Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Sister Weekend ♥

Last Friday, my little sister Maryanna came to visit me in PA. It was her first time in PA so I really wanted to make it special and show her around. She arrived late in the evening so we ordered pizza and then watched "Something Borrowed" and "Crazy Stupid Love". I guess we were in a lovey, dovey mood. But let's be honest, chic flicks are the best!

On Saturday, we woke up around 11am since we went to bed rather late. We got ready and then had lunch at Cactus Blue and I'm happy to report that there was no wait and the food was so, so good! I completely understand the wait that last time Sean and I tried to check it out. I ordered the chimichanga and my sister ordered the gordita. I can't wait to return with Sean.

IMG_4297 IMG_4292
After lunch, I drove her around to see the area and then we went shopping for her to buy a few things since PA has no tax on clothing, such an awesome perk! After shopping, I drove us to the park since it was so nice out and of course a little photo shoot ensued.

IMG_4304 IMG_4307
I know you're thinking it. I can't help it. Stilettos all the time might be a sickness.
And if you weren't thinking it, I completely did not say the above ;).

IMG_4369 IMG_4372
IMG_4376 IMG_4319
After our photo shoot (and busting Maryanna's chops since she does not believe in taking pictures without chopping your head off) we went back home because my other little sister, Priscilla, was coming into town as well. I was a happy girl last weekend!

Priscilla got lost a few times but finally arrived around 8:30pm. She quickly put on clothes and we were on our way to dinner. We ate at Burgers and More by Emeril. My sisters loved that you get to create your own burgers and wow is it good!

There was only one thing that would have made things better, if our other sister Emma was with us! Emma, we missed you! ♥

IMG_4384 IMG_4385 IMG_4390
IMG_4403 IMG_4410
After dinner, we put a few bucks in the slot machine and Sean won a little over $450, Maryanna won $120 and Priscilla won $15! I lost 20 bucks, but of course. We decided to check out the club in the casino but were gone within a few minutes. It is just not our scene but to be honest I think we're too old now and would rather just spend time together talking each other's ears off until we fall asleep. We went back home and did exactly that.

More sister stuff (that really means pictures) to come.

P.S. Thank you all for your advice on my last post. It helped so much and put a lot into perspective!


  1. I'm excited to hear about y'all's weekend! Such cute and stylish sisters! And that food looks amazing!!

  2. Fabulous, such gorgeous girls!
    I am so jealous of your photos, wish I could take good ones lol!
    Sister time is the best I had a sister weekend too xo

  3. I hope Sean gave you that money so you can go spruce up your work wardrobe ;). I'm glad they came to town! I saw (and liked) your Instagram all weekend! I love all these pictures too <3

    I'm the same way with the club scene. Like it's not even fun.. it's usually full of 20 year olds who are competing for attention on their next baby daddy. Plus people like to shoot each other here, I can't deal- lol.

  4. great weekend!! I adore you and your sissies I feel like I have know you guys for years! (I guess I have :)) The food all looks so yummy too!

  5. Um, no tax on clothing?! Best thing ever!! lol

    Sean is the luckiest person!!

    Sounds like so much fun with the sisters!

  6. This makes me wish i spent more time with my sisters....i love family time, glad she was able to come visit and YAAHHH for your winnings..how awesome!!

  7. Yeah, that's one of the perks of living in PA. I love it! Great pictures, by the way. It looks like girl's weekend was a success... :)

  8. i'm going to see my sister this weekend, yay for sister time! you girls are all so beautiful and I can't wait to see more pictures!


  9. Love your look and your pics !
    Great post !

    xo :D

  10. Oh my, that food! I can't get over how scrumptious it all looks!!
    xo TJ


  11. This post made me hungry. What delicious looking food. Sounds like a perfect Sister weekend!

  12. Such a gorgeous bunch you are!
    No tax on clothes? Whaaaaat?!! So awesome!

  13. The resemblance between you guys is so strong. Sounds like an amazing bonding time with your sister.

    About that food thou, yum yum.

  14. LOL at puke on clothes is not a trend omg Faith you kill me! You ladies always have a great time I love seeing how happy you are, you have the most wonderful smile! I hope you have another fantastic weekend with lots of delicious food and great weather xo

  15. Awww...Sisters! Your posts make me want to spend more time with mine.

  16. Aw, so fun! Sisters are so awesome. I have 2 younger sisters and I LOVE hanging out with them. Shopping, taking pictures and eating are excellent sister past times. :) I'm glad you got some quality time with yours - so so fun!

  17. what a FUN sister day!! and what awesome food! with it being cinco de mayo, and it being that i always want mexican food...i want to reach through the screen and grab that plate of amazing-ness!!
    you and your sisters all have the same bright, super happy smile - love it!


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