Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Family time is my favorite time ♥

On Friday, Sean and I headed to the Bronx to see my mom (my dad is in Ghana for mission work) and youngest sister, Maryanna.

It was a rather spontaneous trip. Sean and I were sitting down Tuesday evening watching the first season of The Walking Dead and he said, "want to see your mom on Friday?" Of course, I was like, "hell yeahs". I asked my mom if she was available and of course she said yes since I'm her favorite and all. I had to take that out. I keep forgetting that my sisters read my blog ;).

I miss my family all the time. And when I'm with them I can't wipe the smile off my face. The joy I feel can't be explained. And it multiplies when I'm with any of my sisters. I love my sisters so much and thank God that I have them.

When Sean and I arrived at my parent's church, we hugged and hugged and hugged. I would not let go of my mom. We talked for what seemed like hours (you should have seen me go, I could not shut up) and finally we decided that a break for lunch was necessary.

We ordered takeout and then walked to the Chinese restaurant to pick it up. Sean loves Chinese food from the city so I made sure that we got it for lunch that afternoon.

And well, let's just say that the walk to the Chinese restaurant ended up with a little photo shoot for Maryanna. Bonus points is that she does not mind to be photographed and I love to take pictures of her. We were having a little too much fun in the streets. People probably wondered about us oddballs but it didn't matter because we were oddballs together.

And I did what I always do, I took too many pictures. I would apologize but I'm not really sorry and only sincere apologies come from me.

{Top: H&M // Jeans: Old Navy // Earrings: Forever 21 // Heels: Zaras // Favorite bag: Macys}

And when we walked back from the Chinese restaurant a photo shoot really happened. Sean and my mom did not even bother waiting for us. I can't say I blame them. I mean, look at what we did. And when I say we, I mostly mean me. But my sister was a willing participant, I think.
We finally decided that we were hungry and didn't want our Chinese food to get too cold so we headed back. My mom just glanced up at us quickly with a knowing look before going back to her food. She knows.

After we all ate as much as we could handle we talked and laughed some more. It was just so nice and I wish we could have stayed the whole weekend.

Of course I could not leave without letting my mom enjoy the fun of a photo shoot. It is only fair.
And since I'm not completely evil, I will say that I hope this post did not come across too obnoxious. I will admit that my heart is so happy right now looking at these pictures. Family time, truly, is my favorite time.


  1. You are always adorable, and so smiley Ms. Faith! Your sister looks a lot like you, and your mama is so pretty! Family time is always good for the soul!

  2. You have such a beautiful family! The love glows in this post.
    So glad you were able to spend time with some of your favorite people!

  3. I don't know if I had a hormone that stayed in bed today or what!? but this totally made me tear up... no reason for it.. just did. You are all so beautiful, and you seem like such a strong knit family.

  4. aww thats so fun! Such a wonderful day.

  5. Your hair looks amazing in these photos! The cut! The definition! Werk! Lol

  6. Oh I love this post! I can see where you got your beautiful smile from. Your mom! So nice to finally put a face to the person who gave you that smile.

    You and your sister are definitely kindred spirits. It comes through in the pictures.

    Keep smiling!

  7. Beautiful smile genes passed down to you from your mom. It was nice to see her in your pictures. Looks like you had a nice time on a beautiful sunny day.

  8. I love your black top and those heels are banging. I agree family time is so important and all of you ladies look so alike #familylove.

  9. your mom is a beauty;
    she must be so happy to see her adult daughters getting along so well.

  10. I love your family...and we have never met which is sad! We would totally get along! I love your mom. She's seriously so beautiful..and you can tell it radiates inside as well. And your sister and such a sweetheart! You're lucky to have some great family memories like this. So did I read the post weird? Cause you said your mom gave you a knowing look? She knows?? Knows what?? ha.

  11. Awww look at y'all! Girl you all look alike! All gorgeous! Momma & dad's got some pretty good genes!

    Speaking of your mom, her kaftan is to die for! LOVES IT! One fashionable lady! And I love your scalloped top!

    I'm so happy that you got to enjoy some time with your family. And you know I'm always down for family time.


  12. what a beautiful family you i see where you get your beauty!! what a fun weekend!

  13. Y'all are so fly! Glad you got to spend some quality time with your mom & sister!!!!!

  14. So glad that you had a nice willing photo shoot partner with your sis! No crazy faces or pouting involved. Family time is always the best time.

  15. You look absolutely happy! Love the photos.

  16. you have such a beautiful family!
    such beautiful women in your family thats for sure!
    girl i miss my mama like crazy!
    my fingers are crossed so hard that we will be able to go home for christmas and see her and my siblings.
    if we don't i most surely, but unintentionally turn into a grump.
    hopefully ryan gets work off, otherwise im making him quit. jk jk, we can't afford to do that.
    so glad you got this time with your family!


  17. My favourite thing is always how happy you look when your with your sisters and obviously how happy they are to be with you as well. Seems like so much fun, I'm with you, family is everything and it's something that some people forget at times which is sad.

  18. Looks like you had a blast doing the photo shoot with your sis! Haha! I love when me and my siblings get lost in our own little world for awhile its so fun! You, your mom, and sis look so cute together! :)

  19. way! awesome...YES!
    again, smiling.
    you and your family are beautiful, happy, loving radiates through your words and photos! so glad you got to spend time with your mom and sister! and i'm with ya on taking pictures's my favorite hobby. :)

  20. I love how much your family loves each other!!!

  21. Family time is my favorite too. I just love how much fun you always have together.

    Dude your mom looks so young. Thanks for sharing these awesome pics. You look amazing girl, your peace pic is my favorite.

  22. How beautiful is your Mom!?? I'm so glad you got to spend time with them! I'm sure it helped you feel better:)

  23. you all look beautiful,
    your mom has sure beautiful smile

  24. You look great! You have beautiful skin!


  25. You have THESE most beautiful family. Those are so great genes you guys have!

  26. I'm big on family time too. It sucks living so far, but defo makes visits a big event :). I think this is the first pic I've seen of your mom. I see were you and your sisters get your beautiful looks from.

  27. I can just feel the happiness radiating out of this post! :) What a beautiful, loving family you have, Faith! When I first saw Maryanna, I was like- huh, that sure looks like Faith, but she looks sorta different somehow?

    I always wished for sisters. You are so blessed!

  28. I love how you and your family are together :). I love having my sister around because we have so much fun together and having a photographer who loves to take pictures is always a bonus

  29. I am so glad you feel the same way as me when it comes to family time. As I have gotten older it has become even more important and it is always so hard to say goodbye. I'm glad you had fun with your beautiful mama and sisters!


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