Monday, October 21, 2013

Restaurant Highlight: Tapas

A couple of weeks ago, a new friend and I decided to try a new restaurant to us for dinner. We decided on a restaurant called Tapas. Before I get to the delicious food we ate, let me explain this friend. If you remember this post it was the first time I mentioned her.

Her boyfriend is the one who referred Sean for the job once he began working for Amazon. He got the job, moved to PA from NY and referred Sean after several months of working for Amazon. You know what happens after that.

Well, she is the best type of friend to have right now because she's going through the exact same thing. She moved from NY (never thought she would) and is now beginning a new life here in PA. The only difference between us is that her job search recently came to an end.

It was so nice to have dinner with her and see all the things we have in common. It wasn't even awkward to take pictures at dinner because she was doing the same! Yup, she carries around her camera like I do.

We've decided that every few weeks we'll go out to dinner and try out some of the restaurants around here. A foodie and a picture taker = the beginning of a beautiful friendship ;).

Before we ate we walked around and checked out a cute bookstore since the weather was so nice.

For dinner we decided on a restaurant called Tapas (another recommendation from Sean's teammates) and were blown away with how good the food was. Our server advised us that the tapa portions are small so we both ordered 3 things off the menu and shared. I think the server is confused about what is considered a small serving because the servings in my opinion were far from small and well we ordered a bit much. Thank goodness for to go bags. I had a great time, bonus points that the food was ridiculously good. If we weren't so stuffed we were going to try their churros for dessert. But no worries, I'll be back again, belly.

{Shrimp served in garlic broth with tomatoes and scallions}

{Hand cut potato fries with Manchego cheese, drizzled with truffle oil}

{Crispy Calamari}

{Red pepper hummus}

{Steak with apples, caramelized onions, arugula and Valderon cheese flat-bread}

{Shrimp, spinach, Manchego cheese with garlic olive oil flat-bread}

I have to say that trying all these new restaurants is so exciting to me. Here's hoping that they all get golden reviews from me.

Happy Monday! Hope you all had wonderful weekends! I did! Sean and I went to the city and saw my mom and little sister! This means lots of pictures and the mandatory photo shoot coming soon my poor family! You've been warned! ;)


  1. SO glad you are's so good to have a friend going through the same experiences as you. I'm glad you're not totally alone. :) Great pictures as always! I need to get out and try some new places!

  2. I've always wanted to try tapas, it sounds and looks really delicious too. Good to know that you've got a friend for hanging out with too Faith, that's always good!

  3. that food looks amazing! anything with truffle oil gets a point in my book. Looks like a great outing =)

  4. What I coincidence, I took my bestie to Tapas (Barbados) for her birthday on Saturday, ,my post should be up tomorrow. Awesome pictures and the food looks delicious!

  5. So happy you made a new friend up there that you can explore the city with! That food looks amazing! And your town looks so pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I want a friend who likes to bring their big camera every where and eat at new restaurants. I can only take a picture of a Panera bagel so many times. . .

    I'm glad you two found each other (I'm sure that was semi-sorta planned by the Almighty). I'm sure it helps to be friends with someone going through something similar. Can't wait to see your photos from visiting your family <3

  7. all this food looks divine!
    i drooled a bit, haha.

  8. That's so awesome that you already have a friend in the new city. That definitely helps!!

  9. Faith I am SO happy to read this post and hear you made such a wonderful friend!!! I knew this would happen :)

  10. Sounds like such a fun dinner. The post header had me salivating! I was in Spain a few years back and couldn't get enough of the tapas!

  11. It looks beautiful where you are! I love this time of year and there used to be a Tapas in Florida where I used to live, but I don't think it is the same place. Great blog you have dear and you take beautiful pictures!
    New follower and wishing you a great week!

    xx Easy Outfits, by Pip

  12. I'm smiling reading this! So glad you met someone to bond with...and so similar to you!! :)

  13. I'm glad you have a girl friend who is going through a similar experience. Hopefully she's a source of encouragement too. Looks like you are having a great time and eating up some good food. Everything look so scrumptious. You are also doing a good job with your photos. They look like they could be in a magazine. I need to learn my camera so I can take pretty pictures too. LOL

  14. i'm so glad you have made a friend to keep by your side.
    even though she may have found a job, she's still there. holla.
    and i can't wait to see pictures from your weekend.


  15. Faith, you take thee best food photos!! Looks so yummy!

    BTW, I always keep a camera with me too. *wink*

  16. nice pictures, those food look delicious.

  17. lovely pics :)

  18. That area is SO CUTE!! And, the restaurant sounds amazing. Those pictures are making hungry!!

  19. That area is SO CUTE!! And, the restaurant sounds amazing. Those pictures are making hungry!!

  20. Wherever it is you moved to is adorable!

  21. I've never tried "tapas style" food before. But it is definitely on my list of things to try!

    I'm so glad you got to see some family this weekend.

    And yay for having another woman that is going through the same thing! I bet it helps to have her to chat with!

  22. all that food is making me sooo hungry ! great photos

  23. Yay for new friends! It sounds like you guys already have so much in common. Garrett and I went to a place for our anniversary that had little plates like that, and we ordered too much also. Oh well...good leftovers! Can't wait to see your family photoshoot ; )

  24. looks so good! i love tapas because i love sharing my food and eating a little bit of everything

  25. I'm happy you have a buddy to hang out with and the pictures that make me smell autumn through the screen. I really love autumn and your pictures makes me love it even more :)

  26. I'm so happy you have a friend going through the exact same move as you guys!
    That food looks DIVINE. I am so happy you are enjoying the beautiful scenery & restaurants!!

    Sending love your way!

  27. gorgeous photos! the food looks so good!

  28. Looks fabulous! I loves Tapas restaurants.

  29. I sure do like tapas! Great photography as always :)

  30. yummmm everything looks SO good! I loved Tapas! Never knew what they were until i went to spain!



  31. Faith - your pics of food always make me so hungry. So happy that you have a friend to hang out with in PA. Hopefully, just like her, you'll be done looking for a job too.

    Family time is the best and I love seeing pics of you and your family. Please indulge, we like pics :).

    How is the apartment coming along?

  32. So glad you found a friend there who is going through similar things as you. :)

    all amazing!! :)

  34. Oh man, you always kill me with your food posts, and this is no exception. So glad you have a friend to do this with!

  35. I love eating out, but live in a small town with 3 good eateries :(. The food pics you took have made insanely hungry, I should have had breakfast I like that you have someone to share these new experiences with, whose in the same boat. She sounds like fun!

  36. That street looks so cozy and quaint, Faith! The perfect place to be on an autumn evening! :)

    Ahhh and that food! It looks delicious!!


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