Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Restaurant Highlight: Logan's Roadhouse & Waffle House

It feels like many, many, many Thursdays ago (during peak season @ Amazon) Sean called me on his work break and informed me that he might not have to work the next day. He told me not to get excited because it may not happen. I tried not to get excited but I was and I crossed my fingers because for the last month he had, had only Saturdays off (due to the holidays) and each Saturday we had appointments. I didn't care if he wanted to lay on the couch and sleep all Friday, just the fact that he was home was more than enough for me. I was thrilled when he advised me when he got home Friday morning that he had the day off. He of course had to sleep but not before telling me that we'll go out to dinner when he woke up.

That night he drove around and we ended at Logan's Roadhouse. We have never eaten here and have never seen one where we lived so we were surprised to find out it was a chain restaurant especially because the food was delicious. You know how sometimes chain restaurants feel like chain restaurants. This one did not. When you sit down there is a pail of peanuts at your table and moments later a basket of warm buttery bread (not pictured) is served to you. We had a great experience down to the staff and the food.

For drinks we both ordered the Big Easy Blue which is a Long Island with a splash of Curacao. For an appetizer we chose a platter that came with the most delicious mozzarella sticks I've ever had, loaded potato skins and buffalo hot wings. For my entree I chose the Sante Fe Tilapia served in a roasted corn and black bean salsa then topped with tortilla strips with a side of mashed potatoes and sweet potato fries. It was delicious! Sean ordered a simple steak and mashed potato meal.

We'll hopefully be going back with Sean's parents when they visit us this month.

Then Sunday morning we decided to try the Waffle House for breakfast. We've never had one in our area and now we are a mere five minutes away from one. Sadly it will most likely be our last time. I don't know if you know but I have a thing for Belgian waffles with fresh strawberries on top. I was so surprised when my skinny waffles came accompanied with a jelly strawberry thingy. I stared at it and asked Sean, "what exactly do they want me to do with this?" I was not happy, lol. The waffles weren't the worst I've ever had but they weren't great. The whole experience was just not great. The only thing that was good was that our whole meal (with tip) cost a total of $15! As snotty as this may sound, I guess you get what you pay for? I don't know if this was just the location we went to. Have any of you ever gone? How was your experience?

I always keep my camera in my purse. I know, it is not safe at all in there! When I whipped out my camera to snap some pictures Sean said, "Please don't blog this meal, no one should know we ate here." I think he was half joking.

That strawberry thing still has me shaking my head. Suffice it to say, I only had syrup on my waffles this time {insert sad faces here}.


  1. The first restaurant looks so great- those are some serious potato skins. :) We don't have Waffle Houses in California, but I tried one in Orlando- super cheap, so I guess there is a time and place for it, but definitely not a gourmet stop! Our waitress, Keeva, also told us her life story! Yikes.

  2. Your dinner is so inviting compared to your breakfast. One restaurant you will cross off your list right.

  3. stop it, this food looks delicious.
    the first restaurant looks so good.


  4. The Roadhouse looks and sounds amazing. I want to dive right into your drink - yum!!
    As for the Waffle House? No, thank you. :( Good luck in your search for a place that serves waffles the correct way!

  5. Yummmmmmm! Your food pictures always make me so freakin hungry. We love Logan's too! Haven't been there in awhile...we need to go back. Have you ever had Texas Roadhouse? It's good too!

  6. These are both southern restaurants! Waffle House is from Atlanta, and Logan's is from Nashville (where I live!). Personally, I couldn't care less about Waffle House, but my husband loves it since he spent many a late night in high school with his friends there. I'll take IHOP any day! Logan's is good! It's not a place I could eat all the time, though. Glad you enjoyed it!!

  7. 2 of my children went to school in the south and love waffle house; so whenever we go to atlanta we stop by. they're ok for waffles and eggs.

  8. There was a Logan's in my old hometime, which I prefer WAY MORE than Texas Roadhouse (which is similar BUT NOT - and didn't even start in TX, ha!). Those rolls are dangerous but so yummy when hot and fresh!

    There are tons of waffle houses around here but I've never thought to try one...glad I haven't missed much! Ha! :) (Your pictures still make it look yummy, though.)

  9. i love the big easy blue drink.
    lovely pictures.


  10. i smiled so big when i read that you whipped your camera out at the waffle house...awesome. i've been known to take my camera to the craziest of places. i want waffles now. and those long islands. when steve and i first met, that was our drink...sometimes, with a splash of chambord.

  11. Logans is pretty great! Ive only ever been to Waffle House when I lived in Louisiana and visiting friends in Atlanta. From what I remember youre only supposed to eat there when youre drunk. Then its awesome! Lmbo!!!!!

  12. Oh my!!! Delish delish delish!!!

    Girl, how do you stay so trim ? I want to know cause you are single handedly adding to MY waist line! :-)

  13. By the way, I know what you mean about getting what you pay for. I think breakfast chains are like that. I am yet to find one that completely blew me away.

  14. LOL! I had to laugh about the Waffle House because being from the South, we love our Waffle House, but it isn't anything close to fine dining. You go to the Waffle House after a long night at the club. LOL! I do not eat their breakfast food I go strictly for the greasy diner burgers. LOL! We have Logan's Roadhouse in the neighboring town, and I have yet to go to. Great pictures...

  15. you tell a great story! hehe.


  16. I have not been to a waffle house in years!!! I think it is a place to go after a long night of drinking lol.

    Glad Sean finally had an extra day off (geesh!) and a date night. We've never tried Logan's but I believe there is one close. I'll have to put it on our list!

  17. Well at least your pictures of the scrawny waffle came out nice. Lol! I've been once, wasn't impressed, and will never go back! But that other restaraunt....Ooh Wee....looks delish!

  18. Logan's looks amazing! I can't believe I'm drooling over steak at 11 am! But...i am. :)
    And Waffle House?!? Faith no... don't go to Waffle Houses!! It's like the Bob Evan's dirty, twice removed, spent time in prison, alleged step sister. And that's my post-warning lol.
    ...that glass of orange juice looks good though.

  19. At Logan's did you throw your peanuts on the floor? That's what we do down here in the South….Lol that sounded so cliche country.

    I am an iHop girl..Waffle House sucks down here I am not a fan of their greasy food. Was your's greasy??

    Fab Photos by the way!!

  20. Well that meal at Waffle House may have not been the best, but you sure made it look good in those pictures! And I LOVE Logans! There isn't one in Denver so I haven't gone in forever but man it's good. Especially the bread!


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