Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Birthday Dinner + 31 Things

For my birthday we decided to try one of the restaurants that Sean's teammates suggested. We tried the Apollo Grill and it was a fantastic choice. Our food was (I hate to say this) to die for! We decided to go a little earlier than usual because Sean had rugby practice scheduled for 6pm. It is usually held on Thursday evenings but due to the rain it was cancelled and rescheduled for the following day. Well, it rained all Friday so it was cancelled again due to the rain. Normally, I don't really enjoy going for dinner so early but I actually liked it a lot. It wasn't busy since it wasn't the normal dinner rush hour time and I think it helped in us leaving with a great first impression.

For an appetizer I had a lobster taco and Sean had tomato bisque. For our entrees I had crab stuffed shrimp (which was only on the dinner menu but the chef made it for me either way) and Sean had a pasta meal that was not even on the menu but they created it for him. Yeah, such awesome service and we left with very happy bellies.

IMG_8309 IMG_8304
IMG_8312 IMG_8305
He is such a creepster sometimes!

IMG_8314 IMG_8316
IMG_8317 IMG_8323
Now that I'm 31 I'm obviously much wiser so here are 31 things I've learned in 31 years of life.

1. Life goes on.
2. Sisters make the best of friends.
3. Call your mom often, she always wants to hear from you.
4. True friendships last regardless of distance.
5. It's OK to cut ties with people you once thought you couldn't live without.
6. Treat everyone you meet for the first time as though you'll see them again tomorrow.
7. Marry someone who makes you better and not someone you intend to make better.
8. Eat what you want, whenever you want.
9. Being overdressed is not a concern.
10. Pray daily.
11. Exercise, it makes you feel better.
12. When you get a compliment say thank you.
13. When you get criticism, listen and see if it holds any truth. If so, fix it. If not, let it roll off your shoulders.
14. Only spend time and befriend people you want to be like.
15. Love is a choice.
16. It's fun to spend on things you want but always save for a rainy day.
17. Telemarketers are people too.
18. Attempt to leave any job under good circumstances. You'll need a reference one day.
19. Ice cream is good anytime of year especially for dinner.
20. Don't try pumpkin anything. You'll always hate it.
21. Apologize when you're wrong.
22. Stand up for what you believe in.
23. Date nights are a necessity.
24. Shop with your husband for clothes, he does not have a filter.
25. Bright colors look good on you.
26. Be yourself.
27. You're only as old as you feel.
28. Don't cheat, ever.
29. Take pictures of things that interest you even if it feels awkward. You'll only regret the shot you did not take.
30. When your husband does not lick his plate the recipe was not a success.
31. Let it out, everyone needs a good cry.

Something Sean I'll like to add to my list next year:
* You're not always right ;)


Nancy said...

What a beautiful post. The food, the couple, the 31 gifts of life. I love them all.
You are so true when you say our sister's are always our best friends. That is the TRUTH!!

I'm so glad you have found a wonderful restaurant to add to a list of good places. I love your food photos.
Happy 31st year, to such a fabulous lady!

Tomi Cole said...

Happy Birthday, I'm sure you had a Fab day! Gosh your dinner looks so delicious and I loved your list, you cracked me up.

K&R said...

amazing. happy late birthday again.
also i love eating early cause i don't like being rushed haha.
also i hate pumpkin flavored everything, just thought i would throw that out there.


ImarriedAtexan said...

Happy Birthday! That food looks yummy!!!

Law_Fal said...

Oh my gosh! That taco and those stuffed shrimp have my stomach growling just looking at them! Wise words! And oh so true!!!!!!! Welcome to 31!!!!!!!

redwhitebride said...

Happy birthday!!! Food looks good and the list is even better! Way to go, Faith! So much truth in there :) :)

Laurie @ The Rookie Wife said...

Ahh! LOVE this post..and I had NO idea you were 31. You look fantastic! I love the comment "When you get a compliment say Thank you" I feel like people are so rude these days for no reason. Life is much better when you stop being so bitter:) Happy Birthday girlfrannn;)

Whitney said...

Happy Birthday! Love the 31 list! So awesome :)

simplychic said...

oooooo the food!! great @ number 17 and i believe in ice cream for dinner too. happy 31st!!

Dana said...

Happy birthday. It looks yummy.

grace and gratitude said...

my stomach growled looking at your food pictures - i loooove me some sweet potato fries!

this was such a great post and will definitely take your life lessons to heart!
happy birthday to you!


grace and gratitude said...

my stomach growled looking at your food pictures - i loooove me some sweet potato fries!

this was such a great post and will definitely take your life lessons to heart!
happy birthday to you!


Angela K said...

Looks like you had a great birthday! I love your list and agree about every single thing! Minus the pumpkin part. Are you crazy???? It's one of the best things about this time of year. We'll agree to disagree...and I'll be thinking you're just a tad bit insane. ;-)

Kristen said...

Great post! Glad you had a fabulous birthday bestie!!!!

Discovery Street said...

31 was my FAVORITE year ever!

CoastWithMe said...

Wow, Faith!!! Your list of 31 things you've learned was awesome! I always feel so bad for you said they are people too. And if they had a choice...they probably wouldn't do that job! Sisters are truly the best friends. So much truth to #13. Don't try pumpkin anything lol....I'm not sure if you're serious or you're being sarcastic! I'm all about my pumpkins haha! Happy Birthday once again girl! The best way to a person's heart is through their I say another successful birthday to check off the list! :)

Whitney Cypert said...

I LOVE your list! Except number 20...who doesn't like pumpkin things? Or ranch? ; ) Number 7 is it. I'm glad you had a good birthday meal and that the service was good, you definitely deserved it! You look gorgeous!

YeamieWaffles said...

Lobster and taco sounds absolutely incredible Faith, I sort of want to go to that restaurant now just to try it. Love this post, happy 31st, it's a good sign that I wouldn't put you one day older than 25 if I had to guess!

Georgina said...

I love this list and happy belated birthday yet again Faith! So many gems of wisdom on this list, thank you for sharing :)

1 + The One said...

Love the post and the 31 things :-) Happy birthday x

Eesh said...

The atmosphere looks so chill! Love it! And everything looks so delish. I've been debating how in the world they stuffed shrimp with crab! I'm so experimenting with that.

I love your list! Telemarketers are people too! HAHA! I'm not even gonna start with Sean's, whoops I meant your addition to next year's list.


Heather said...

Happy 31 years, girl! I love lobster tacos and crab anything, so I think you definitely made a great choice for your dinner. Thanks for sharing your life lessons, too! I love the list.

Jess said...

I kept saying to my self, ' ohh i like that #.. and that one.. and that one.." so i finally gave up and stopped counting haha love the list!

Cece said...

Such a wise lady. 24. Shop with your husband for clothes, he does not have a filter-love this one!! It's so true. The other day Mj told me some shoes I was wearing looked bad so I changed. They are brutally honest. But it's a good thing. So cool that you and Sean got a pic together. Happy Birthday again!

Life with J and J said...

I love this list. Especially love 2, 3 & 10.

Lol @ 24. True though :-).

Meg {henninglove} said...

wow lobster taco yum!! looks like you will be going back to this restaurant again in the future to try more of their delicious sounding food

Desiree Macke said...

Now I want tomato bisque. YUM! The dinner sounds awesome.

Your list was perfect. I particularly love:
3. Call your mom often, she always wants to hear from you.
4. True friendships last regardless of distance.
10. Pray daily.

Beautifully written.

Cashana said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday dinner, plus the food looks great. I love your list, but I had to laugh at "Telemarketers are people too".

Jaime Cakes said...

Happy Birthday (+ a few days) Faith! You have suc a bubbly personality and I'm blessed to have found your blog! I also follow you on instagram. May you be blessed to see many more years and brighten the days along the way!

Brittany said...

Happy belated birthday, gorgeous!!!!! You look amazing in that top...perfect choice for your bday dinner. I love your list much goodness going on there. Especially #7. I love your positive, realistic outlook on life. I have this really strong feeling that you'd be a great motivational speaker. Ha! But seriously! You totally would.

Kimberly Anne said...

Happy birthday, girlie! & I love your list. :)

Laura Darling said...

Happy birthday! your list is awesome! :)

Kathy C said...

Happy Birthday Faith!! Looks like you had an amazing day and dinner! Love the many of them are so true. I think as we get older our maturity for what truly matters in life becomes more focused. Wishing you many more years of wisdom!! :)

Emily Gilbert said...

Happy Birthday! am I late? I probably am. I hope I wrote it on Instagram at least.

I loved the "telemarketers are people too" line. HAHA. <33 Enjoyed the list very much.

Pegster said...

Happy Birthday girly. 31 is going to be a great year for you, I know it.

I am loving your 31 things, I can so relate to all of them. I am so not trying pumpkin anything anymore, such a bad idea

Emmett Katherine said...

Happy birthday girl!! you look awesome in your fringed poncho, perfect birthday dinner outfit :) I also love your list, so many points I was like yeah, me too. except the pumpkin thing, I generally think pumpkin food tastes weird but starbucks pumpkin spice lattes are pretty good.


I'm an October baby too :)

Katie said...

I absolutely love your list!! Such a great list. I laughed at the pumpkin one...totally agree!

Lovelyladyjb said...

Happy Birthday! Loving your list. I love 29, because I often think twice and realize I should have just snapped the shot.. And number 9 is what I live by! LOL 30 is hilarious but oh so true. I usually gage this by if he goes back in for seconds. If he doesn't I know it wasn't a success.

Maria said...

oh, how i loved this...#8, 10 and them, especially. you are a beautiful person, inside and out, faith. may year 31 treat you well! xoxox

Christina Marie Kellogg said...

#30, Ha! My husband has only licked the plate maybe a handful of times. I've got to do better. Lol

Happy belated birthday! :)

The food does look "death-worthy" in these photos. YUM!