Tuesday, September 16, 2014

South Beach ♥

Our first night was a little long and too much fun. We were a tad bit too excited to be on vacation together so we stayed out a little longer than we should have. I did not take any pictures of our night out with my "big" camera because I figured I'll do so for the rest of the trip. I think I took 3 pictures on my phone that night and shared on Instagram, obviously.

Here's another tip about South Beach whether you want it or not ;). It is the norm for a gratuity of 18% to be added to each check regardless of how many people are seated so don't tip on top of tip unless you really want to. We didn't realize it our first two days and tipped 20% on top of 18%. I'm not sure how Sean and I did not remember this important detail but I figure I can help those of you out in the future if you decide to visit South Beach.

The next morning we woke up a bit groggy and decided to get brunch at the first place that caught our eye. I can't remember the name of the restaurant but it was nothing special to be honest. They mixed up our orders and the fruit was warm and bitter.
Boo to that.

IMG_6469 IMG_6465 IMG_6471
After brunch we headed back to the beach because South Beach.
I'm looking at these pictures and the only thing I'm thinking is, was I even there?! Where am I?!!

Anyway, I took a few snaps on our way back to the hotel to get ready for dinner & a fun night out.
IMG_6495 IMG_6497

That evening we had dinner at Katsuya located in the ever trendy SLS Hotel. Sean and I are more of a swing it kind of couple, I think. If we go on a trip we never think to look up restaurant reviews, etc, we just pray for the best. I honestly think it is because our spontaneity in this area has worked out for us, for the most part. Well, when you're traveling with planners (and people who unpack their clothes, shoes & place it in the hotel drawers/closets) it's a little different.

Emails about restaurants and their reviews flooded our inbox prior to the trip. I'm glad Eric took control of this because the restaurants he picked out (and made reservations for) were so good! I highly recommend Katsuya. The food is so good and the feel of the restaurant is sexy. I'm not sure if that makes sense but if you go you'll understand what I mean.

Ahh, Sean. What am I do to with him? Good thing he keeps me laughing :).
IMG_6508 IMG_6510
IMG_6515 IMG_6514

Oh and I truly apologize for my pictures at dinner. It was dark and I'm not the biggest fan of the flash because I know I take a lot of pictures and at a restaurant I hate to disturb others with a flash. I tried a few with flash and confirmed that I hate doing so, so I stopped. But the food was so, so good and I just had to share something. I had this crab roll and I wanted one million more. I also had sushi but unfortunately those pictures didn't exactly come out. Natural/good light is my best friend ;).

IMG_6521 IMG_6526
This was my pathetic attempt at a toast shot.
Absolutely love her!
There's more to come because I'm ridiculous.


  1. The 18% gratuity is good to know! I'm wondering how many times we've added a tip, when it's already been done for us. Clearly I need to pay more attention to my bill.
    Scott and I are totally the type of people who unpack our clothes and put them in the hotel drawers. HA! However, I don't think we've ever looked up or searched for restaurants while on vacation. That is something we just totally wing.

  2. Warm fruit? Ewww! I absolutely have to have chilled fruit or else I won't eat it.

    That 18% gratuity is...wow...I mean we're no better. We add 15% so who am I to complain about another 3% but thanks for the tip...err no pun intended.

    You both looked gorgeous by the way! Bruuhhh!! Can you kindly ask Colleen where she got her body please? I need one in my life! I'm just saying, that body is like DAYUM!(no homo)

    Eesh | The Other Side of Paradise

  3. Great pics and the food looks delish. I'm not a big fan of warm fruit either, unless it's cooked, that makes a huge difference. Also, I love that white top you're wearing, it's so cute... :)

  4. this trip looks like so much fun seriously. also every time i look through our photos from trips i always think, was i even there? cause i'm never in photos. i get it girl. you look great in the few you are in though :)

  5. Have I mentioned how much I love Miami? Lol

  6. Your husband makes the funniest face.

  7. You guys all look so nice together. Glad you enjoyed your time in South Beach.

  8. Warm fruits are pretty icky but you took such good pictures of the meal that it looks delicious :-).
    Girl, Sean is too funny with his facial expressions. Its almost like he is always surprised when its time for you both to take pictures. Classic! Love it! :-).

  9. Despite the few mishaps, this looks like an amazing time! Beautiful pictures (as always).

  10. That tip thing shocked my group the first time we went. There were about 10 of us and my friends went off in the first restaurant.

    From that point on, we knew what to expect. I love your pics!

  11. I always LOVE your outfits, you have the cutest stuff! And like always, LOVE LOVE LOVE your pictures, you really have a talent, Faith. They all look like post cards. I guess the trick is take lots and lots of pics, right? Hehe ;)

    Beautiful picture of Colleen and Eric..that's a framer!

    Had no idea about the 18%...wonder how much I actually tipped when I traveled there? Haha! Lesson learned!

  12. Um, raising my hands because I am the one who researches the restaurants before I travel. Seriously, I go on vacation to eat and eat good food. LOL! (I also unpack.) Great pictures and you look great!

  13. Ummm hello gorgeous white top, I need you in my closet! I love that so much!

    I've never really seen much about South Beach surprisingly but your pictures have me wanting to go. The beach looks perfect and so relaxing!

  14. Lol, I don't unpack in hotels. Its already bad enough that I have to pack and then unpack when I get home. But sounds practical.
    Looks like lots of fun. I wouldn't wanna go back home.
    Pictures - on point!

  15. Miami is still one of my favorite places. Can't wait until we move back!! Looks like you had a great time!!

  16. Damn 18%. No need to jump up early, you're on vacay, enjoy some more zzz time.

  17. That food looks amazing and the beach looks fabulous. I think I should vacation with you. ;-)

  18. So fun!!! SoBe's one of my FAVE spots for all the nightlife and beach action! Loving that off the shoulder top, so sexy! Thank you for visiting my blog doll, would love to get your thoughts on my latest design!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  19. um. amazing. I want to go to there! :0)

  20. I love the toast picture, it turned out good! Taking pictures in dim lighting sucks and is usually a good way to get me aggravated. I mean, don't they know people want pictures of their food?? You guys are all so cute!

  21. Beautiful pictures!!
    Two beautiful couples.


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