Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I'll just start tomorrow ....

Some days I begin my day with the mine frame that I’m going to eat like a health nut.

I go to the gym in the morning. As y'all all know by now when I’m done I snap a picture of my sweaty self smiling all proud and text it to Colleen to motivate her.

I have a healthy breakfast, 2 egg whites, 2 slices of turkey bacon and half a slice of cheese, thin whole wheat bagel sandwich and a handful of strawberries sliced.

I pack a serving of Honey Nut Cheerios for a snack.
I bring in my own lunch. Brown rice, veggies and salmon.
I have a cup of pineapples for another snack too.

And then a vendor brings in a box of something sweet. Something gooood. Read not healthy.

My mouth starts to water, my belly starts to growl and then it’s over.

I give in to the craving and tell myself. I’ll start again tomorrow.

I’m not kidding when I say I work out that way I can indulge.

But tomorrow. I’m serious, tomorrow, I’m eating clean.


  1. Ummm. Story of my life. MOST days I am really good at packing my lunch and eating a healthy dinner. But right at this moment? I AM OBSESSING about Twizzlers. It will be a miracle if I do not come back to my office with a pack of those when I run afternoon errands! ;-)

    There IS always tomorrow!

  2. Lol...That sounds like my daily life!

  3. ditto Like with J and J. I was about the say the same thing. I am really weak when it comes to certain foods. Icecream, chips and pizza.

  4. I've with you Faith, sometimes it's so difficult to get into the full mindset that you're going to eat clean when you go throughout your day to day activities. Recently I've cut down on my night time pasta snack because I'm looking to cut after bulking for so long and everything I see tempts me, best of luck with it!

  5. i know exactly what you mean faith.
    i am the same way.
    you can do it tomorrow i believe in you lady!


  6. Haha. This is exactly the way my brain works! :-)

  7. Zero willpower girl right here...homemade cupcakes brought into the office yesterday really balanced out my grilled chicken salad! LOL!!

  8. I am the world's worst about saying "I'll start tomorrow." I have the hardest time saying no to my cravings- especially if someone puts it in front of me at work! I gotta dig deep and find some motivation to get healthy :)

    Style Diary

  9. Story of my life lately! I used to be so good at saying no. That plus the vacations and I'm feeling all kinds of gross. I'm starting fresh! How many times do we say that? LOL

  10. I've learned that whenever I plan or make myself eat good, i revolt even harder. So i just stopped caring LOL. Maybe I should start caring a little ;)

  11. I relate all too well!

    xo Jennifer

  12. i am the same way! i usually do really well until I get home from school and am starving and eat not so healthy!

  13. Sigh. Lol I'm going to get it together next week. Too many birthdays and ice cream this week ;)

  14. You know I've done the same as well. ;)

    It really helps to get it in your head that you're sticking to it for 2 weeks and don't buy anything that'll tempt you at the store and get rid of everything you have at home. And say you're not doing sweets (or whatever) in that time frame. I found I was able to say no to sweets brought in at work that way since I made a commitment to myself with a time frame. It's definitely different if you just have it in your head that you're going to eat healthy versus making a commitment like that. It works for me anyway. Cause I'm crazy. ha

    But since I'm doing gluten free, I'm not really saying no to sweets so I'm having it every so often, but not every day. More like twice a week. And I found I am able to do so in smaller doses and be satisfied.

  15. I hear you....this doesn't only apply to my diet....but pretty much everything I want to avoid. I'll start tomorrow is my favorite line after we want more lol! I know you can do it girl:)! You WILL start tomorrow! I'm sure of it!

  16. mm...I need the motivation too! ha. Eating healthy is so expensive!

  17. you deserve all those treats! what a healthy breakfast, lunch and snack!! and going to the gym all you rock!

  18. I am the same way through the morning and afternoon. Then I get home and I see the wine and I lose all willpower to be good. ;)


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