Monday, June 3, 2013

Jersey Shore/Atlantic City - Day 1

When I returned, I was thrilled to see that my lil ole blog has over 200,500 page views! I'm a bit in awe that it has that many views that I stared at the number for a few minutes with my mouth open. So, I just want to say thank you all for taking the time to read my blog and comment when you do. It means the world to me.


Every time Sean and I visit Atlantic City we always go to the Wild Wild West casino in Ballys. It is still under renovation but we continue to go and check it out whenever we go. So it was no surprise that when we arrived on Wednesday it was our first stop once we dropped off our things in our hotel room.


Sean acting as though he sat on a real life cactus. Funny stuff.

And then we were off to the boardwalk in search of something to eat.

Later that evening we went dancing and well, we felt like we were in our 20s.



Christina Marie Kellogg said...

That cacti photo made me laugh. Good one!

lori said...

looks so fun!! and all of the food/drink looks yummy, too!

jessica said...

Love your pictures!! and oh my gosh I need some pizza and lemonade asap! ha

Carolyn said...

OMG! I really want to go to Atlantic City!! Pack me in your suitcase next time? :)

Georgina said...

Congratulations Faith! That number truly does not surprise me, I love your blog! Keep up the wonderful work xo

Cece said...

The cactus pic is hilarious!! I love boardwalks! There is food, shops and so much going on.

Ashley said...

I've never been to Atlantic City, but I always hear that it's a great place to visit! By the looks of y'alls pictures, looks like a damn good time.

I'm loving the outfit you wore out. Ummm...hottie alert!!

Law_Fal said...

You really have me wanting to visit Atlantic City! :)

Carla said...

You two always look like you have fun. I think that's amazing that you can see that from your photos.

And why do you always look so gorgeous girl?!

Desiree Macke said...

Sean is hilarious. I bet he has your cracking up daily.
Love the outfit in the last two pics - adorable!

Kay @ Slightly 0bsessed said...

Love the pictures! You guys always look like you're having a TON of fun. I'm SO jealous! *sigh* I could totally use one of those cocktails right about
Congrats on getting 200,000+ visits! That's such a huge blogging milestone :D

Susannah said...

What fun! I love how adventurous you two are! :-)

Jenn @ Bliss to Bean said...

Girl, I want that pizza! I love thin crust. Hubs and I have NEVER been to AC, only to Vegas...but I'd love to go check it out!! It's way closer and still looks like so much fun. Glad you always look so happy!!

Jenn @ Bliss to Bean said...

Girl, I want that pizza! I love thin crust. Hubs and I have NEVER been to AC, only to Vegas...but I'd love to go check it out!! It's way closer and still looks like so much fun. Glad you always look so happy!!

Whitney Cypert said...

Such cute outfits, as usual. Really loving these two though! Glad you had fun and that you are back! I missed you. I love that sign that says, "Shopping bags in one hand, funnel cake in the other." So perfect lol

Meg {henninglove} said...

i love that tribal skirt you are wearing miss it looks fabulous on you!

Katie said...

Ow ow! Looking good :)

Such a fun trip. Is Atlantic City like a mini Vegas?

Katie said...

you are beautiful! LOVE those pink pants and that cute skirt! looks like a great time!

Caitlin C. said...

These are great photos and I LOVE your pink pants!!!

Emily Gilbert said...

The past couple posts have me SO jealous! Looks like you had the most fabulous time. I always enjoy looking through your photos. All your outfits were awesome & love Sean and the cactus.

Kristen said...

Hey ladyyy! Looking good! :)

And now I want some lemonade. And some pizza. This girl time is going to KILL me while I'm doing the gluten free thing. Suck.

Ashley R said...

That last outfit is amazing! This seriously looks like a blast.

YeamieWaffles said...

I love your outfit in the last two photos particularly Faith, this looks like so much fun, I'd love to visit there myself some day!

Pegster said...

your last pictures are so awesome. That outfit is so perfect. Stealing the idea right now :)

Maria said...

ahhh, you're making me miss ac so so much. I haven't been there since I was pregnant with piper!! maybe one day we will be there the same time as you and sean!!! I love your skirt and peplum top!! and I love all your photos...have I said that enough already?!
sean's faces are priceless!! so happy you had a great time! xoxox

Nic A said...

Fun!! PS I'm loving your outfit in the last picture! I need me a peplum top!!!