Thursday, March 27, 2014

Happy Birthday Priscilla! ♥

Today is my little sister's birthday. It blows my mind that this is her last year in her 20s.

I remember:

-When she was in kindergarten she was obsessed with this poofy pink dress and wanted to wear it everyday.

I remember:

-She would hit me and would put all her attention into running away that she would always, always run smack dab into something hard. It was like God was telling her to leave me be.

I remember:

-She did not like spicy foods growing up so my mom would mix her rice with butter.

I remember:

-She was so afraid of the wind that she would run in the opposite direction because she feared the wind would blow her away.

I remember:

-Sean and I throwing her a surprise party for her 23rd birthday and the shocked expression on her face. How was that 6 years ago?
It feels like yesterday.

I remember:

-The day you decided that diamonds on your teeth was a great idea and me trying to talk you out of it. No such luck. You still wear them to this day.

Time flies and things change so quickly but the one thing that will never change is the deep protective love I have for her. No matter how grown she may be she'll always be my little sister. The person who can make you laugh until you cry just by an expression on her face. And the person who can make you so mad because she knows exactly what pushes your buttons.

Not only did we live together growing up, but as adults we were roommates and those were the most fulfilling days!

I remember:

-The phone call when she told me that she was moving to Albany and the excitement I felt when I realized we could be roommates.

The memories we made will remain with me forever from our days of waiting for the bus while we sang Tina Turner's "Rolling on the River" with the dance moves and all. The nights we consumed far too much extra cheese pizza, the nights we argued and refused to make up until I sucked it up because I didn't care to fight. The days of eating big bags of Doritos and talking about how we would sneak and eat them in our bedroom growing up because we didn't want our mom to know. Or discussing how we only bought the coconut flavored ices because mom couldn't tell because our tongues did not change colors. The numerous movies we fell asleep to in our beds. The days of taking the bus to do laundry and grocery shopping. Oh, how we dreaded those days. And of course the freaking out on our landlord because there were mice in our apartment!

Those memories remain with me and I'm looking forward to the many more memories that I'll continue to make with my little sister.

Priscilla, Happy Birthday! I don't think you'll ever know how much I love and appreciate you.
You are one of a kind and I am blessed that I get to call you my sister.
But really, your last year in your 20s?! Say it ain't so!


Heather said...

Happy birthday to your little sis! It sounds like you two have definitely made some great memories together! I'm very grateful for my little sister, too.

Carolyn said...

Such a sweet birthday post!!! :) I love it!!!

EmilyJane said...

Happy Birthday Priscilla! I loved the she would hit me and then run away as fast as possible- I have a feeling she's the spit-fire of the 4 of you.

I'm sure she'll love reading this and the fun childhood/adult things you remember about her <3

Maureen S. said...

Happy Birthday Priscilla! I love my little sis too, even though she left me for a bigger city- boo hoo! I have these same types of memories with my little sis. Her very fav dress was a blue jean Winnie the Pooh dress. To this day, my hubby and I tease her about her obsession. Lol.

Dee D said...

Aaawww... What a sweet, touching post. Happy birthday, Priscilla.

Meg {henninglove} said...

ahh what a sweet post about your sister!! hope she has a great birthday

Highly Favored said...

Sweet memories! Happy Birthday Priscilla.

uchenna Ezeonyeka said...

happy birthday priscilla.
wish you all the best in life.

Life with J and J said...

This is simply the sweetest birthday post I have read since I started reading blogs. It make me smile and teary at the same time because I can totally relate with my sisters!

Happy Birthday Priscilla. Clearly, you are loved!

Allie said...

Happy Birthday to your sister!!

Desiree Macke said...

What a sweet post.
Happy Birthday to your sister!!

Nerline Germain said...

Happy birthday!!

Tomes Edition said...

Awww this is beautiful! Happy Birthday to your Sis.

Angela - RoseTinted Lenses said...

Awww this is beautiful, Happy Birthday to your little sister!
This post makes me smile so much its very similar to my little sister and I, we lived together after we moved out of home too, she just moved out a few months ago :( she is only 3 miles away but I miss seeing her everyday xx

Law_Fal said...

Awwww! Happy birthday to your sis. Such a blessing to be so close!

t said...

Cute print top!

xo T.

Pegster said...

Happy birthday to your little sis, time surely flies. This was such a cute post by the way.

Angie said...

Happy Birthday to your Sister :)

Christina Marie Kellogg said...

This read like a page out of a good novel. So sweet!

Jess said...

I love how you wrote this post! Happy Birthday sister!

Morgan said...

Aw, sisters are the best! I have 2 and I love em so much. The sister bond really is a special, precious thing. :) Happy birthday to yours!!