and eating that hot dog with muddy hands!! I know a little dirt doesn't kill you, but I'm not sure this prissy girl could do it! :)

  10. Wow...those boys got dirty!!! I must be from Cali because I have no idea what wellies are!!

    It's a good thing I didn't know about the Macy's sale because I have done plenty of shopping damage already.

  11. Your pictures of food ALWAYS make me hungry! (o: And confession: I have NEVER shopped at Macy's. Not really sure why, but are the sales really that great?

    Shoes are fabulous - of course!

  12. Love your new shoes! I've always been intrigued by the shoes at Zara, but am always hesitant b/c the quality seems questionable. I also LOVE your black booties! Looks like you had a fun-filled weekend (and I totally agree on the bar/club scene now...I'm too old for that stuff!) lol

  13. Those new shoes are to die for. Love 'em. Can't wait to see how you pair them!
    The pics of Sean crack me up (as usual). He loves the camera doesn't he? HA!

  14. Ok that outfit you wore out to dinner is so cute!! I would wear that! :)
    Your weekend sounds so fun and relaxing! Glad the weather wasn't too bad for ya either! Congrats on Sean's win!! yay!!!

  15. Sounds like such a fun weekend!! :)

  16. Love your dinner outfit. Very cute! Your hair is really growing!

  17. you had a great weekend!! Please give me those Zara shoes!! I am obsessed with them!


  18. HOLY MOLY. Those pictures are sooo good, Faith!
    That food looks divine. But your photography skills I am so impressed with!! XO

  19. I NEED you to put those heels (both the ones you got and the ones you wore to dinner) in a box and ship them to MEEEE. They are so hot!

    Looks like you had an event filled fun weekend!

  20. Love your new Zara heels! Looks like you had a great weekend full of great food :)

    Style Diary

  21. What an awesome weekend! LOVE your Zara heels...those are so fab! Loved your outfit for the rugby game, too. I laughed at Sean's muddy face and that you wouldn't kiss it...I'm surprised he didn't steal one! :)

  22. Both pair of Zaras you have are amazing! I love them! You look so pretty for dinner. And, I'll say it again, y'all have the best food! That pizza and those burgers made my mouth water big time!

  23. love those shoes!!! and i want that pizza right now!!

  24. How fun! It is so nice to have friends who live close and you can do couple dates

  25. What a fun weekend. I am in love with your nephew's hair, I am so growing my boys hair into a nice afro like that.

    Those shoes, ahhhh, I want them and I don't even like heels like that

  26. Such a fun weekend! I want all that food! ;)

  27. Those Zara shoes are so awesome, Faith! As is your outfit...love the earrings! You're always so stylin'!!
    And you're always always eating the best food. It's before 5am and now I want pizza! :) I'm so glad you had a fun weekend!
    Love the chalkboard table too!
    Happy Wednesday! Xoxox

  28. Ohhh mannn... Yeah... Room full of rude, sweaty people? I'll pass....

    I wasn't a huge fan when I was 21 either but I had a large enough crowd with me that I never noticed ;D

    And thank goodness I made hot dogs last night because your pics are making me drool!!!!! Pizza on the other hand... Yummm o!!!!

    I just LOVE your style, Faith!
    I wish I could rock heels like you :) :) :)

    Glad you had a great time, nonetheless!!!

  29. I adore those new heels!!! They're gorgeous! Glad you had a good weekend! That food looks fabulous! :-)

  30. I feel ya! I'm too old for the over-stuffed bars and club scene myself. I always just get annoyed and claustrophobic.

    I LOVE those shoes you bought <3 Sounds like you had a great weekend Faith.

  31. You had the best weekend! I am so with you on bars - I can't stand it when it's crowded and people are loud and drunk and obnoxious. Give me a booth at TGI Fridays any day haha. I'm so old. I don't know how I did it in college!

  32. What a fun day! & girl you are looking good in that outfit!

  33. Hey Faith! Those shoes look so hot on you. That food makes me want to cheat on my diet. =)

  34. 1. Those shoes.....fab-u-lous!
    2. Holy mud batman!
    3. Love your outfit...especially those shoes
    4. Crowded places are ehhh to me now too. Gosh we're getting old.


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