Thursday, April 24, 2014

Sister Weekend cont'd ♥

On Sunday, we woke up late again. That's what happens when we stay up talking way past our bedtime.
Our mom would not be proud! or would she?

We did not leave my place until 2pm to have lunch. I decided to take my sisters downtown without a place in mind but when we walked passed Tapas my sisters said, "that looks like a cute place". Since I had already tried Tapas I knew it was a good choice.

We ordered mimosas (Maryanna dropped hers by accident, the glass needed to be swept and liquid mopped up - you'll understand why I shared this later) and within a few minutes Priscilla started to feel sick. We thought that maybe she was hungry or dehydrated but she could not eat so her meal was boxed up. Maryanna and I thoroughly enjoyed our meals though ;).

IMG_4419 IMG_4416
IMG_4423 IMG_4414
{Before Priscilla felt sick}

{Beer & Cheese Dip served warm with toasted pita, so good!}
{Crispy calamari with a smoked tomato sauce}
{Tempura shrimp sandwich}
{Bacon wrapped salmon}
{Hand-cut potato fries with manchego cheese, drizzled with truffle oil}
After we ate I went to the restroom and when I was coming out Priscilla was heading in my direction with an expression I've seen before. Oh no! I thought. Few seconds later her clothes was covered and I was getting as many paper towels from the restroom to clean up the mess. Luckily, the staff was understanding and so kind, they got a mop and it was all good. But I'm thinking they were wondering, what the heck is wrong with these girls? I mean, the mop had to be used in two separate scenarios. Not cool sisters, not cool.

Priscilla did not look so great but she said she felt better because it's always when we puke our hearts off that we feel better. We got some pictures (Priscilla took them, lol, she could not be in them because puke on clothes is not on trend, although she did say that I should have taken pictures of her and she would have allowed me to post them because that's real life. Yes, P, but ain't no body want to see all dat!!) and then we headed home because Priscilla could not walk around in her outfit any longer.

IMG_4458 IMG_4465
IMG_4478 IMG_4474
{That's sisters for ya. Posing with BIG smiles while the sister photographer is covered in, well, ya know}

IMG_4482 IMG_4480
When we got home P took a nap and Maryanna and I went out to pick up a few groceries including gingerale for P. When we got back P was back to her old self, ate her entire meal and requested that we get her beloved froyo. Not being ones to say no to froyo off we went.

IMG_4490 IMG_4494
After our delicious froyos we went back to my place where we watched our favorite childhood movie "Hook" and snacked on gummy bears. After we watched "Hook" we watched good ole "Mean Girls". Such a fun night and we were just glad that P was feeling better.

Monday morning at 10am, P left and we hugged hard. I hate saying goodbye to my sisters so much. She left the sweetest note on our dining table thanking Sean and I for our hospitality and that she couldn't wait to come back with my nephew. Well, sister friend, I can't wait for that!

Maryanna did not have to leave until 315pm so we got lunch at a place I've been wanting to check out called Horns. Love that place and will be going back to try more of their menu. The decor is very rustic and their food is locally grown, organic and what we ordered was just plain delicious. Also, who doesn't love unsweetened lemonade served in mason jars?

IMG_4506 IMG_4501
After lunch we walked around that way Maryanna was able to see this part of town and then we were off to Target for her to pick up a few things.
IMG_4527 IMG_4526
And then just like that it was time to take her to the bus stop.

Of course it was a sad goodbye but I'm just glad that we made new memories with this visit. I had the best time and I just feel grateful that I have my sisters. And you now what makes it better? That they just happen to be the people I had no choice but to have in my life ♥.


Nylse Esahc said...

is one of your sisters pregnant?
I love what you did with the cropped top and the t-shirt and those flared jeans.
i have 2 sisters and we're not this close. i sort of envy you.

Heather said...

How nice that you got to have a sisters weekend and spend time together! I'm sorry to hear that Priscilla got sick, but at least she started feeling better.

Angela - RoseTinted Lenses said...

Sister by chance, best friends by choice - that's what my sisters and I always say!!!
More gorgeous pics and memories for you to cherish, love!! Oh and yes you've made me hungry, yet again haha xx

Cece said...

I love just wandering around and then wandering into whatever restaurant looks good. It's all part of the fun. Poor Pricilla; that is awful to be sick like that when you are out. LOVE your ankle boots (or are they mid calf?). I'm looking for a similar pair.

Law_Fal said...

You look great! So does the food. New cute niece or nephew on the horizon?

ABeautiful LittleBlog said...

You guys look amazing and the food look great. Me and my sister have no relationship whatsoever, so I envy you lol.

Laurie @ Disney 'n Diapers said...

I just died. That beer and cheese dip looks AMAZING. I'm so glad you got to spend time with your sisters and I'm also so happy to see you smiling again!!! xoxoxo

Desiree Macke said...

Your poor sister. Good to hear she quickly recovered.

That food -!!!

EmilyJane said...

I love how stylish you all our! I'm glad they came down and spent time with you and that you had a great time.

Sorry Priscilla got sick and ralphed all over however :\ Not cool- but at least she was good to go a couple hours later. I've had that happen to me before, usually it's from something else you ate earlier that didn't agree with you.

EmilyJane said...

*are damnit... me and my typos

PiotrowskaPaulina said...

Thanks beautiful :) You've great post :) I like your smile :) kisses

Andi Ploehs said...

Looks like despite the sickness you guys had fun. I always wanted sisters:(

Andi Ploehs said...

Looks like despite the sickness you guys had fun. I always wanted sisters:(

Eesh said...

Mimosas are a girl's bff. The second best picker upper!

I die every time you wear those wide legged jeans. You always look so hippie chic in em (I should coin that).

I'm sorry to hear about your sis. So glad she's feeling better. Sucks that she couldn't fully enjoy the restaurant experience. It looks as if it would have been loads of fun.

Hope you're having a good weekend.


Miss.AishaLC said...

Wow! Everything looks so good! You look great!

Tomes Edition said...

I don't have any sister's but brothers. Looks like a fantastic weekend apart from Priscilla getting sick. The food looks so yummy.

MLewis MTurner said...
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Myisha Turner said...

Awww, this sounds like a perfect weekend with girl time, chit chat, laughter, and love. I adore those times!

Monique said...

Family time is the best! Loving your hair and 70's getup.

High Heels & Good Meals! said...

I've always wanted sisters! You all look like you had a wonderful time and the food looked amazing!

Pegster said...

I so love the relationship that you and your sisters have, so amazing. What a great visit you had. Family time is totally the best time

Morgan said...

Aw, poor sissy! That's no fun - especially with all those delicious tapas to eat! I was just in Chattanooga this past weekend and went to a tapas restaurant and it was delicious. Yum, yum!
You guys watched 2 of my favorite movies. :) Dustin Hoffman is so awesome as Captain Hook and I loveeeee Mean Girls. I quote it way too much....
You are making me want to leave work and go hang out with my sisters all day!

Maria said...

you crack me up..."the mop had to be used in two different scenarios" LOL awww, i'm sorry she was so sick. that's the worst feeling! i love that she stuck it out and still was your photographer!! that's one awesome sister!!
love your top!!