Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Family time is my favorite time.

On Friday, I took the megabus to the city to visit my sister, niece and brother in law. I could not concentrate at work and should have just taken the entire day off. When I arrived in the city they were waiting for me. They came with gifts of Starbucks iced green tea.

I sat in the back with my niece and she just stared at me probably wondering why I was acting all strange. I can’t help myself. I feel this major need to make her laugh but I have a feeling that she is too smart for my antics. She did crack a smile or two for me though.

For dinner we ordered Thai for takeout and went to my sister’s place. It was such a great night with them. My sister and I stayed up late and giggled and talked about nonsense. You know, only the things that you and your siblings will think is funny because for some reason y’all understand the “language”.

On Saturday, we went to Long Beach and it was the most perfect day. My brother in law had to work so it was just the girls. We filled a cooler with drinks, chicken and turkey subs from subway, chips from Trader Joes and bags filled with gummy bears, worms and liquid filled gummy bears.

When we got home we got Thai food again for takeout. I was trying to be cool and ordered my dinner extra spicy. Let’s just say that I regretted that decision as soon as I put the fork in my mouth. Woah. It hurt! You know it’s spicy when you can’t even taste the food. I left it for my sister since apparently she is a lot cooler than I am.

Sunday was another fun filled day which was spent in Brooklyn with our other sister. Since there are a million and one pictures in this post, I figure I’ll save Sunday’s events for my next post.

I hope you all had wonderful weekends! xoxo ♥


Nancy said...

And what a BEAUTIFUL niece she is!!! Looks like the most wonderful visit to me!

Eesh said...

She IS beautiful. Those cheeks!!!

Well you know me, family is everything. I love when you post about your family visits and hangout time. I get so bubbly inside haha

I have yet to try Thai food. We have one Thai restaurant here and I plan to make reservations for my birthday...although I don't know if I can wait that long! Eek!

*big kisses*

lori said...

she is such a gorgeous little girl!!! and your sister looks amazing and so natural wearing her in the carrier! glad that your family is there to say and do the right things when you're having a rough day!

Christelle said...

omg! she is absolutely precious with those curls and cheeks!! No wonder you had such a hard time narrowing down your pictures, I always have the same struggle! Ha!

AV5848 said...

She is absolutely gorgeous!! You and your sister look so alike. And it looked like an AMAZING beach day! So glad you had a wonderful weekend in the city!

Desiree Macke said...

At first when I saw "Long Beach" I thought you meant Cali. And then I was like, "she didn't tell me she was in town!!" Then I connected the dots. :)
GORGEOUS photos of the beach. Looks like the perfect day!
That niece of yours is one beautiful child!!

Cece said...

We have a Long Beach here!! I never heard of the NYC one! Your niece is adorable! And super spicy. Whoa. I can't even use hot sauce. I have a very sensitive mouth. What a nice weekend.

Tenecia said...

Such beautiful pictures!!


YeamieWaffles said...

I think your niece is one of the cutest little girls ever, she looks like such a little dote and like you say these photos probably don't even do justice for how adorable she is in person, what a little cutie! Seems like fun was had!

Katie said...

Oh my goodness could your family be any cuter?! I've loved seeing all your pictures on IG since I've been MIA on the blog-world.

Law_Fal said...

Your niece is adorable! And I love your sisters turban, I need to watch a youtube video to figure out how to tie it like that! Long Beach sounds like fun!

Kirsten Wiemer said...

goodness, your family is beautiful.


Angela K said...

Your niece is beautiful! And wow, do you and your sister look alike!

Mrs JK said...

I love love love family time. your niece is soooooo adorable. Awwww, super adorable!

Cashana said...

Your niece is gorgeous. Love the pictures...

Pegster said...

Faith - this has to be one of my favorite posts, I know right baby pictures do it for me.

I love family time too and just love how close you are to your family

Your niece is so beautiful, thank you for posting so many pics. Your sis looks so good and like she is enjoying motherhood.

Such a great post. YAY for spending time with family

josie renee said...

So precious. I can feel the love right through the pictures. BTW you and your sister look SO much alike. Both very beautiful women! Your niece is a doll.... Ian is looking for a girlfriend [hint hint ;)]

Glad you enjoyed your time in NY!


Ashley said...

oh my gosh, your neice....i.can't.even! too cute!

what a great weekend - glad you got to spend time with the fam!

Jennifer said...

She is so preciously sweet - I want to eat her up! See - there's more of that delicious living!!! (o:

Dana said...

She is pretty. Lovin your sisters head wrap.

Life with J and J said...

Oh my! Your niece is just so cute! I wouldn't be able to resist taking pictures of her either. She reminds me of my daughter with all that hair!

Monique said...

A day at the beach sounds perfect! Your niece is sooo cute! Can't wait to see more pics! Yumm gummi worms, I don't have them often but when I do I kinda go to town!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

looks like an amazing day was had. your niece is adorable...look at her curls. and your sister's head scarf is everything!!!

Adrienne said...

I love family time!!!

I'm swooning over your sister's head scarf! She looks fantastic!
As do you! Love your coverup SOOO much!

I can stare at your niece all day long! What a doll!!!

And I am definitely not on the cool scale for spicy foods. I just cannot do it.


Sharon said...

She's so cute!!! :)

Miss Monica said...

She is super cute. I want to go to the beach. Its in the triple digits here in Texas.

Emily Gilbert said...

Sooo I've decided if I were to have a baby again, I def want a girl. She is the cutest! <3 Your weekend sounds like heaven and I love all the photos <3

TOI said...

this is melting my heart. she is adorable. I miss the baby stage, take as many pictures as you can but I know you are more photo obsess than me so you are on the right track. big hug

Kathy C. said...

How fun!! And your niece is so big?! I don't understand!! Great beach pics! Glad you were able to spend time with your sis and family. :)

love jenny xoxo said...

awesome photos! your niece is sooo adorable!!!


Dani @ said...

She's so adorable! Yay for family time. that last photo is precious. My sharkie would suck his finger all crossways like that too. it cracked me up!
Glad you enjoyed your trip

Whitney Cypert said...

Your niece is seriously the cutest. I am in love with her hair, so precious! Glad to read that you had such a fun time with your sweet sisters!