Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday, you're my favorite.

A few days ago we went for our daily walk with Izabella. I got a little sad when I realized that soon I won't be doing our walks here. We're really moving. I'm also missing that Target discount. Here's hoping that Amazon has a good employee discount too ;).
A representative who works for Amazon called me yesterday to let me know that they will be assisting in finding me a job. I was a little blown away. OK, I lie, a lot blown away.

They are also paying for our plane ride to PA, our food and lodging next weekend for us to check out some apartments they found for us, based on what we I want.
Let's just say that I never thought we would be renting again. But we just don't have enough time to really search for a home and I don't want to make any rash decisions when it comes to house buying. So if we have to rent, we'll rent. Only thing is that we have a breed of dog that people don't love. So it's making our search a little difficult and well I don't want to live in an apartment that looks like we're in college. I had those days. They were fun but not any longer. We're in our 30s. I want to live like an adult. So yeah, very fun. This moving crap is for the birds.
Oh and now I'm more in love with our little house. I talk to it and say stuff like, I wish I could pick you up and drop you off in PA. I'm sure if she could talk she'll tell me she's going to miss me too.
Alright, let's talk about some happy stuff. Like the fact that today I'm off to the city to see my sisters! It has been non-stop texting and it has me feeling like the world is a beautiful place. And the pictures that my sister has been sending me of my niece. Ah, just makes me want to squeeze and eat her up. Those cheeks, those thighs. Goodness, that girl is going to be like, "Auntie, when ya leaving? I'm over being smothered in hugs and kisses."

So yeah, I'm in a strange place. Feeling uncertain. Feeling anxiety. Feeling like I want everything to stay the same. But I'm talking to God and I'm praying. And I know that He wouldn't have provided this opportunity for Sean if it didn't mean that everything will work out for good. So I'm leaning on that. Believing in that. And then for a moment I begin to feel true excitement and just hope that all the uncertainty will soon be behind me.
Besides I have a lot of new restaurants to try and my camera will be ready like she always is.
If you have to remind people of who you are, you are not.
If you have to remind people of who you are not, you are.

Happy Weekend y'all! ♥


josie renee said...

You're moving? I totally missed that post.

Best of luck with your apartment search -- thats one of my least favorite parts of moving (besides moving itself lol). Amazon sounds like they will be amazing help! Yay for exciting changes.

Life with J and J said...

Awww...this post made me happy and sad at the same time.

Happy that you are going to see your sisters and that you are praying for God's guidance and help.

Sad that you will miss so much about where you are right now.
I know the feeling. I moved from my home state and from family to where I am right now. It was hard at first. I even remember crying once when my parents came to visit cause I wanted to go back with them. Mind you, I was 22 at this point. But then I decided to give it a year. That was the best decision I ever made. I haven't looked back since. I met my hubby here and without him, I wouldn't have my baby girl.
This could be part of God's grand plan for you and Sean. Be open and he WILL direct your steps.

LWLH said...

I posted a comment on your moving post but I don't think it went through on my phone.

BUT YAYYYYYY YOUR COMING TO MYYYYY STATE!!!! Eeekk, I'm so excited for you guys and I know it's a hard transition moving, but I know everything will work out.

Text me where you'll be and we can see how close we'll be.

Angela K said...

I love your positive attitude through everything! And, can I just say, I am so over the pittie hate! There's no reason dogs should be a scapegoat for bad human behavior. Have you ever heard of "Lilly the Hero Pitbull?" If not, look her up. I love her!

Susannah said...

How cool that Amazon is helping you guys out so much! I'm sure that will make the move so much easier!!! On the other hand, I'm sure the move will be emotionally hard. I hope you find your new normal quickly after the move!

Desiree Macke said...

So awesome that you're getting so much help from Amazon.
Moving always brings anxiety. But, it also brings so much adventure! You're going to have so much to explore and discover... And so many new pictures to take!!! :)

Kimberly Anne said...

Hip hip horray for great employee benefits!

And I love that quote... I may have to steal that. :)

The Pink Growl said...

Moving is such a pain! But there are lots of positives too! Keep your head up sister!

YeamieWaffles said...

It sounds to me that Amazon are going to treat you guys just incredibly which makes it all again more exciting, once the move is done everything will be worth it, it's just the actual leaving bit that's difficult!

Cece said...

Amazon sounds Amazing! Like they really seem to invest in their employees by providing that extra assistance. That's a good sign! But yeah. Moving can really be for the birds. Scary, sad, exciting and a pain in the butt.

Cashana said...

It is going to be fine. A new adventure awaits and push comes to shove, new blog material about transitioning to a new city.

Discovery Street said...

wow...that's really cool of know the amazon headquarters is in seattle right? maybe ya'll will have to fly out here and we can go on a lady date :)

Kirsten Noelle W said...

oh my goodness, that is so awesome, i am so freaking jealous.
i finish my internship up in a little over week and am jobless, im starting to stress.
not only that but we will have no place to live in 2 weeks, stressing me out even more ahh.


Nancy said...

Go Sean for this amazing Amazon adventure!! What an awesome company! It's where I buy all my essentials like coconut oil & organic apple cider vinegar! Plus most of our Christmas gifts!
Yay for them being so nice in assisting you find a job! My heart aches for the absence of the things you love, but it bursts for your new adventure & at least you will be with the one you Love! And your fur babies!

Nancy said...

Go Sean for this amazing Amazon adventure!! What an awesome company! It's where I buy all my essentials like coconut oil & organic apple cider vinegar! Plus most of our Christmas gifts!
Yay for them being so nice in assisting you find a job! My heart aches for the absence of the things you love, but it bursts for your new adventure & at least you will be with the one you Love! And your fur babies!

Nancy said...

Oops. Twice.

Emily Gilbert said...

I think it's cool that his company is working so hard to help you two transition into your new life. I love your photos! Have fun with your family this weekend :D

Nikki said...

I TOTALLY know how you feel - We just picked up and moved too. It's quite an adjustment - I'm still adjusting. But knowing that God has a plan is keeping me as positive as possible. Enjoy your last few weeks where you are! It sounds like PA will be a new chapter and adventure for you and your hubby!
Nikki at

Mrs. Pancakes said...

oh how awesome is amazon...maybe i need to find employment with them. i love how they are making your move an easy one!

Kristen said...

That's so amazing that Amazon is doing all that for y'all, what a blessing!

Now is it Sean that's going to be working for them?? I forget what you said....and I'm too lazy to look back. ;)

Maria said...

i hope you're having an amazing weekend with your sisters! i've been thinking about you and keepin' ya in my prayers! that is SO wonderful that amazon is giving you so much support - so sweet! i'm glad you're cherishing these days. wishing you the best of luck in all that comes your way, faith! happy sunday! xoxox

Miss Monica said...

That does sound awesome. Someone to help search for jobs. I wish I had four of me when I was looking a year ago. Happy Apartment Hunting.

Pegster said...

So happy that Amazon is being such an awesome and supportive employer. You will be settled soon in a beautiful and easy routine.

PS - a post without a pic of you, please fix it, I am going through withdrawal over here :)

Emmett Katherine said...

that's really great Amazon is doing so much already - signs of a great employer. I can tell this is bitter sweet for you, my fingers are crossed you guys find an apt you like and a house you love shortly after that :)

Georgina said...

Aww Faith! I will be thinking of you and sending positive thoughts your way during your hunt for first a suitable apartment and then house! Everything will work out :)

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

Good luck with the move and I appreciate that Amazon is so good for their new emps!

Eesh said...

It's so cool that they're assisting you guys with searching for apartments and helping you out with job searches as well. It shows that they do have you guys' best interest at heart.

Photos are lovely, as always. Let's just take this moment to take in everything and enjoy them. I'm pretty sure your niece is gonna be like 'Auntie? Smother me some more with your love!'

Everything happens for a reason, or so I believe ;)


Christelle said...

Big changes and the unknown are always hard to welcome, but I know you will adjust quickly because you have the right attitude and walk with God! So awesome they are going to help you with job hunting, too!

Do y'all have to move into an apartment? Is it possible to check out a townhouse that's a little more adult and Izabella friendly?

Hope you had a wonderful time with your sweet niece and sister! Snuggle time with nieces are the best!!

Carolyn said...

OMG! That's awesome that they're being so helpful! Hopefully you find the perfect place to call home! At least until you find a real home to buy! HAHA!

Ashley R said...

Well shoot... I will be sending good thoughts your way. The whole dog breed restriction thing really irks me. There has to be something out there for you guys! On the bright side... I am so impressed with everything Amazon is doing to help you guys! I've always loved Amazon, but that makes them *that* much better. Good to know someone is on your side with the move!

Kiki said...

Always trust in the lord and he will guide you!! i will be praying for you and your move also pretty girl! im not going to lie i would be sad about losing my target discount! i shop there way to often!!

Whitney Cypert said...

Moving to another state, away from everything you know, is such a strange feeling! It's exciting and scary all at the same time. That's how I felt moving to Colorado, and I won't lie, it took me awhile to adjust and to find my own little life here. But now Garrett and I both love it here and only want to move back to be closer to family. I am so excited to learn about PA from you and to see pictures of the cute restaurants/bars/parks. I'm excited for y'all! Ps. That's pretty awesome that Amazon is going all out for you guys! : )

The Sweetest Thing said...

BEAUTIFUL photos!!! What lense are you using, Faith?

CoastWithMe said...

Best of luck with apartment hunting, Faith! I know change is tough, but you guys will adjust in no time:)! I believe everything happens for a reason and I know this is going to be a new and exciting journey for you and your husband! Hope you had a wonderful time with your sisters and niece!

Christina Marie Kellogg said...

That's awesome that the compay is helping to make the transition smoother for you both! How cool would it be if you and Sean ended up working together, or in close proximity?!...

Christina Marie Kellogg said...

I meant to type "company".